Zvezda (Encore, Berkut) 1/72 Tupolev ANT-5 (I-4) InBox Review / Dobozbontás

Zvezda (Encore, Berkut) 1/72 Tupolev ANT-5 (I-4) InBox Review / Dobozbontás

In box review of the Zvezda (Encore, Berkut) Tupolev ANT-5 (I-4) fighter A rather big but attractive box, for a little model Colored 3-way drawing at the back of the box The first sprue Really nice surface details on the fuselage The same goes for the wings Landing gear struts with springs The second sprue One of the airscrew options The other airscrew version Parts of the radial engine Four little bomblets aid the two machine guns of the aircraft The instructions Most of the writing is in Russian, but English instructions are provided too The difference between the prototype version and the series production version The painting instructions Colors are given in Zvezda and Model Master codes The decals are a bit old and started to become yellow, but the priting is sharp Apart from the decals, this is an interesting and good little kit Zvezda is an innovative company, with good distributor network, so availability should be good The price of this kit is rather low, which makes it a good deal. Our review sample was provided by: our own wallets 🙂 Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. We will have plenty of interesting scale modelling videos soon.

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  1. That was a good unboxing I realy like the subject, almost tempts to start adding Pre 1945 aircraft to my Russian collection.

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