Woman Lived With Cockroach In Her Ear For 9 Days

Woman Lived With Cockroach In Her Ear For 9 Days

Is this real life right now these things just
freak me out. Just imagine if you found out you had one
in your ear and doctors cant take it out for 9 days. I would be freaking out and would for sure
need medication to calm down. Hows it going Youtube I am landon Dowlatsingh
and this is where I talk about the news or anything else trending in the world. And make sure to stay till the end of this
video because I will be replying to all of your questions from the last video. Ok this right here is Katie Holley who woke
up one day with strange pain in her ear. So she investigated it to see if she can find
something and she actually discovered two coachroach legs poking out from her ear. Her husband tried to remove it with tweezers
but the cochroach would just wiggle deeper in the ear canal. Katie was taken to the hospital to have the
coachroach removed from her ear canal. Later that day an ear, nose, and throat specialist
managed to removed the cochroachs entire head, upper tose and ramining limbs and its antennae
in pieces. When everyone thought it was all removed Katie
still felt something in her ear and guess what 9 days later she had 6 more pieces of
coachroach still stuck in her ear. This next story is pretty messed up and its
becoming to common. A woman in her 20s in London was doused by
acid. Police and Fire fighters were called onto
the scene and you can see fire fighters hoseing down this woman and trying to stop her from
burning. Police right now are hunting for a man who
is believed to have carried out the targeted attack and fled. People took it to twitter to say this. Feel physically sick after walking past a
poor innocent person getting hosed down by firefighters after being caught in the middle
of an acid fight in Brixton. So scary that this can happen on our doorstep. Hope they are okay. Moving on to 13 yr old Trenton McKinley who
was involved in a very serious accident. Trenton was playing with his friends in March
in a trailer being pulled by a dune buggy. Well his friend suddenly slammed on the breaks
and the trailer Trenton was in flipped over and slammed his head into the concrete. He was rushed to the emergency room at USA
Medical Centre where doctors told his parents that he had seven skull fractures and he would
most likely be in a vegetative state where he can be kept alive by machines. Imagine this happens, someone you know or
love goes into a vegtable state what do you do. Do you keep that person alive or do you pull
the plug I would feel like I am killing that person if I pull that plug it’s a very taught
situation. Trentons parents were in this predicament. Trenton was declared brain dead, and was barley
breathing. His parents actually made theheart-breaking
decision to donate his organs to children in need of transplants. 5 kids actually needed organs that matched
him. The parents also said it was unfair to keep
bringing him back because it was just damaging his organs even more. So the parents were thinking about the kids
there son can save. The day before Trenton was meant to be taken
off of life support he began to show signs of brain activity. A miracle happens and Trenton woke up from
his coma. He has had 3 brain surgeries so far and was
finally allowed to go home. His life is for sure different now but its
insane this kid was just a day away from getting his power pulled and all the machines turned
off. Right now Tesla has been having a ton of problem. They are so backed up in production and by
the time every get there self driving cars all the other car companies will catch up
to Tesla. I mean they are already catching up with self
parking vechiles and lane assistance where you don’t need your hands completely on
the wheel. People are predicting that Tesla wont be the
innovators anymore. Well Elon Musk the CEo of Tesla believes in
his company so much he just bought shared worth close to 10 million dollars. That’s about 33,000 Tesla shares. I think these days its hard to bet into the
car industry. If Tesla doesn’t work out maybe we should
be investing in Uber. They seem to be the innovative ones. Nasa has been working with Uber to create
Uber in the Sky which is a Taxi and delivery service. Nasa is ensuring they will be the first ones
to dominate the air. So imagine ordering Uber Eats and it takes
just seconds to be delivered to you. There might soon be thousands of drones flying
in the sky delivering food, or packages. And also Uber has been working for a long
time on uber self driving cars or helicopters that can transport people to destinations
very quickly. The future seems to be here right now. A huge fortnite update, Thanas has just arrived
in the game. I have more updates on the Team 10 situation. Team 10 was a team create by Jake Paul and
has grown to become one of the most successful youtube squads. Well it seems to be un-folding under Jake
and his empire seems to be fading away. We all know CEO England is my city Nick Crompton
has stepped down. Chance & Anthony has also decide to quit team
10. These were Jake Pauls best friend. Tessa Brooks has also left and I might have
the reason why this is all happening. There has been a management shift in the company
and everyone is hating it. Apparently Jake Pauls dad Greg Paul has taken
over Jakes business and Logans business and for the past month Greg Paul audited both
companies and realize a lot of money is being spent in the company so Greg decide to cut
a ton of expenses. He fired some editors and other employees
in the company. CEO Nick Crompton doesn’t like this direction
of the business, and it seems to be rubbing people the wrong way. There are other reports saying that Greg Paul
might be fusing Jake & Logans businesses together to just make one super company. I am not sure that would be the best deicison. Well it seems like the Youtubers who quit
team 10 might have another job working with another massive Youtuber Faze banks. He took it to twitter to say this. Got open rooms for all you guys @TheNickCrompton
@imchancesutton @ImTessaBrooks Right now Jake paul has been losing a ton
of views. Hes still making millions but his company
seems to be going into the wrong direction. Instead gaining 6-7 million views a day on
Youtube he is gaining 2-3 million. I really hope Jake figures his company out
and hopefully hiring his dad can work out for him if not I hope he has the guts to fire
his dad. As soon as they hired him things seem to quickly fall apart.

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