WHY Wasp Trap Review

WHY Wasp Trap Review

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  1. I'm terrified of wasps but these wasp trips are illegal outside because we have a lot of honey bees that are now endangered

  2. Really Parris I thought you were a better guy that this you could kill honey bees with this you should stick to the spray!!!!

  3. Hi, Parris. I have heard that you could also use a sweet juice for the top compartment such as lemonade and raw meat in the bottom compartment. If the trap doesn't work could you try this out? Thanks!

  4. Too much work and complex. I'd rather just spray them dead, instant results, instant satisfaction, immediate threat elimination.

  5. something has ate my rose bush i think its beatles do you know of any traps to catch them and release some where else later

  6. Try the trap without the liquids. Add protein, like chicken or turkey, to both areas and you will bait them in without having to worry about sweet juice attracting bees and humingbirds. Theur diet is protein based.

  7. Lighter fluid burns through insects and they die rapidly. Not sure if you should spray lighter fluid near your house, though 😉

  8. I love the WHY trap. I have a summer house in eastern Washington and a few years ago there was a huge wasp problem. These helped so much! Luckily we don't get any more now. I didn't know they had sprays as this is all I have ever known. It seems impractical to have to get out a bottle every time you see a bug. BTW the cone is designed so that the bugs can get in but not out and in science they tell you not to whiff at all.

  9. In the video you say that the dish washing soap is for encasing the wasps in some way. But in Sweden where I live it's common practise to catch fruit flies by putting sweet lemonade with dish washing soap in it just out in a small glass in your kitchen. The soap changes the chemical structure of the lemonade water making the surface tension weaker. And when the flies come to land on the water as they normally would they instead sink and drown.

  10. This looks like an awful lot of work, especially when you have to empty the thing. For now I will run around like a crazy person with my spray can..at least until I see part 2.

  11. The card on the back of that trap showing the variety of bugs it can trap is horrifying enough. I think I will stay here in Southern California where the bugs really aren't as scary as the tourists.

  12. I've had a WHY for several years, but the attractant doesn't seem to work. I fill the top with sugar, water, a little vinegar, and a small piece of wet cat food, and it brings in the beasts. The dead insects also attract even more.

  13. You need to spray the nest after sundown to get all of them, especially the queen wasp which  lays the eggs. Traps only get the workers, not the queen.

  14. ill correct you on the dawn.it is true soap puts a film on the bugs that suffocates them,but the main effect we are looking for in a trap like this is the dawn breaks water tension preventing them from rideing on the suface.they simply sink like a stone.

  15. Just wanted to say, I agree with the person down below who said to use something sweet! They love my hummingbird feeders so I’m thinking your own brand of attractant for the top, may be better. I’d say, sugar water. I have one, and haven’t caught anything either, even with all the nests they were trying to make around the house. I’m going to empty the top and fill it with sugar water.

  16. Don’t use poisons, I can write a book about how bad it is for everything. To kill them on contact mix water, dawn, and peppermint oil in a tomato spray container. Don’t allow the dawn to soap up so pour the water first then then the dawn then the oil. This works on all pest.

  17. I gave this WHY a try, wasps were visible nesting in venting under eves … hung it for one week and not a single insect trapped …. return it to Lowes for a refund ….he may work someplace but it didn't work in the North Chicago suburbs

  18. Thousands of yellow jackets here in NEW England USA this year, I'm highly allergic to all bees so for years have used these, and have trapped as many yes thousands with 8 of these set away from the house, lately they have taken over all the humming bird feeders, so now I own 12 , 2 I put within 6 feet either side of the feeders the other 2 extra in one of the barns they L O V E sugar water, so just today 8/23/2019 one day!!!! I caught at least 500 between all traps, Where Are They Coming From, i watch the direction they go, and set a humming bird feeder exactly like the one they raid moving it somewhat in the direction they fly, hopefully just enough to get a general location , probably a nest bigger than a HOSS BARN, anyways! I am very careful, wearing dark clothes no lotions, soap smell. Move very slow,
    Loved four movie, thanks for sharing J.R?

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