WHO: Microcephaly and Zika virus infection – Questions and answers (Q&A)

WHO: Microcephaly and Zika virus infection – Questions and answers (Q&A)

Microcephaly means being born with an abnormally small head, Small in relation to the rest of the body. and it indicates that the brain may not
have grown adequately during pregnancy It can be caused by a number of
conditions, infections, severe malnutrition, exposure to toxic chemicals…but we are worried at the moment that the new emergence of Zika virus, a
relatively mild infection, in South America, has been associated with infections,
presumably early in pregnancy which have affected the growth of the
baby’s brains. In order to know whether your child has
microcephaly or not, the first is you need to talk to your obstetrician or
midwife, who is caring for you antenatally and it may be possible to do
ultrasound scans later on in the pregnancy, to look at the baby’s brain
and to look at measures of brain growth but not all cases will be picked up in
the antenatal period. Once the baby is born of course, then the baby needs to be
properly assessed by a pediatrician, by examining the baby looking at
developmental milestones and by doing brain imaging and measuring the head in
relation to the size of the body. There are certainly cases of children born with small
heads, considered to be microcephalic, who have gone on to have completely
normal development. They may be the exception rather than the norm, but
these cases certainly exists and we don’t know much about if there is
this association between Zika virus and microcephaly, which seems to be the
case, what end of the spectrum, whether this is the severe end or the mild end,
so we have to be cautious what all children need is love and care and
attention and stimulation and very good pediatric care and help from
developmental specialists if they’re running into developmental problems. If you live in an affected region, where these mosquitoes are present, you
must assume that you are potentially at risk of contracting Zika virus… in
South America right now, so therefore you do need to take personal protection, that
means making sure mosquitoes are excluded from your house, making sure
that you use insect repellents to stop being bitten by mosquitoes, covering up
during the daytime with clothes that will protect you from being bitten, with
the aedes mosquitoes you have to worry about being bitten in the morning and
during the daytime and most important of all being part of a community and
neighborhood movement to remove breeding sites of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed
weather there is stagnant pools of water, in many urban situations you’ll find upturned
tires, upturned flower pots, rubbish, puddles, dumps and if you mobilize the community
we can do a lot to remove that source of mosquito breeding. There are also
chemicals that will kill the early forms of the mosquitoes, the larvae, so I think countries
need to really get on a war footing against the mosquito

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  1. Excellent, thank you. This is the most succinct summary I have seen. I would like to offer to get the transcript translated into Portuguese via HIFA-Portuguese, the network of health professionals in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries. (Our members note there is currently a relative lack of authoritative Portuguese-language resources on Zika virus, although a fact sheet in Portuguese is available on the WHO website.) Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Healthcare Information For All www.hifa.org

  2. So, Microcephaly can be caused by a number of conditions, infections, severe malnutrition and exposure to toxic chemicals. So far, so good. What about being injected with a Vaccine that wasn't really supposed to be applied to pregnant women, like anti-Rubeola, or Tdap, which, not "presumably" but definitely stated by the producer, GSK, "There are no adequate and well controlled studies in pregnat women"? Could that be one of the number of conditions that cause Microcephaly?
    Now WHO is officially a part of the "presumably" wash up operation to protect Brazilian Government!
    Massive Vaccination campaign to pregnant women in 2014, in the NE Brazil, particularly in Pernabuco, PE, State.
    Massive outbreak of microcephaly cases in BRZ, in 2015, in the NE Brazil, particularly in Pernambuco, PE, State.
    Which other countries have Microcephaly cases "presumably" caused by ZIka?

    Colombia reported 3,000 pregnant women with Zika and ZERO cases of Microcephaly, so far.
    Maybe they are "presumably" hidding the right numbers?
    You know what an expert doctor from Recife, Doctor Vanessa Van der Linden, said in an interview to Folha de São Paulo newspaper today? "The population may be now IMMUNE to Zika and that is why we are seeing a reduction in cases of microcephaly "PRESUMABLY"" related to Zika" – Seems you guys love that word. "Presumably". What about this: The reduction in microcephaly cases in Brazil might be PRESUMABLY due to NO MORE pregnant women being VACCINATED with Tdap vaccine in 2015!

  3. When encountering standing water pour bleach into it and/or pour the water out

    Eating ground up dried peppermint leaves daily prevents bug bites.

    I used to be constantly bitten by mosquitoes bugs etc

    I had bought box of peppermint tea and each day I would rip teabag open pouring the contents into a spoon which I then washed down with water like a pill.

    After a week of this the bug bites stopped completely.
    But when peppermint ran out mosquitoes came after me again.

    Having learned my lesson I now faithfully buy boxes of peppermint tea and each day I swallow ( 25 to 825 grams per day = 1 teabag = around 1 tablespoon of) spoonful of ground up dried peppermint leaves.

    Yes, for this to work we must swallow the peppermint leaves themselves daily.
    Thanks to this daily peppermint leaf consumption I have gone 4 years without a single bug bite, and am not having to use bug repellant, nets, screens, bugspray, etc,
    So empower people teaching them how to plant and use gardens into which peppermint seeds are planted along with the beans, cucumber, etc etc, ,
    People do not need problems people need solutions

    Of course drinking water must beclean, cchemicals bad for animals bugs, probably not good for human drinking either.

    And eating only healthy food, not toxic like soda, koolaid, bologna, refined grains, white flour, cigarettes, drugs, booze, potato chips, drinking milk, bottles of vegetable oils,

    People need : science, fairness, freedom, pragmatism, independence, good behavior getting good results, much more fast affordable mass transit like subways trains etc, clean safe quiet housing and neighborhoods, healthy affordable food and water, good jobs, meaningful work, upward mobility, to know that good behavior is never punished and bad behavior never rewarded.

    People need control over their own lives and deaths.

    People must lead govern and represent themselves.

  4. We have been organizing knowledge sharing sessions at work on zika. This was very helpful. Thanks Professor

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