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The Ant-Man movie is AMAZING, but there were
lots of people that wondered why it focused on a guy named Scott Lang, when it’s likely
that if you’ve ever heard of Ant-Man before the movie, it’s been in reference to the
original, Hank Pym. Heck, Hank was even Ant-Man during the flashbacks in the movie! Well don’t
worry because your friendly neighborhood ComicDrake is here to give you the 4-1-1! When electronics expert Scott Lang couldn’t
support his family, he turned to a life of crime and became a burglar which landed him
a nice, warm spot in jail. Our protagonist ladies and gentlemen! While in the slammer,
Scott’s wife divorced him, and he was let out early due to good behavior. Around this time, Scott’s daughter, Cassie,
was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and whose only chance of survival was to be
treated by Dr. Erica Sondheim, a surgeon who specializes in laser surgery. There’s only
one problem though… She’s being held captive in a factory. With high tech security and plenty of guards,
Scott hatched a plan to sneak in. First, he broke into Hank Pym’s lab and stole the
Ant-Man suit. I mean it’s not like Hank was using it since, at the time, he was assuming
the role of Yellowjacket. No… not that one. That guy is actually this guy. Let me explain. Using the Ant-Man suit, Scott broke into the
factory only to discover that his daughter’s would be surgeon was taken prisoner by its
owner, Darren Cross. Okay so get this. Cross also has a rare heart
condition which, to overly simplify things, made him overuse his heart. To combat this,
he kidnapped Dr. Sondheim (and a bunch of homeless people) so that she can constantly
replace his heart with that of another homeless person every time that he burns through one…
That is some straight-up James Bond level villainy right there. Scott managed to save the day and get Cassie
the treatment that she needed, but guess who shows up. Hank freaking Pym! Apparently Hank
was there the entire time and decided not to do anything so that he could see how Scott’s
handled his suit. When Scott tries to return it, Yellowjacket basically just says “Nah
bro, that’s yours now.” So now with Hank’s blessing, Scott was the
brand new Ant-Man and he super-heroed around for a little bit and even joined multiple
teams such as the Fantastic Four and even the Heroes For Hire, where he met and dated
Jessica Jones for a brief time after the team disbanded, buuuuut they broke up when Scott
found out that she was pregnant with Luke Cage’s baby. After losing custody of his daughter, Scott
joined the Avengers where he butted heads with the hero Jack of Hearts, but they slowly
became friends. In fact, when Scott’s daughter gets kidnapped, he and Jack of Hearts go save
her with Jack dying in the process. But, because comics, Scarlet Witch brings Jack back to
life as a zombie and sicks him on the Avengers. When Scott attempts to talk to Jack, he explodes
and kills Scott. In the wake of her father’s death, Cassie
becomes the hero Stature, joins the Young Avengers, and manages to bring her father
back to life a few years later. Well… the Young Avengers actually travel back in time
to the day that Scott died and take him back back to the present day instead. So Scott’s
alive again mainly because Marvel wanted him to be the star of the Ant-Man movie. Oh and
Cassie almost immediately gets killed by Dr. Doom. On the bright side though, Scott gets his
revenge when he joins the Future Foundation and nearly kills Doom. Thankfully, they’re
cool again since Dr. Doom brought Cassie back to life during the events of Axis. Good on
you Doom. Good on you. Nowadays, Scott is running Ant-Man Security
Solutions, a private security firm which in his own words is “Because I know a lot about
how to steal your stuff, I know a lot about how to not let your stuff get stolen”. With his employees, the former villains Grizzly
and Machinesmith, they help get all the things not stolen… Except for Cassie who was kidnapped…
again. This time it’s by Augustine Cross, the son of Darren Cross, the dude from Scott’s
origin story. Oh, and he kidnapped Dr. Sondheim too. So in a weird deja-vu turn of events,
Augustine wants Dr. Sondheim to transplant Cassie’s heart into his father since the
Pym Particles in her blood will allow her heart to grow and shrink as needed to fight
his disease. …Okay…. Now Darren Cross is alive again and tries
to kill Scott, but the Pym Particles in his bloodstream causes him to shrink and shrink
and shrink and he eventually runs away with his son. Thankfully, Dr. Sondheim was able
to transplant a new heart into Cassie during the fight, but it was incompatible with her
body so Scott shrinks down and fights off white blood cells since Cassie’s body thinks
that the new heart is a foreign invader. The day is saved! Cassie is saved! Scott pushes
Cassie away emotionally so that she can have a normal life, and as of this recording, that
is the current state of Scott Lang’s life. It is uh… confusing to say the least, but
I think I did a decent job… If you want to learn more about Scott, then
I highly recommend reading the Marvel Now run of Ant-Man, the 2012 run of Future Foundation,
and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade But as always, now it’s time for a vote.
If you want to see a video on Scott’s daughter then click on Cassie, but if you want a video
on the guy that accidentally KILLED Scott then, click on Jack of Hearts. You can click on this video to learn more
about Hank Pym or click on this one for a super quick rundown on the lives of all of
the Ant-Men!

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