Where Can You Get A Yeast Infection On Your Body?

Where Can You Get A Yeast Infection On Your Body?

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand,
author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the CanXida range of supplements. Thank you again as usual for checking out
my video. A question I get asked regularly from people
is: “Where can you get a yeast infection on your body?” Many GP, medical doctor friends of mine think
this is all a load of crap. They only think that women get yeast infections. They don’t really believe much in the whole
Candida word, but you can get a yeast infection anywhere on your body, anywhere in fact. But, in saying that, Candida prefers the areas
where people often experience this the most. The private areas. The personal areas. The groin area. Vaginal area is very common. In fact, up to 75 percent of women during
their life will probably experience one yeast infection if not more. Up to 50 percent of men may experience a yeast
infection involving the inner thigh, the groin and around the penis area. The scrotum. It’s not that uncommon. Also, a huge amount of people will experience
during their lifetime a fungal nail yeast infection. These are all areas as you can see that tend
to be concealed. They tend to be warm. They tend to be dark. These are the perfect places for a yeast infection
to hide out. They find food there. They find shelter there. They find comfort and warmth there. They’re not going to find a lot of comfort
on your forehead, are they? You’re not going to get a yeast infection
right across here. You’re not going to get a yeast infection
on the tip of your nose. You could get ringworm, which is a type of
yeast infection, and that can happen on your arms, on your torso, on different parts of
the body. Depending on your susceptibility of course. So, yeasts can also be tiny little spots I’ve
seen with people who spend a bit of time at the beach when they go surfing for example. People who wear wetsuits a lot have wet damp
skin quite often. They can also get yeast infection on the skin,
the peripheral areas. Where can you get a yeast infection on your
body? We’ve already talked in plenty of other videos
where you can get it inside your body, particularly the digestive system. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that
you’ve got a systemic yeast infection, because if you did, you’d probably wouldn’t be looking
at this video now unless it was from a hospital bed. You’d be in intensive care or in the ER room
if you’ve got systemic yeast infection. If you think you’ve got an internal yeast
infection, it’s probably going to be in your digestive system, especially the small or
large intestine. But if you think you may have one on the exterior
of the body, and you’re a female, there’s a big change it may be a vaginal yeast infection. If you’re male, it could be a groin issue,
could be jock itch or something like that. It could be any age, and it could also be
a toenail problem in particular. Babies of course. Diaper rash is another form of a yeast infection
on the body. So I hope that answers the question about
where the yeast infection can be on the bod5y. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you haven’t got
my report, and please subscribe. Thank you for tuning in.

8 thoughts on “Where Can You Get A Yeast Infection On Your Body?”

  1. I'm not sure if it's an infection, but I've had little tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks for over 9 months and normal acne products haven't helped one bit. I recently came across some information on the internet that it could be caused by a yeast or fungus (folliculitis by the pityrosporum or melassezia yeast):( I've been doing the candida diet for about 6 weeks and it has cleared up a lot but not completely. What do you think? i've also been taking oregano oil and caprylic acid as well as probiotics.

  2. I am 36 yr old female and have been having symptoms of burning mouth, primarily my tongue, for 2 months. Mouth looks normal but it burns or tingles inside. Ranges from pain level of 5-8 daily on scale of 10. Taking Xanax and nystatin at this time for pain. Thought nystatin ( on about day 11 now) was helping but just stinging most the time now. Have used nystatin in the past after antibiotics because dif meds made my tongue hurt. Get a sore puffy tongue from yogurt so I never eat that. I do crave sugar, potatoes, and breads as I read in your survey. Always have been my favorites, though. Where do I go from here? Dentist was of no help and my dr seems baffled.

  3. I have been with strong heat just in my face that burn me and make my face puffy I made the test and yes I have a strong yeast Infection , this is taking my life away , i bought ur products the big package … and Also the cream … have a I don't eat carbs or sugar and try to follow all the details about candida diet … hope your products help me doc 😢

  4. Hello! I have been following the Candida Crusher diet and taking the supplements for 6 months with wonderful results. I've lost 40lbs, no more depression, bad breath, smelly feet, diarrhea, bloating, getting sick once a month, and loving the results. However I need help! Can candida cause eczema and allergic reactions on my face? I've had eczema on my hands as well as fungus under a couple toes since I started with no permanent change. Recently I tried eliminating a few foods to see if it would help as well as adding apple cider vinegar daily. I stopped drinking kefir from Trader Joe's and eating home made chocolate, sweet potato and pumpkin. Slowly I started itching on my forhead and now has taken over my whole face with swelling. I have been putting tea tree oil, and lavender on it to help but it only worsened. I took Benadryl last night because my eyes were puffy and shut. My hands are worse than they have ever been. Is this just my body getting worse before it gets better? Am I detoxing too fast? I haven't had a good night a sleep (more than 3 hrs) in a couple weeks. I so appreciate your book and supplements…just at a loss of what to do. I'm 32 with 2 kids and my husband is not knowing what to do with me since I can't leave the house. I truly appreciate your help!!

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