WHEN CS:GO BREAKS! (Bugs, Funny Moments!)

WHEN CS:GO BREAKS! (Bugs, Funny Moments!)

Oh there my bullet my crosshair is there
look that’s the reverse years ago how can the guy be there it’s like the
game’s gone oh no you’re right it’s actually there
this push this is the one post we haven’t seen have seen all the others
oh no it glitched it didn’t go right away which meant he got so many ticks in
it’s a quite straightforward need from Rush that’s unfortunate not really much
he could have done to get away to be favorited oh good job valve
good job valve good job I just tried exiting I don’t think that was an actual
I so that’s pretty big for both sides if you lose this walking on in to be
through the smoke I don’t want to commit to this anymore and because I’m great
damage I need to pay rent maybe the baby can be everyone what he sued me can
someone take a look and read like what to wear low great game is actually really sick man
like when you shoot like four bullets and issue and then the first bullet dink
some and that three bullets just don’t work yeah it’s real sick game they’re
all coming out what this game is so broken what not the singing it no leads hey come on I was on him I was on him
you can say whatever you want well once they find out this is pistol they just
fall away not gonna connect I thought that was a shot that hit no matter what
mortals again that one smoke that lands towards middle making it very tricky oh
my what a read Jade oh boy yep nobody’s door no one’s door no Jason blue and the blue whoo okay I lied what the fuck okay sorry dude they’re on my team it says there it says
they’re on my team do a race yeah I need to restart my game you while we somehow dropped through the
wall below the map and so I’m looking at Sanders perspective right now there is
no way they can salvage that bombs they’re gonna have to go for kills what
the hell nothing you can really do about that I guess magicians perspective
you’re like well well crap the bombs going off and that’s gonna be a loss I’m
just gonna work out Elysian Nigel hath to step up here they’re the two first
men to content this gonna throw these smokes in confusingly we’ve lost the
mini-map he’s the first man down so now the rest of the guys know what what’s JD
I’m doing on the mini-map look at this what’s happened but anyway let big
they’re pushing out doesn’t matter we’ll do our best to relay these positions what is that why is this not fixed yet
why is this not fixed who’s where they are but he can’t for the shots for all
even Oh Kenny misses the shot and fries with super fast reaction speeds – warps on optics side cloud9 with a
bunch of tech nines and a scout I’ll free the water reward
headshot what that was surely a headshot sister Shirley Shirley Shirley did I hit
him in head or no my crosshairs anyone know but don’t feed these smg’s and
that’s a good start the gel cleans up wrap what I was gonna
try to hold this destiny gives up another word of that smoke look that
what that smokes just go through the map just fell through there hello all right
not only smokes bounced off Molly’s they fall through the ground
no scar knee it’s a feature bro it’s a beach those are the T side by two aks
and those palaces and you appease Salvage in the previous rounds doing
automatic will be producing upwards things be second sender at all the bug
CS goes and its finest yep we call that a phone about – a lot so wait it was sight somewhere I don’t saying thank you Tim he could
have been car aw p3k clutch knows my freezes and will transport them out with
the AWP pop flash coming out ball topple push freeze away to smoke few days that
he’ll and oh my god this smoke bug really hurts the trick
side 25 seconds now

100 thoughts on “WHEN CS:GO BREAKS! (Bugs, Funny Moments!)”

  1. Smoke bug is real ok nvm but aiming little to high on the head will not hit the enemy, thats why u always aim for chest. Pro players should know that. Cuz the hitbox is kinda fucked up.. so no bugs.. just fails

  2. Why are they blaming "the game" though when everytime they say it, it's always ESEA Servers.. it's clearly nothing that happens in Matchmaking, so it must be issues with the server. You will rarely see me defend Valve but that's Server issues and them not applying the 128ticks correctly leading to bugs.

  3. The shot by mixwell around 3:48 happened because he flicked when they appeared and hit the guy who wasn’t crouching’s shoulder. Playback speed 0.25

  4. 1 year after this bid I am here to say that nothing was made relating the net code or game play. BUT Relax we have new skins, that's what we wanted right? Right?

  5. 8:25 is not a bug, Its just very high ping. If u look at his ping on net graph, Its raises very fast at one point. I know all about bad internet

  6. Imagine if you are in a major final, last map and last round you die due to a bug. How mad would you be? This shit has been happening for some time now and still not fixed.

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