When Bees Attack

When Bees Attack

Today’s video was requested by Lord Cinder. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about subscribe and let us know in the comment section below. What Is It? Bees are flying insects of the Anthophila
group, known for their venomous sting and producing honey and beeswax. Bees are adapted to feeding on nectar as well
as pollen and play an important role in pollination. This is the transfer of pollen from the male
part of the plant to a female part of the plant thus enabling fertilization and the
production of seeds. They range in size and length from 0.08 inches,
for some stingless bee species, to 1.54 inches for the largest leafcutter bee species. They have large compound eyes and antennae
which hold sense organs tasked with detecting smell, taste and air movements. Their mouth parts have a pair of mandibles,
which are adapted for chewing and a long proboscis used for sucking up nectar. Their bodies have three segments and wings
which, in flight, employ the same mechanics as helicopters. Even though the stinger averages only 0.007
inches in length, a bee’s sting can be very painful and may even cause death. Number 6 Chinese Woman
A video which became viral in China in July 2018 showed a woman who had been stung in
the face by a bee swarm, triggering an allergic reaction that rendered her features almost
undistinguishable. She’d been trying to catch bees and collect
honey up in a mountainous region when the insects attacked. As she filmed herself, the woman didn’t
seem to be very affected by what had happened and even made a two-line rhyme about it. It would roughly translate as ‘I was bored
and went in the mountain to catch some bees/But I was helpless when the aggressive bees stung
me’. Yet, her face had almost doubled in size. Her lips, nose, cheeks and left eye became
extremely swollen. This happened because her body’s defense
system had overreacted to the histamine component of the bee venom. Many viewers and commenters, including the
woman herself, found the humor in the incident but the truth is that things could have been
much worse. Where Is It Located? There are approximately 20,000 bee species,
grouped in various biological families with a worldwide distribution. The western honey bee, or the European bee,
is the best-known and can be found on every continent, except Antarctica. Bees can be solitary or live in various communities. True honey bees are highly social creatures
and their colonies are established in swarms consisting of a queen, worker bees and male
bees, or drones. Each of them has different duties and responsibilities
within the colony. Human apiculture or beekeeping has been practiced
for thousands of years, since Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. In Greek mythology, for example, honey was
considered to be the food of the gods. Beekeepers usually keep their colonies in
hives from which they collect honey, bee glue, beeswax or pollen, for personal or commercial
use. Number 5 Vern Roberts
Texas man Vern Roberts was mowing his lawn outside his Wallis home, in September 2018,
when he was attacked by a swarm of Africanized honey bees. The aggressive insects overpowered him as
he fell to the ground and he tried to stop, drop and roll. He could have been stung to death, if not
for his wife, Mary, who helped him get inside the house. In doing so, the woman was stung over 60 times. Roberts was stung nearly 600 times all over
his body, including his mouth and even down his throat. The paramedics arrived to the house but couldn’t
get to Roberts because his lawn was still swarming with bees. Roberts had to muster all the strength he
had left to walk outside and get to the ambulance. He was stung a few more times before he reached
the vehicle. He was rushed to the hospital and spent three
days in the intensive care unit but was expected to make a full recovery. How Will It Kill You? The bee is a type of kamikaze of the natural
world, as it typically dies after delivering a sting. After a honey bee delivers the venomous injection,
it leaves its barbed stinger inside your skin, and flies away thus tearing off its abdomen. However, the queen honeybee and other bee
species are known to have smoother stingers with smaller barbs and may sting vertebrates
repeatedly. Luckily, the queen doesn’t usually leave
the hive and mainly uses its stinger for dispatching rival queens. When the bee stings it delivers apitoxin and
releases alarm pheromones which may attract other bees from the hive to the location. These pheromones do not dissipate or wash
off quickly and the other bees that are attracted may exhibit defensive behavior and target
the victim with hundreds of further stings. A strong attack from an aggressive swarm may
even cause death. The main component of the bee venom which
causes pain in vertebrates is a toxin called melittin. For people allergic to bee venom, a sting
can trigger an anaphylactic reaction which may cause death. Africanized honey bees are the product of
cross breeding between European honey bees and the African honey bee. Since 26 swarms escaped from quarantine in
1957, they’ve spread throughout the Americas. There’s a reason why Africanized bees are
commonly known as killer bees. They’re more aggressive, react faster to
disturbances and may chase the victim a quarter of a mile. Along with killing horses and other animals,
their responsible for at least 1,000 human deaths, with victims being stung thousands
of times. Number 4 Kristen Beauregard
In July 2013, Kristen Beauregard and her boyfriend were at their North Texas farm with their
miniature horses when they were attacked by a swarm of around 30,000 bees. Beauregard was exercising her Shetland pony,
named Trump, when he started to kick and jump. Within seconds a swarm of bees started stinging
them. According to Beauregard, there were so many
of them that they blocked out the sun. The 44-year-old, her boyfriend and even their
horse tried to escape the cloud of bees that was stinging them by jumping in the pool,
but it didn’t help. As they came up for air, the bees stung them
in the face and nose. Beauregard eventually managed to get to the
house, where she called 911. Firefighters in protective gear arrived at
the scene and sprayed a special foam substance to disperse the bees. Beauregard had been stung about two hundred
times and her boyfriend about fifty times, but they both managed to survive the attack. Trump and a 6-year-old show horse called Chip
died as a result of the numerous stings they’d sustained. Additionally, the bees killed five hens and
also stung the couple’s dog. Number 3 Paula Andrea Ramos Molina
An attacking bee swarm can sometimes induce such panic and confusion in their victims
that it leads to tragedy. Such was the case for 22-year-old Paula Andrea
Ramos Molina. As forestry engineer in Colombia, she was
part of a team carrying out an assessment in a rural area of the Caldas district, in
September 2018. As Ramos Molina and one of her colleagues
were examining the area assigned to them, they accidentally dislodged a killer bee hive. The furious insects swiftly descended upon
them. As they ran away from the killer bees that
were repeatedly stinging them, both Ramos Molina and her colleague fell off a cliff. Tragically, the young woman broke her neck
in the fall and died instantly. Her colleague, whose name hasn’t been released,
suffered multiple injuries and countless stings. They remained in the hospital and were considered
to be in grave condition. How to Survive? Wear light colored clothing and don’t disturb
bee hives. If you find yourself swarmed, don’t try
to swat at them or kill them, as the bees will only attack you more fiercely. Don’t jump into a body of the water as they’ll
simply wait for you to resurface and sting you then. Cover your head and face and run away until
the bees stop chasing you. If you’ve been stung multiple times, seek
immediate medical attention. The first and most important part after being
stung is removing the stinger, regardless of the method, and cleaning the wound with
soap and water. A cold compress or icepack can be applied
to the affected area along with taking aspirin, acetaminophen and Benadryl to help ease the
itching and pain. Avoid scratching the area as it will only
increase the swelling. Seek medical attention if the swelling covers
an area greater than 3 to 4 inches or if it persists for over a week. Those who are allergic should use a self-injectable
EpiPen as the release of adrenaline will help prevent an anaphylactic shock, which can be
fatal. Number 2 Graham Williamson
The case of Graham Williamson serves as a tragic reminder that size doesn’t matter
when it comes to bee attacks. It also emphasizes the importance of knowing
what you’re allergic to. The father of three from the West Midlands
region in England was 6.5 feet tall and weighed 240 pounds. Because of his stature, he was nicknamed ‘Hulk’
by his friends. Unfortunately, Williamson never knew that
he was highly allergic to bee stings. While mowing the lawn outside his home, in
July 2018, he was stung by a bee on his foot. He fell to the ground and his wife, Julie,
tried to resuscitate him. The paramedics arrived to the scene and took
Williamson to the hospital. Julie and his children held vigil at the hospital
while the doctors kept him sedated, to give his body time to recover. There was a brief moment of hope when his
kidneys started functioning again but he eventually lost his fight for life. The cause of death was determined to have
been anaphylactic shock. Number 1 Rogerio Zuniga
In June 2015, a South Texas farmer died after he was overwhelmed by a swarm consisting of
hundreds of killer bees. 54-year-old Rogerio Zuniga was using a tractor
on his field, near Rio Hondo, when he accidentally hit an old concrete irrigation pipe with the
disks from his harrow. The pipe was home to a 20-foot bee hive and
the insects came storming out attacking Zuniga inside his tractor. He got out and tried to run away but the swarm
followed him. What happened next was like a scene from a
horror movie, according to his sister Lisa. She told a media outlet ‘…he collapsed
and they stung his body to death. He had gaping wounds, the bees shredded him
basically. It was horrible.’ Zuniga was found dead at the scene and, in
the aftermath, an exterminator was brought to kill the bees and clear the pipe.

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