What’s Really Happened With Bee Gees | ⭐OSSA

What’s Really Happened With Bee Gees | ⭐OSSA

Bee Gees is one of the greatest bands of the
21st century They were on par with Elvis, The Beatles and
Michael Jackson. They rolled in the love of millions of fans. But what happened to their stunning popularity? There were four brothers and now there’s
only one left… Barry Gibb isn’t used to go out on stage all alone. But what can he do? After the deaths of Robin and Maurice he had
to get used to walking out on stage by himself. He felt lonelier than ever. For Barry it was the worst feeling to turn his head around on stage and realize he was
now standing alone. Andy was the first one to pass away. He was probably the youngest to become so
famous at an early age at the time. Andy became a super star when he was 19 and
was nicknamed “baby Bee Gees”. By the age of 21 he became a sensation selling
15 million records worldwide. No wonder they predicted a glorious future
for the promising artist. But it all cracked because of severe alcohol
and drug addiction. It seemed that he was stuck in his teens and
didn’t want to accept adulthood. Gibb met his 18-year-old wife when he was
just a year older than her. The lovely couple moved to West Hollywood,
where Andy’s life derailed. As Kim later commented, she wasn’t his first
love. Cocaine was. Kim got pregnant and could think only of her
baby’s safety She flew back home to Australia and divorced
Andy. The news broke his heart and aggravated his
depression. When he was 23, he met Victoria, who was 10
years his senior. He was hoping she could rescue him from addiction
and loneliness. But that didn’t last long as his love for
cocaine turned out to be stronger. Drugs took control over his life and by the
age of 30 he was drowning in cocaine. Andy Gibbs died in 1988 of myocarditis. Maurice left his brothers in 2003. He suffered awful drug and alcohol addiction
twice in his life. And both times he pulled away. He had worn an Alcoholics Anonymous lapel
badge since the 70’s. It turned out that Gibb got introduced to
his favorite drink, Scotch and Coke, by John Lennon. His first marriage wasn’t successful and
didn’t last long Neither of them took the relationship serious
and Maurice’s severe drinking speeded up the divorce. Later that same year he met his second wife,
Yvonne. She was the mainstay Gibb was looking for
to survive. It seemed to be the perfect love story with
two beautiful kids. Until a third party entered the relationship
– Maurice’s alcohol abuse. His family was on road to a tragic ending,
when drunk Gibb pulled a gun on his kids and wife. It was the final straw for his family, so
they had to leave Maurice was shocked with his own actions and
immediately quit drinking. He underwent court-ordered treatment in rehab. Gibb called his wife the first thing when
he got out. Yvonne believed his promises and let him back
in her life They both renewed their vows. But the alcoholic past couldn’t simply disappear. Maurice Gibb died at the age of 54 of cardiac
arrest. Maurice’s twin brother, Robin, died from cancer in 2012. Gibb married his first love when he was just
18. It was the perfect romance, spending all their
time together. But on one of their trips they were in the
Hither Green train crash, where 49 people died. It was a miracle that they managed to survive. Robin worked hard all night recording. He became dependent on amphetamines to stay
up at night. This lifestyle caused him paranoia, he was
unpredictable. The world around him fell apart when his wife
filed for divorce. Gibb was devastated and Dwina, who did understand
his need for space, became his ray of hope. She helped him to survive the death of his
brothers, Andy and Maurice. Dwina and his youngest son stood by his side
when cancer took hold of him. Robin tried to spend as much as possible of
his time left with his loved ones. It was hard for Barry to walk out on stage
alone. But in 2012 he had to start his solo career. As the eldest, he always felt the responsibility
to protect his brothers. Now he had lost them and is left alone
The fame that had burst so fast into their lives did not bring any peace with it. Thanks for watching. Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Andy was not the youngest to become famous…the twins were 17 when the Bee Gees had a hit with "Massachusetts".

  2. If this person knew anything about the Gibbs, they would know that Maurice is pronounced Morris & that he was 53 not 54 when he passed away. His birthday was December 22. Go do your homework.

  3. They'd all have walked out on this video, it's bullshit! When you don't know what you're talking about don't make it worse by pretending you do. 👎👎👎

  4. Funny how people come to their own conclusions when they really know nothing about people… Hmmmm

  5. Mo did stop drinking and he had something wrong with his stomach that killed him. At the time Barry said they were going to sue the hospital bc it was their fault. Don't know what happened after that.

  6. Beegees is a popular music composition that has never been surpassed by the world pop music industry. Great Beegees!

  7. They could have inherited that vulnerability of being depressed and alcoholic from their great great grandfather.

  8. I have always been a huge fan of the GIBB Brothers so i read biographies, i know lots of details about them, i can say there are a few mistakes in your summery. Too much gossiping !

  9. Just poor video, not too much depth and filled with inaccuracies. For one, Maurice is pronounced like "Morris." It's "Gibb" not "Gibbs." And Mo died of cardiac arrest while undergoing emergency surgery for a twisted/burst colon. This video made it sound like he died of alcohol abuse, and while that may have contributed to weaken his heart or something, it wasn't the cause of death. He was reportedly sober for [years] by that point.

  10. Not very flattering obviously not made by Bee Gee fans, Only in the US did they not remain popular. With that stated in US they still had a #7 song because it was the ONLY air played song, *One", the funny thing is it wasn't the best song they produced post disco either. Don't get me wrong it was not bad, but it got played, therefore it got somewhat popular. Now Kiss Of Life was a great song but Never got played, therefore never got popular. In fact One is the only song that got played in the US, My prediction is they could have had more hits, but in order for any song to become a hit, it usually has to get played. In other countries they had top 5 hits in 4 different decades how many other groups can say that huh? They had 1 hits in 3 different decades, how many other groups can say that huh? Andy was tragic, should have just been the 4th Bee Gee instead of living their shadow and competing with them in my opinion…

  11. That has got to be the most generic, Wikipedia induced, accounting of the Bee Gees I have ever heard. This guy knows NOTHING about the band or why much of anything happened.

  12. In addition to Robin, his relationship with his first wife was quite brutal to due to both him and his wife's actions. Robin's delusions due to Amphetamines caused him to believe that he was being cheated on. His wife also won a custody battle regarding their two children. Thus, he unknowingly hired a hitman to bail off his wife and her lawyers. The plan didn't go successful and he somehow didn't get in trouble.

  13. Maurice pronounced Morris died from complications of a twisted intestine. Robin died from liver and kidney failure not from the cancer it's self! Do your homework before you go making videos marring the good names of people who aren't alive to speak up for themselves!

  14. So many misleading “facts” in this video. Firstly Maurice’s name is pronounced “Morris”. Secondly he was 53 when he passed away, not 54 and it was from complications of a twisted intestine not from drinking! Third, Andy was not the youngest to become ‘worldwide famous’, both Robin and Maurice were only 16 or 17 when they made it ‘big’. Get your facts straight before making these type of videos because all they do is present false information to new fans who watch these things! Luckily, most of us here have been fans for years and know already but some don’t yet.

  15. DUDE, Maurice (pronounced as Morris) died because of a cardiac arrest caused by the operation of his twisted intestine not because of alcoholism. His daughter said that years before he died which is after he pointed he gun to his family, he used to drink alcohol with rich and famous people but then he just sat and drank a cup of water with a homeless man which is true and it happened when they were on their way to a meeting on Alcoholics Anonymous. Another one, after Maurice got married to Lulu, he started to become "attached" to alcohol which then became one of the reasons on why the couple broke up and then Yvonne came into his life ready to handle Mo's alcoholism. She used to drink with him so that she can convince Mo to stop drinking. ALSO, it wasn't "DARK SECRETS," the brothers publicised their problems when Robin told the media about the divorce and Mo on an episode titled "Maurice Gibb Fighting Back" where he narrated how he handled his alcoholism. So Google more info first before putting it on youtube. 😉

  16. That "The Bee Gees family mystery is still full of questions" made me shook like dude it's all in wikipedia + other sources you've got to read.

  17. I don't believe I cared for this video. Everyone has tragedy, but the undertone of this was too dark. One of the greatest singing histories, The Brothers Gibb. I'll pass on the subscribe button and move on.

  18. I don't care what anyone said I still think they are wonderful singers. I just Love Berry`s singing and his voice I could listen to him forever.

  19. My dude.. these bands were in the 20th Century not the 21st. Tuned out right after the first 5 seconds

  20. Is it me , or is it a little depessing to realize that Andy Gibb would be sixty (60 !) this year ?

  21. Dude!!! (Maker of video) it's about what you take from the experience of life, not pointing and criticism,,, just sayin really good memories from the Times past of where and whom was there while these songs played,,,tks bee gees for the memories these songs recall…

  22. Really, Why did you make this mostly false and uninformed video. If you are trying just to make money by cranking out videos then at least do your homework first. Real Beegee fans will most likely boycott your jackass channel

  23. Why is someone like Kanye not putting Barry Gibb on some new dope shit? You know he still has that voice. He was the lead singer….. sad, I still bump they shit. #Classics

  24. The Bee Gees were abducted by giant ants in 1963 and these Martians took their place. The Bee Gees are still living underground taking care of the queen ant 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  25. Godammit!

    Ever since the '60's marchers gave us political correctness, those liberals have been discriminating against everything Mainstream.
    We can't have people represent products or organizations– that will "oh-fend" one or more groups of counter-culture that grew to become teachers, attorneys, CEO's, politicians, — you know, Mainstream…and yet those hippies, Blacks, & women are still protesting against the Mainstream — thrmselves!
    Even our heroes, like the Bee Gees have to be attacked.
    The fact is that these guys defined a small bit of cultural heritage and they did it without vulgarity, sex, drugs, even free of ATF suspicion.

    And now the legacy of thd "60"s wants to reduce them to something less than they earned <smh>

    Why not just erase them from history like the Confederate statues.

    Thanks Blacks & women marchers of the '60's! (And their children of the '70's '80's. & '90's.)

  26. Maurice died because he was taken off life support, due to the fact he was brain dead and had no chance of recovering due to the infection that spread in his body and to his heart. This comes from Robin Gibb. Sad because it was a death that should not have happened. Love Maurice always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I had to turn the video off. Couldn't stand the inaccuracies, mispronunciations to false information. Do your research next time. This is pathetic!

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