What’s in SPIDER-MAN’S Web-Shooters? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

What’s in SPIDER-MAN’S Web-Shooters? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Alright you can stop with all the tweets and
the YouTube comments okay? Let’s look at the science of Peter Parker’s web shooters. Let’s stay out of the whole organic versus
mechanical web-shooter debate for now and focus on the silk itself first. Either way,
Parker is going to have to make this stuff. In the most recent reboot of the Spider-Man
films that totally won’t get rebooted again, Peter Parker creates his web-shooters by installing
readily available materials from Oscorp that mimic spider silk. Mechanically created or not, the secret to
spider silk’s strength comes in its structure. Spider silk is one of nature’s very finest
composite materials. Silk spinning spiders produce their silk by
extruding proteins out of spinnerets located near their backside. These spinnerets are like cones covered in
hundreds of smaller and even tinier cones. And out of these is what comes the protein
slurry or what’s called the dope, because it is. Now here’s the part we don’t fully understand.
As the protein dope comes out of the spider’s’ spinnerets, it’s produced in such a way
so that the silk produced has an outer sheathe that is a hard, crystalline structure and
the inner part of the silk is more gooey kind of like the dope itself. This combination of compositions is what makes
spider silk so strong. If Peter Parker, who was apparently some kind
of science whiz, could harness Oscorp’s mixture or make his own, then he might be
able to shoot out silk from his mechanical web-shooters in the same way that a spider
does with dozens and hundreds and thousands of miniature spinnerets. And, it could even
take his weight if it came out at a thickness of maybe 1 millimeter or so. That covers mechanical web shooters, but what
about the organic kind like those in the original Spider-Man film? As in all the comics and movies, the source
of Peter Parker’s power comes from a bite of a radioactive spider, which changes his
body in a few key ways. It gives him “spider sense” and super human strength and agility. The bite also gave Peter new organs on his
wrists that were able to produce silk in the same way that spider spinnerets do. How likely
is this? Well, considering that we can genetically engineer goats to produce spider silk proteins,
it’s not that crazy to think that a genome-warping spider bite might be able to give Parker the
same ability. Now let’s make this silk worthy of a superhero. A few months ago, scientists tried spraying
down spiders with our own super materials to see if their silk would get stronger. The scientists took a few groups of spiders
and then sprayed them down with a water-based mixture of either graphene or carbon nanotubes. Some of the spiders died and some of the spiders
produced silk that was actually weaker than normal, but SOME of the spiders sprayed down
with the carbon nanotubes somehow incorporated it into their own silk and produced strands
that were up to three times stronger. This is what Peter Parker could do if he still
had access to something like Oscorp Labs — he could incorporate carbon nanotubes into his
own special web-shooter mix or he could take a bunch of them and dilute them in water and
drink gallons of the stuff, try not to die, that sounds like a plan. Oh, and one more thing. There’s nothing
about Spider-Man that is unique to spiders! Something like geckos have hairs on their
feet that let them stick to stuff and there’s no such thing as a spider sense unless you’re
actually on a web and spiders aren’t particularly strong for their size why Because Science
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  1. Doesn't sideman and the rest of the spiderverse actually climb due to static electricity or something? And not hairs on their body?

  2. Can’t scientists just extract spider silk and mix the elements with those of steel or any other metal and then find a way to properly shoot them out to hold human weight or the weight of any other object

  3. 2:45 – Let's be real, for a second. Peter developing web shooters on his wrists is just silly, because spiders' webbing doesn't come out of their limbs.
    If anything, Peter would have developed a web shooter on his backside.

  4. Kyle:Spider-Man films that won’t get rebooted again
    Me:watches the episode
    iPad:(YouTube alert)Spider-Man homecoming official teaser trailer

  5. Also can you do another because science over it again? Spider-Man homecoming got a lot of stuff to work with, so it will help you in explaining it, And it also gives you a inside look of how it works and how it's made……. just give it another swing at it….. oh and if you have can you give me the link I have a hard time looking through the playlist

  6. You mentioned a railgun in one of your videos it got me thinking of the Needler from Halo can you use that shot like nails the nails change color and turn into needlers

  7. When I was younger thought it didn't make sense for the character to not have also grown web shooting organs too. Now as a adult I have changed my mind. Most of the stuff that got altered was his already preexisting parts to be more like a spider. He has hair already. The spider radiation would have told his body to start growing hair on his hands to help him wall crawl. He has muscles. The spider dna would also tell it to start altering itself so it can mimic spider agility and acrobatics. Basically the radiation just told his body to make them resemble more like a spider. A place for spinnerets for webs… that requires specialized organs to produce them. He doesn't have any spare organs that can be taken from where they are now to a new area to meta morph into a spinnerets. Basically the bite Peter received really caused his preexisting parts to altered, but he cannot create new body parts or organs. His change could not go far in a drastic change to be a more like a spider. It had to make due with what it had and try to alter to the closest it can be. It's kind of like how evolution works in species. You simply don't grow a new organ or body part per say. In order for a unique part to evolve into a new thing or a special organ to develop they have to originating from a preexisting part and change. It's kind of like how fish fins evolved into a paw, or hand. You however cannot have a species to evolve to get a extra thumb to make them have three 6 fingers. They have to sacrifice a preexisting finger to evolve into a new thumb. When you get down to it, after it happens you still have 5 fingers. It's just one of them has become a thumb. This is what I am saying is the case with the Peter character. He doesn't have any organ or body part that can turn into a web spinneret that shoots. The only difference here is he is not evolving. He is metamorphosing. I think when bugs do this it follows the same rules. They already have stuff there in themselves that allow them to morph into the new body design in their life.

    Having an organ on your body that shoots web might sound like a good idea on paper, but in real practice it reveals it is not very practical. When you grow a organ it can become more apparent to people it is there. In the first spider-man movie you could clearly see something strange was going on at wrist. They can see it. Your character then ends up trying to come up with ways trying to hide them. Also it takes a longer time to replenish your fluid naturally. An artificial web shooter provides a lot of better plot points for the writer to exploit in a story to make it interesting and shape things in the way they want them. It's just more convenient to let them be artificial shooters as a writer's stand point. It might be better if it was natural shooters if we were talking about real life here but… this is about writing stories here. The natural shooters create large big concrete walls of a loop hole in a story of why a character could not use his web. The mechanical web shooters are just better and convenient for the writer for the sake of solving a loop hole or having a plot point in the story they are writing.

  8. What if instead of Spider-Man shooting out webs, he shoots out real spiders?? 🕷🕷🕷 😂😂😂 that would definitely stop the bad guys!!

  9. I thought Spider Sense was Peter Parker's inheritance of a spider's fast reflexes, or is that not a thing?

  10. Or u can make a micro cotton candy maker that shoots cotton candy as webbing , it sounds dumb but it could work

  11. He is cool, but kinda reminds me my old teacher telling me that for the size and design of their body ladybugs should not be flying, his explanations are awesome but there is more than science to explain wonders

  12. Couldn't we CRISPIR and make spider organs into our body?. And if so wouldn't our children or realitives of the next generation also have this power. Well some may not but what if we used gene drive? Plus CRISPIR is also very new and dangerous but in the future it could be possible.

  13. People (including comic writers) often forget that Pete is a supergenius comparable to Stark, Banner, or Richards- the difference is he's a poor kid from the Bronx who didn't have any of the advantages they had, so he was too busy fighting crime to improve his neighborhood and trying to hold down a job to support his Aunt to really apply his genius. I mean if he'd just patented his web fluid formula he'd have been rich.

  14. Hey Kyle, remember? When you said no spider sense? And then that later time where you said oh wait yes spider sense because hairs, because science! That's pretty cuul man, you corrected it awesomely 😀 keep up the good work!

  15. Hey @Kyle_Hill, in the Homecoming movie, we had a glimpse of the WebFluid 3.01 which is actually on imgur right now. Could you check it and say if it could really work or not?

  16. Just take a can of silly strung and put the formula through a tube into a cartridge(a bic lighter at least), This way the air doesn’t activate the solution and solidify. After that than mix light polymer liquid samples, shoot that with butane and you got a web cartridge.

  17. Ooww wowowww wait dude I don't wanna hear this… do one more if we make web like spiderman with technology of 2018! You are good at science I think you find something.

  18. Wait up I got a real question: are the proteins eXtRaCtEd from the spinerattes each different protein stands that get woven together, or nah

  19. 3:16 I'm weak 😂🤣. Later he makes a video about how spiderman would scientifically have a spider sense, but just now looking back he said there was no such thing.

  20. So are you telling me that before he went to go fight green goblin he just started aggressively milking himself in his room getting ready for a battle?

  21. In comics Spider-Man always had mechanical webshooters. Only after original Spider-Man trilogy movies, they made a comic serie and there Spider-Man had organic webshooters!

  22. Wouldn't it be great to shoot spider silk at will? What would you do with it? All I can think of is using it as an adhesive.


  24. I actually prefer when spider man's body was creating the web for him and him shooting it out rather than him having this small fucking equipment that has just tons and tons of fucking web compacted into it's small space.

  25. the thing specific to spiders with spider-man is that he was bitten by a radioactive spider and he can shoot webs from his wrist in the original series

  26. If a genetically modified goat's milk can make spiderweb fluid does spiderGwen lactate webfluid? I'm not joking someone answer this please.

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