What Is Happening to this Frog? | Amazing Frog Skin

What Is Happening to this Frog? | Amazing Frog Skin

It’s night time, and in the twilight Jabba
the Hutt, quietly wriggles and shuts his eyes tightly. Jabba is our pacman frog, his species in particular
known as a Surinam horned frog. He’s actually undergoing a pretty interesting
change tonight, that happens to him every few weeks. In the privacy of his mossy bed, Jabba continues
to blink, and open his mouth. And you’re about to find out what he’s doing
now. See, there! At the corner of his mouth, see that dark
slimy thing? And slowly the dark slime slips completely
into his mouth and out of sight. What you saw there was Jabba’s old skin. Our pacman frog, like all frogs was undergoing
a routine shed, something all frogs do, and it just so happens Jabba’s species eats his
old skin. Wouldn’t want to waste nutrients now would
you? By morning Jabba’s glorious colours are the
best they’ve ever been! His skin is always the nicest after a molt. Now if you’re new to the channel, I know you
may be thinking, but wait AntsCanada. Isn’t this an ant channel? Why frogs? Yes, first off, warm welcome to you newcomers
to the channel, where we often feature more than just ants, but other animals too, because
ants happen to have close relationships with a tonne of other creatures in nature, frogs
being one of them. Now you may be surprised just how awesome
frog skin actually is, and in this mid-week video, I wanted to do a deep dive on the wonders
of frog skin, and show you why I feel frog skin is some of the coolest skin in the animal
kingdom, and why frog skin is actually important for us humans! So the first thing you might wanna know about
frog skin, which may surprise you, is that all frogs have poison glands in their skin,
particularly at the head and back. Jabba here, as well as many other frogs have
only mild toxins… thankfully, not that I hold him much anyway. It just causes a fowl taste if an animal were
to try to eat it. But some frogs have poisons that can harm
humans! Case in point: Poison dart frogs! They frogs get their lethal skin toxins from
eating toxic ants and termites from the habitats they’re from. Yet another way in which ants and frogs are
connected! Another cool thing about frog skin is that
they can breath through it! They can absorb oxygen through their skin,
as well as water! Many frogs don’t even have to drink water
with their mouths. They just absorb water into their bodies by
soaking in it. Jabba here always loves huddling in his moist
bed of moss, and keeps nice and hydrated at all times. But the magic of frog skin lies in the awesome
slime that covers Jabba’s whole body. It helps keep his skin permeable to water,
oxygen, and nutrients. It also keeps water from evaporating out of
his body, and from completely drying up. The slime is also a great barrier against
bacteria and fungus! Now let’s talk colours! Jabba’s colouration is just gorgeous, wouldn’t
you say?! His patterns of greens, browns, and yellows
allow him to camouflage in moss and leaf litter in which he hides most of the time. If frogs aren’t brightly coloured like dart
frogs warning predators that they’re toxic, they’re more cryptic in colouration, allowing
them to camouflage in their preferred habitats. Now, Jabba the Hutt here is a pretty incredible
pet frog, and he’s really starting to win my heart! He chirps every day, especially when he hears
my voice or hears me watching youtube. Frogs like Jabba here are important to us
humans, because frogs are often the indicator of a healthy or unhealthy environment. They’re like the canary in a coal mine! If a place gets too polluted with harmful
agents and chemicals, frogs will be among the first creatures to disappear, because
their skin is so absorbent! If you find an area that has a lot of frogs,
Note bene: frogs that are not mutated that is, then you know that there’s a good chance
that area’s ecosystem is healthy and clean! If you would like to see more about Jabba
here you must watch our video when we first introduced him to the channel and built this
mossy paradise for him complete with a living wall and drip system. He’s such a cute little guy and a cool hands-off
pet to live with! I also have left a hidden video for you here
if you’d like to see him eating his pellets and a baby mouse! He sure loves his food so go check him pigging
out! Thanks, guys for watching! And we’ll see you for our next video this
Saturday so be sure to subscribe to the channel for more cool ant and nature discovery! It’s frog love forever! Hope you can subscribe to the channel as we
upload a new video every Wednesday and Saturday at 8AM EST. Please remember to like, comment, share, and
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  5. AC you should definitely get some dart frogs i have several and they are great hands off pets, similar to ants in care too just throw in food a couple times a week and watch the magic. One more thing if you do get some dont believe what Google tells you they do just fine in 80-60 percent humidity range 100 is completely unnecessary and almost impossible to keep consistent.

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