What Happens If All The Bees Die?

What Happens If All The Bees Die?

Bees play a crucial role on Earth – some even
claim that if they go extinct, humanity would be next. So with the dramatic decline in bee
population, should we be worried? What happens if the bees all die? Simply put, if a plant produces a flower,
you can bet that bees help them reproduce. This long-standing, working relationship evolved
with flowers being bright and fragrant to attract bees, and the bees fuzzy, velcro-like
bodies helping them to efficiently transfer pollen from the male part of the plant to
the female part. This seemingly simple mechanism is directly responsible for the production
of 70% of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts that we consume on a daily basis. 70%! Which
translates into almost $200 billion in global agriculture revenue. This huge responsibility
is accomplished by droves of commercial bees, reared by professional beekeepers for the
sole purpose of being transported to farms and orchards to pollinate crops. But since 2006, these hardworking, busy bees
have been mysteriously disappearing. This Colony Collapse Disorder has seen an average
of 1/3rd of commercial bees abandoning their hives. In fact, some beekeepers have even
reported that 90% of their bees have simply buzzed off. In some colonies, mites, viruses and parasites
have been to blame, but many are now looking at a class of insecticides called neonicotinoids.
This neurotoxin is used to kill off crop eating insects and pests, but also affects the central
nervous systems of bees when they consume contaminated nectar. And since nectar is brought
back to hives, the entire colony can be affected, leading to mass confusion and disorientation.
On top of this, other factors such as extremely cold and long winters, a lack of genetic diversity
in commercial bees, and less variable nectar in the fields may be at fault. If the trend continues, entire food chains
and webs may be at risk. Take almond plants for example; the hulls of these nuts are used
as feed for farm cattle and chickens. Fewer bees means fewer almonds, which could mean
declining livestock, and ultimately less milk, cheese, eggs and meat production. Not to mention
almonds are used in cereal, baking and many other food products. Beef and dairy cows would
also be harshly affected by the vanishing alfalfa fields which are used to harvest hay
for cattle. Looking for a morning buzz? Considering bees pollinate Coffea arabica, whose seeds
we grind for coffee, you can count that out. Without bees, our diet would consist of mostly
corn, wheat and rice, as they are wind pollinated plants. Like your clothes? Not only is cotton the
biggest cash crop in the US, it also makes up about 35% of the world’s fiber use. So
you can forget those blue jeans, towels, mattresses and high quality paper products. Simply put, we’d be living in a completely
different world without bees, not to mention suffering a substantial economic strain from
their disappearance. So while we may not necessarily go ‘extinct’ should the downward trend
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100 thoughts on “What Happens If All The Bees Die?”

  1. The 489 people who dislike the video do really wanna go extinct. Df you dislike a educational video of something that could keep us alive?

  2. sometimes i want to shout scream and cry at people who freak out and squish bees even though they're not the biggest problem for the bees

  3. Was Fukushima the responsible for the killing of bees.

    Now bees are much whiter instead of yellow which is a sign of genetic exhaustion, some of them also have thicker black stripes. They also have different behaviour from what they used to, they are more calm, they do pollination in a very even manner during the day and they do everyday in the same fashion and in very small groups, their size and shape is also slightly different probably their transgenic seeds comes from a non local variety. Bumblebees which now work together with bees and waps which are rarer to spot show similar mutations as well.

  4. Well get ready cause there pretty much gone from citys now,not sure about the country but all the trees are dead.

  5. if spiders never existed, that would be 5000x worse than no bees, i dont even see a problem without bees, first they are scary looking, i know they are harmless, but yeah, but you know what ruins days of life… WASPS!!

  6. Just corn. don't be daft… there are loads of self pollinating plants and fruit trees… And not only do bees pollinate any insect flying or not can pollinate

  7. It is Wi-Fi and now 5G. 1G- was cell phones talk only, 2G-talk and text, 3G- talk, text, internet, 4G-talk, text, internet, you tube, etc…5G-same as 4G just faster?? main reason they're putting it in is cause it is weaponized and deadly cancerous.
    But hey who cares right just as long as you can download your porn 2secs faster right?

  8. It's interesting and disappointing that though bees account for not only 70% of our food sources, but also$200B worth of agricultural revenue and jobs, that more people in positions of power are not more concerned about this.

  9. Not trying to be a critic, but I re-stumbled on this old video and thinking maybe it needs an update or clarification? https://youtu.be/rhJ1-CRL1Ow

  10. Honey bees are an invasive species and are making the original bees go extinct. Honey bees can die for all I care.

  11. Fruit and veg have nothing in common with bees (fruit: animal eats it poops it out and it grows a tree/plant/vine) (veg:plant it in the ground and it grows more e.g potatos/carrot/onion)

  12. The death of honey bees in America is better for America, the kill wild pollinators and spread diseases, mostly honey bees are dying though, its just that the delicate balance of America’s ecosystem is healing by eradicating the threat, I know that some of it is humans doing, but we to are part of nature, we need to undo the wrongs we have done, or at least try to make them right, even if we don’t do it on purpose. We are helping to fight global extinction, YAY

  13. Sure bees are important, but there are other pollinators and before bees were brought into the USA and it wasn't doing very bad before

  14. My little brother, 5 years old, got stung by a bee and instead of crying over the pain he cried because the bee was going to die. My faith in humanity has been restored

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  16. Ban the picking buying selling of flowers. Bees butterflies need flowers to survive .u humans don't need flowers .Ur birthdays anniversaries valentine's are a want and not a need .also ban pesticides no flowers no bees no butterflies .bees butterflies and other insects need flowers pollun necter to survive for them flowers is life and food .for humans flowers is unnecessary celebration

  17. We don’t need bees stupid idiots we can make bee robots to pollinate besides bees are monsters that sting constantly they deserve it if anything we need to destroy them all I shall avenge my foot

  18. what a load of bollocks, just to remind people that honey bees (the bees used to pollinate plants) are not native to many counties (like the usa) and were artificially brought into eco systems that NEVER needed them to begin with. There were literally hundreds of other insects that pollinated plants and did the job they do now, just not as efficiently. so people began using bee to do the job for them (as well as wanting the honey) but wait what happend to all the other insects? well they all died off because of the bees taking all the nectar and the pesticides we use. IE we humans screwed this up and now we need to fix the eco systems by trying to reintroduce other insects to retake there place. if bee's die the production of thing will decline but other insects will eventually take there place after they reproduce more.

    as an example this is like introducing camels to the north poll and wondering why its not a good idea, when there are animals there that can carry items and push slays already.

  19. It would be disastrous if all bees disappeared but like.. cant a few species die and we’ll be fine? The Honeybee for example, is the only bee that makes honey. But there are other insects that make honey. Honeybees weren’t originally native to North America, and North America was fine before. So do we actually need them?

  20. This video doesn't mention the inevitable worldwide effort by humans to compensate for all the effects of a newly bee-less planet. We are survivors and would not let the extinction of one species result in the ruination of ours. In time, there would be methods for getting the bees' jobs done ourselves and/or for creating alternate products to replace the ones we lose.


    Legendary physicist Albert Einstein had predicted that the Human race will last for only four more years if bees become extinct. Several studies have revealed that global warming is affecting the bees' existence on the planet due to the resulting climate change.


  22. well if all bees die humanity would be in danger but then there is a species of bees that everyone treats as crucial to the environment but really its killing the environment the honey bees some scientists who ACTUALLY research how earth was before and now and the population of EVERY bug in the united states after the honey bees arrived in america as a invading species causing a good bit of nature to collapse

  23. The future of Humanity don't depends on insects or animals . Satan and demons attire humans toward lies to lead them toward an idolatry of animals, (VEGANESM). -The Salvation depends only on not commit sins. It's the sin the only problem of the world. People could save even all the bees of the world… this would not lead the soul toward salvation.

  24. Hmm, when I went to school, in my pet dinosaur, of course, we were taught that butterflies are the most prolific pollinators, and that bees were but one of a vast number of ways in which flowers pollinated. Wouldn’t it me more important to go after the eradication of genetic modification and the use of glyphosates and similar chemicals which are literally slowly killing the world? Deal with these two major problems and you’ll get more bees anyway.

  25. HoneyBees are not important because they are an invasive species that kills a bunch of pollinators. If they were never here all the other 19,999 species of bees and pollinators would make the worlds better. I believe that the world will be better without honeybees.

  26. Everyone: if bees go extinct then 70% of plant will die from no pollination!

    Butterflies, humming birds and other pollinators: are we a joke to you!?

  27. From the Words of Thoughty2
    "In fact, since 2006 bee populations have been growing year by year. The only place where bee populations were declining is in hawaii."

  28. I HATE bees they terrify me but.I STILL WANT TO SAVE THEM!!!AND I CARE ABOUT THEM 😂!

    A love hate relationship really 🤍🤍

  29. It would be better if all of humanity would die and the sooner the better. Humans have zero value and do nothing but harm–to everything.

  30. Bees aren't the only species capable of pollinating crops. If they happened to die out, animals like butterflies or even mosquitoes would still be alive.

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