Watch Bed Bugs Get Stopped in Their Tracks | Deep Look

Watch Bed Bugs Get Stopped in Their Tracks | Deep Look

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the … OK,
you know where this is going. Lured in by our breath, bed bugs come for
us when we’re most vulnerable. In dreamland, we’re oblivious to bed bug
chow time. You won’t even feel it. It’s a quick meal. Just a few minutes. But it’s a filling one. Stuffed with blood, it scurries to a nearby
cranny: the seam of your mattress or behind a baseboard. There, they get to work growing their families. Until you get … You can recognize them by their signature
work of art: these tiny splotches. It’s the digested blood they leave behind. In the 1950s, we made bed bugs retreat with
DDT. But some became resistant and now they’re
back. We help them spread – in our clothes or
luggage – when we travel around. You can kill them with other insecticides
or heat, but their game of hide-and-seek makes it tricky. Turns out, there might be another way to stop
them in their tracks. Watch this. It’s just taking a stroll and … Gotcha! Its foot is stuck. This bean leaf can incapacitate the bloodsuckers. People in the Balkans discovered that years
ago and would spread the leaves around their beds as a trap. The leaf’s surface is covered in these tiny
hooked hairs called trichomes. They pierce right through the bed bug’s
feet, impaling their soft joints. Many bean plants – like kidney and green
beans – developed the hooks to defend against aphids and other plant-eating pests. But it just so happens to work on our bloodthirsty
pest too. Biologist and engineer Catherine Loudon is
trying to copy the plant at the University of California, Irvine. She’s creating a synthetic material that
can pierce bed bug feet just like bean leaves do. It’s not quite as effective as a real bean
leaf, but she’s working on it. In the meantime, bed bugs are still a step
ahead. So keep an eye out. Spot them early and maybe you can get them
before they get you. No more parasites, you say? No problem. How about a tiny pygmy seahorse? It’s a master of camouflage. And we hear you: You want more frequent episodes. And we definitely want to make them. But to grow, we need you, our loyal YouTube
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  1. Hi Deep Peeps! Thank you for watching. I produced this episode. Yes, that's my arm and thumb in the video getting bitten by a bed bug. They're not known to transmit any diseases, so I was OK with them biting in. We filmed the bed bugs biting at Sierra Research Laboratories, in Modesto, California, which evaluates the impact of different treatments on bed bugs and other pests. Even though they don't transmit diseases, getting bitten by bed bugs isn't fun. I wrote an article that includes tips on how to avoid bringing them home with you and also talks about current treatments. You can read it here: Cheers, Gabriela

  2. Imagine you’re in the Balkans, and before you went to sleep you had spread bean leaves around your bed. You wake up, step down and


  3. …I haven’t seen it yet on this thread but, there is a NON- TOXIC method of bedbug control…go online or to your local pet/home improvement/garden- supply store and obtain [food- grade] “diatomaceous- earth [aka: DE]” (relatively inexpensive- by the pound)…also get yourself the largest industrial- sized thick garbage bags, or enclose- able mattress cover, and have a roll of 2” to 4” tape available…”CAUTION- be extremely careful- DO NOT INHALE the DE & DO NOT ALLOW DE TO CONTACT MOIST AREAS OF BODY (eyes,…)”!…place one end of mattress inside cover or plastic bag…add approx 1/4 to 1/2 cup DE to bottom of bag or enclosure on both sides…now FULLY enclose (BUT LEAVE air- SPACE INSIDE FOR FREE FLOW OF DE!) and seal DE with mattress inside mattress cover or bags, with tape…flip the mattress and pound it several times to begin spreading the DE inside to completely cover the mattress…do this flip- flop/pound of mattress several times…allow mattress to sit approx 4 hours- then remove from enclosure…if you don’t have a vacuum to remove excess DE from mattress- pound it to remove as much as possible…bye bye bedbugs…bye bye nymphs…so long, eggs…this technique should be extremely effective for bedbug mitigation for an extended period of time…if you wanna learn some interesting facts as to why this NON- TOXIC product is so effective- google “food grade DE for pest control”…pleasant dreams!

  4. "don't let the bed bugs bite" is propaganda because you can't stop bed bugs from biting you in any way wether you're ok with it or not

  5. This is how many people are itching uncontrollably after watching this video

  6. MUCH EASIER THAN FINDING A BUNCH OF BEAN LEAVES: FIND SOME DUCK TAPE AND/OR VASELINE. Just wrap the tape sticky side facing out around the bottom of any surface you sleep or sit on (bed posts and such). You can also use vaseline around bedposts and rails. They cant climb thru vaseline and they get stuck on duct tape. If they cant get to you to feed off you they starve and die. I would also recommend diachotomus earth food grade, found at Walmart or any feed store for livestock and sprinkle around baseboards of every room and leave it for a month or so. It will cut them to pieces when they walk thru it and they will bleed out and die. Both of these methods work, they work even faster if you put them together and for about 20 bucks you can rid yourself of the problem pretty quickly.

  7. We had bedbugs when I was 8. My mother started feeling anxious and depressed. It also affected me, as it started me down a road of anxiety and OCD. No joke indeed. These bugs are nightmares.

  8. Try sticking fly paper round the wall near the carpet round your room with drawing pins….cheap and effective. Wrap your bed and mattress in the packing plastic or clingfilm three layers thick, tape up all holes and spray with eucalyptus germ killer round about and under carpet edges etc. and on washed bedding. It worked for me.

  9. I remember having a bed bug infestation when I was little. Every night we had to set up traps and sleep in the dark and, as a little kid, I really hated it.

  10. i had to go Rambo on bed bugs last year, but was glad to be able to solve the issue without needing an exterminator. This summer is so much better since I can finally sleep properly without being bitten all night. Took about 1 month of sleeping on a separate bed surrounded by fabric softener and literally had to remove all furniture with bed bugs on them.

  11. I need those bean leaf technology integrated by engineers into the floor, walls, ceilings, windows, doors and furniture coverings of my house. If they stop aphids and bedbugs, I'm sure they will stop many others of those kind of little monsters.

  12. As gross and annoying as bed bugs are, they are practically harmless. They don't spread disease or leave obvious painful wounds. So it's not the end of the world if you get stuck with them, it's just gross lol

  13. I was watching this on my bed and halfway, while watching my eyes looked down on my mattress suspiciously.
    Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. I think if somebody actually comes up with something to replicate the bean leaves, or some other such type of something….. that somebody will be a billionaire! I hope she keeps trying and gets it right, and soon! I'll buy a case or a gross of them, as much as I need. 😁

  15. Bed bugs CAN in some cases come from outside. They can travel more than 20 feet for a meal. Then go back outside. Which is why they can be very difficult to eradicate.

  16. Bed bugs destroyed me psychologically. Fought them for a year and I became paranoid about everything. Every time I felt an itch I thought it was a bed bug feasting on me.🤮🤮🤮

  17. If they knew about this for years why not spread the knowledge? I would have bought them and put them all around my apartment. Then maybe i would not have had to move out.


  19. Update 8-19-19 … We are fully armed with DE (diamotraceous earth, the food grade) along with Cimexa silica dust (wear a dust mask, goggles, and gloves for both DE and Cimexa), a steamer, along with CROSSFIRE that leaves a residual, which means it keeps working after it dries (buy it on Amazon), and Hot Shot bed bug spray. Haven't found the source, but it's located in our living room… we'll start with our couch and chair. (bugs were brought home from the in-laws house, just across our backyard….and they have them real bad!)

  20. home remedy pest control person to do building said…plain alchohol and water spritz around the house in all crevices will keep them away .

  21. I am using my deodorant to kill bedbugs, since it has alcohol in it's ingredients, work quite well for me just hoping they don't be resistant to alcohol same as DDT.

  22. We had bugs for a while, no matter what I did they always came back even after an exterminator treated the place…we threw away a bunch of stuff and moved and have been bug free every since…if you have carpet you are defeated already

  23. I’ve got fleas in my house because of my cats and I don’t know if I have these but probably which makes me lose so much blood and when I exercise I don’t know why my heart rate is so fast

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