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  1. Cool review. I like Spectracide. (Not sure that is spelled correctly) I am one of those that carries an epi pen for wasps. I need something that sprays far and kills fast. Lol. I keep wasp spray in my car. Better then mace and easier to get. Spray a criminal in the face with wasp spray and you will get away. The last HotShot we had didn't spray very far. Made this funny foam and the bottle didn't last long.

  2. At 2:52 you say it "waifted" into your eyes/mouth. It's "waft". It rhymes with "coughed". Just FYI. Sorry to be a pronunciation nazi, but I've noticed you say "waift" a few times in your videos. Keep up the good videos, though!

  3. I was hoping you would show the effectiveness of both products in the video, but still a good review. Wasps built a nest right outside my front door in the worst place possible, there's literally no way I can be a safe, comfortable distance away from it, so I just left them alone. They've been there for about 4 months now, and luckily haven't caused any problems so far.

  4. As a professional utility worker in tress and on poles, this is a common problem. What we use basically chemically freezes them, rather than through pesticides FYI.

  5. We get wasps between our window panes (older house) the hot shot is the only thing we've tried, I think we'll give the Eco one a try, I don't like the idea of the poison basically in the house.

  6. Oh nooooo!!!! you got it in your eyes and mouth n stuff woah that had to be a horrible time. kinda nice to know what the wasps are experiencing..but yikes. glad you're okay. great review as always

  7. I had the choice to buy one or the other today at my local Miejer. I didn't buy either.I had never seen the "eco-friendly" before. Thought I'd research 1st.

  8. Many common aerosol can pesticides including wasp and Hornet killer sprays are based on the pyrethrum/ pyrethrin family of chemicals. The origin of these is, believe it or not, a plant. A familiar flowering plant as a matter of fact; the Chrysanthemum. So not as horrific as many people think. Also, they are generally engineered to break down into their (harmless) base elements within a short time, 24 hours to a couple days. Based on this info and more, (Google is your friend) I choose to use the most powerful was killer I can find which allows me to use the minimum amount and still get the job done. This is a far better method than using a crap-ton of something marginal and 'environmentally friendly' (usually more expensive too) and still having wasps at days end.

  9. Hey Parris have you ever tried using hot water an soap? I use it out here to take down our wasp nests, you'd be surprised how quickly it kills them. Most of the time they are dead before they can even fly from the nest. The soap allows the water to get inside their exoskeleton an drowns them essentially. If the nest is a little bigger I add a bit of bleach in just for added measure. I don't know if the bleach actually does anything extra though.

  10. I use this on my chicken coops and sheep sheds, which are well within the reach of the Ecosmart. The best thing: the peppermint oil really repels the wasps for months. They will not come back to rebuild the nest in that spot. And the chickens won’t eat the dead ones because of the peppermint oil. So I also use it as a preventative measure – spray the eaves of the coops and sheds in spring before the wasps build their nests. Downside: in reality, it sprays no more than about 10 feet. You can’t hit second story eaves without a tall ladder.

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