72 thoughts on “Wasp Special Moves | Marvel Contest of Champions”

  1. Too bad we didn't battle her in the event. So that means YouTubers like Jaggu don't get a coverage on what she does.

  2. En serio??? Ustedes leen las habilidades de los personajes de verdad, o es que sus diseñadores son retrasados mentales???

  3. Today I bought a wasp Crystal and I almost eon a 4 star infinity war cap bought I din't and I won a 3 star void

  4. Hire more people! You have more than enough resources to implement a team that can prevent this kind of non sense. You're going to lose so many quality customers due to these simply and avoidable mistakes. The game is incredible, but you're ability to keep it running at a high level is lacking.

  5. 2 Hit Combo for Bubblegum isn’t anyways Imagining you playing with or having Wasp,Antman and his other costumes, & Yellowjacket=Team Flying Bees

  6. I'm trying to get my account back to the good one that I have but then my account changed to my bad one and I can get back to the good one but when I quit the game and the get back on it, then it's the bad one. Please help me Marvel Contest of Champions!!!😀👍

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