W.A.S.P. by BLACK SABBATH – Guitar Lesson – Tony Iommi

W.A.S.P. by BLACK SABBATH – Guitar Lesson – Tony Iommi

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy This video is part of my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play Wasp by black Sabbath from their first album Just simple song with only a few riffs So I’ll play the riffs and then I’ll show how they’re played note for note using tabs [ok] so the first riff is this Okay, let’s play like this bar chord at the seventh fret Major Barre Chord So play the top string strum it three times Then top string open then play the rest of the notes at the seventh fret over Explain what mainly the top four strings Okay, next riff is this again Okay, that’s uh power cord to the seventh fret play it twice And at the third string seventh fret twice once more pull off to the sixth fret and to the ninth fret 4Th strings What’s more and pull off the Zone? Fifth string [day] threat after for strength for strange seven threat, so I played against away X riff is this Yeah, that’s a power chord again they twice the seventh fret Okay, [let’s] start the fifth string some threats slide up to the ninth fourth string seventh fret the fifth fret night slide down to the south wait again and pull off from 7th through the 5th top string seventh fret fifth string fifth fret so play it slowly Okay, [no] next riff is this top string fifth eighth fourth string fifth Hammer [onto] seventh and pull off and [fifth] hammer on the south so again slowly extra fizzes Like this similar to the previous riff top string fifth eighth fourth string fifth [Hammer] [on] Seventh pull off for the fifth string fifth fret Hammer onto the seventh Thanks, riff is this you okay, festering V [ret] place top string Aids Fistrick V hand Rounder six pull left V back to the top straight And next riff is this Okay, top string fifth fret so at the 7th 3rd fret 7th fret [sorry] Third string 7th fret good Gonna shake once again top string fifth the [seventh] bottom string 7th same time play the 2nd string 10th fret bend up once again slowly Okay, it was the main riffs of wasp. Okay. That’s a lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching

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  1. Bobby, thank you so much!!! I´m 13 years old and I´m from Portugal. Every time I wanna play a music on guitar ( of Rock N Roll of course ) , I always go to your lessons. You are th ebest!!
    Sorry For my English… T_T

  2. I read somewhere that Tony Iommi's fingers got cut off by a machine at his bullshit factory job and he played everything with homemade plastic finger extensions. No wonder Ozzy is terrified of him. Sucks that he has cancer. Havent played any Sabbath in a very long time. Kind of on an accoustic classical fingerstyle kick for now. Great Lessons Bobby. I wish you were around when I was growing up. Had to learn by hook and crook.

  3. i love that but could you please teach us how to play While my guitar gently weeps by beatles?
    thanks bobby you`re helping me a lot

  4. Heres a weird request, I know it's a pretty simple one but one of my fav's. Blind melon – No rain
    puh puh puh please tab it out <3

  5. Hey Bob! Fancy doing some more Metallica? New or old I fucking love them! Hero of the Day is pretty awesome! Cheers man


  6. great lessons, Bobby! Enjoyed all your Sabbath lessons…helped me a lot..not only the Tab, but watching..Cant wait to crank up my SG! Thumbs up!

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