Vietnamese woman raises family catching cockroaches

Vietnamese woman raises family catching cockroaches [Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, 49, catches cockroaches for her fishing customers in Ho Chi Minh City, her job for 15 years now.] [People’s chattering] [Trash metal, glass clashing] Nguyen Thi Kim Anh: I sell cockroaches to people for making fishing baits. It earns me VND100,000-300,000 (US$4.70-14) a week. But it’s getting harder to find cockroaches as house construction has taken up most of the soil area. Cockroaches have almost run out now. I’m also afraid people would scream at me for catching cockroaches outside their homes. So I’d dig very gently. Once I caught glass debris and my hand bled a lot. I had to rush home to cover it up. [TV speaking] They’re bred so many baby cockroaches I’d keep these until they’re bigger. When I started, I was a bit scared. After many years now, there’s nothing to be scared of anymore. This job gives me enough to make ends meet. Sometimes it doesn’t and I’d have to sell lottery tickets to earn extra. [Customer]: How much is that, Ms.? Anh: VND20,000 (around one US dollar) [Customer]: Thank you

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