Vegan Gets Elephant Foot From Insect Bite And How To Treat It

Vegan Gets Elephant Foot From Insect Bite And How To Treat It

Today I was.. My foot started swelling a lot at work. I think there was something that bit me yesterday
when I was in the garden. So you can see that my right foot is completely
swollen. This similar thing happened to me some years ago. And when it swells like that it’s really nasty. And I don’t really know what to do about this,
but normally it just disappears. But it is really annoying because it’s… The skin is completely tight and it hurts
a bit and it itches a lot. Some people at work talked about that you
can use antihistamines for bites or, actually it was a snake bite one person got antihistamines
instead of antidote. So I will try to find some nettles and try
to blend them with some dates or something and drink that. And nettles have “natural” antihistamines
in them. Let’s see how that works for me. It is a lot easier to find these nettles when
they are a bit older, but these are young nettles and you should be able to test it
by touching them, and they should sting. But not necessarily if they are very young. It can be a difficult task, so I don’t eat
something that poisons me. These are 100% nettles. Pick some of those and see what happens. Just rinse them in water. Now I will add some water and a couple of
dates. Yes, the medicine. That is how it looks. The day after, my foot is still swollen, but
it seems a bit better.

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  1. Hi, did you take any medicines during that period? i have also been stung by something and my left foot is swollen exactly like yours, how long did it take for the swelling to go away and is it serious ?

  2. Hi, I have the same swelling! my foot looks exactly like yours, I was gardening and I think it was stinging nettles that got me but it was getting dark so could be been anything, no point of insertion so not horse fly, I have never had reaction like this to nettles, taking anti histamine, ice pack and elevated.

  3. Omg this happened to me I went in the shower and for some reason it hurt like heck and I started crying from the pain ( I was like 7 or 8)

  4. I got a big swellin on my knee. My doctor said prepatellar bursitis but when they drained it… it was all blood inside… so that makes me second guess the diagnosis. My other doctor said it may be an allergic reaction to a bug bite. I am now taking Cat's Claw, Turkey Tail mushroom, Chlorella, Cordyceps, Local Honey, and other herbal methods. As well as icing it and wrapping it off and on throughout the day and avoiding strenuous exercise.

  5. How many days did it take for the swelling to go down? I got bitten while walking around the garden but now it’s starting to get better on the 4th day. Although it is quite tender right now? It has a dent when I push it down hard.

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