Vaginal Yeast Infection | How to Cure Yeast Infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection | How to Cure Yeast Infection

There is a relatively effective though one-dimensional
treatment for candida yeast infection called immunotherapy. In this treatment yeast infection
patients are ordered to avoid the consumption of basically all yeasty foods and sugary foods
and are given allergenic substance in dilute doses normally in the form of oral drops or
injection to enhance the immune abilities of the body and reduce the allergic response. The method also called Enzyme Potentiated
Desensitization (EPD) was developed by Len McEwen, M.D. (London) in the mid-60’s. The
newest form of this treatment is called Low Dose Allergens or LDA. In this treatment the patients receive up
to three injections every two months and for a maximum period of two years, depending on
the patients response to the therapy. The enzymes are suppose to enhance the candida
infection strength and may treat several other groups of allergens along the way. The EPD treatment for candida yeast infection
goes like this: For a period of ten days before the first
injection, the patients are given Sporanox, which is an anti fungal for systematic candida,
and De-Nol an anti- gastric ulcer agent that reduces the ability of candida to plant its
roots in the mucus linings of the intestinal tract. For approximately 3 days before the injection,
patients undergo a semi-fast in which they need to avoid the consumption of all food
allergens combined with the intake of the following supplements that improve the effectiveness
of the EPD treatment: Zinc, Folic acid and Vitamin D3. The response of the EPD treatment for candida
yeast infection varies among patients. Some patients may experience sudden and dramatic
improvement that wears off in time while some need increased doses through longer intervals
until improvement is maintained.

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