Untold Tales of Spiderman #9🤟Spiderman vs el Lagarto🕷Spiderman cronología y guía de lectura #25

Untold Tales of Spiderman #9🤟Spiderman vs el Lagarto🕷Spiderman cronología y guía de lectura #25

Hi Spider! Here you have chapter 25
of the chronology and reading guide of Spider-Man Untold Tales of Spider-Man # 9. Published in
May 1996, written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Ron Frenz, with cover of Pat Olliffe. Peter goes to the train station to pick up
Aunt May who just arrived from Florida. On the platform, go to Dr. Curt Connors and
he has the idea of ​​going to visit him as Spiderman to ask him to help his friend Bat Wing
To return to his human form. You don’t know who Batwing is?
Well I leave your story in the spidertarjeta, up to the right. As Bat Wing accepts the help of
Connors, who created a serum to reverse it to his human form. The problem is that the serum
It contains some of the enzymes that transformed it in the Lizard and by accident the bottle is
Breaks … Anyway, guess who they come back to? to queue and scales … Completed its transformation, the Lizard
hit Spidey and Bat Wing, and as soon as he has a chance, he sneaks by
the sewers. In high school, Tiny appears, with one arm
broken and Peter suspects that it may have been for a blow from his father, since in a certain way
Occasionally he heard how he mistreated him. You see That Spidertajeta, top right? Well
There you have that story. At night, Spiderman and Bat Wing
They go out to look for the lizard. They get into the sewers and there is our greenish colleague,
slapping and leading a mini army of reptiles against our friends. When the Lizard is about to end
with Spidey, Bat Wing manages to distract him appealing to his fatherly instinct towards his son,
Billy That moment of doubt is taken advantage of by Spiderman to make him swallow the serum that
It makes him return to his human form. Connors leaves for Florida and takes with
he to Batwing to try to cure him. It seems that everything has finished well, but in
the shadows looms a new threat to our heroe. * In this comic the second confrontation takes place
Spiderman chronological against the Lizard. You can find Untold Tales Of Spider-Man
# 9 in its Spanish version, in Marvel Heroes The Never Told Stories of Spiderman,
of Panini comics. Well Spider, the adventure has come here
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