‘Twas The Ants’ Night Before Christmas 2017

‘Twas The Ants’ Night Before Christmas 2017

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Antiverse land, A great creature was stirring, the AntsCanada
hand, The Lord of the Ants, prepping gifts to bestow
upon the ants of this channel, the true stars of the show. The children were nestled all snug in their
nests, It was time for our first gift, some six-legged
guests. These roaches all fattened, an ant delicacy
Like great boughs of holly, let’s decorate this tree, Pre-crushed and fresh, I string them with
care, for the Fire Nation, our fire ants, this tree
to be theirs, Arguably the most famous of the ants at AntsCanada,
So replacing the star on top, a chocolate looney from Canada. A Christmas Tree for ants, with sweet garland
of honey An offering to the Fire Palace, like Fire
Nation money, Let’s watch our red fire ants, with workers
so feisty As they find our grand gift, a roach tree,
so tasty. While watching, vote for the Fire Nation’s
official flag here! And moving up to the highlands, our next gift
is called, iconic and historic, ’cause it started it
all The classic Uncle Milton Ant Farm, of the
late Milton Levine, The real Ant Man, godfather of ant keeping. So to the Dark Knights, our black crazy ants
we give this new home of white sands, where the Dark
Knights can live. Choose the Dark Knights’ official flag here. To the Dark Knights of the South, a new Hybrid
Nest to play, I wish every ant colony was as easy to keep
as they. But the truth is, this year has been really
tough for some, Like our Titans who’s had many brushes with
death not one, So speaking of ant man, and heros to watch
over Ant Man statues to encourage, our Titans to
recover. And in their hands lay sticks of various honey
flavours To remind them that heroes watch over them
like saviours, We, AC Family join them through Garden of
Eden trials, May our marauder ants conquer all challenges
and rivals. And speaking of rivals and challenges we turn,
to our Pharaoh ants, the Tomb Raiders whom we recently learned
Were fighting off alien mold, so we de-fungalled the lands,
only to discover a plague of mites on our ants. And so this Christmas, our gift is anti-mite
therapy, Some chopped up lemons like Golden Empire
history The air pump would blow the lemon’s scent
through the tubes, to reach mite-infected Tomb Raiders, in hopes
the mites we’d lose. Let’s also give them a shot of superworms,
for some super powers! Now over to the Golden Empire, Yellow crazy
ants now home, in their new Gold Play Button ant farm, given
two weeks ago, Perhaps this can be considered their early
Christmas gift, But why the decorative mosses, do they tear
away and lift? Look! I check the test tube, blue honey it used
to carry, and oh, they’re using moss to cover their
new cemetary! And so I had to replace this Golden Empire
grave, And to my fish the ant cadavres, new fish
food I gave. But so the Golden Empire wouldn’t be giftless
at home, I gave them a glass of honey with fresh honeycomb,
Then suddenly a movement, had caught my eye, A praying mantis so large, oh my! It’s alive! It wasn’t dead, it was hiding, feeding on
ants in stealth, But I felt it had grown big enough, to live
by itself, In its own container, to feed on bigger prey,
And to control our ants’ population, we’ll think of other ways. So this is what I gave my ants for Christmas
this year For they’ve brought us much insight, being
the ants we hold dear, AC Family, thank you for watching these weekly
ant vids, Your support helps the lives of these epic
ant kids, The Fire Nation, Dark Knights, and Golden
Empire, The Titans, the Tomb Raiders, may they continue
to inspire. So this year let’s spread this message whenever,
you feel that ant love, ’cause it’s ant love forever. Alright, AC Family! Just wanted to wish you all a Season’s Greetings,
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or whatever you may be celebrating
right now. May you and your loved ones be filled with
cheer and love this holiday season wherever you may be. AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you would just like to watch our ants enjoying the new gifts we offered
them! And before we proceed to the AC Question of
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me and discover the awesomeness of these creatures for yourselves! Alright, and now it’s time for the AC Question
of the week! Last week we asked: Name one of the several ways
in which ants keep mold and fungus levels low or under control
within the nest? Congratulations to Sparse who correctly answered: The ants make designated garbage
areas so mold will not grow. Congratulations Sparse, you just won a free
ant t-shirt from our shop! In this week’s AC Question of the Week, we
ask: Which of our ant colonies
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100 thoughts on “‘Twas The Ants’ Night Before Christmas 2017”

  1. Feel like that's the best grave yard an ant colony could ask for, they cross a monument to your colonies, to place them in a "self" emptying mass grave.

  2. …On the first day of Christmas Mikey gave to me… 1 cockroach leg in honey…
    … On the 2nd day of Christmas Mikey have to me…2 mealworms and 1 cockroach leg in honey…
    …On the 3rd day of Christmas Mikey gave to me…3 crickets, 2 mealworms and a cockroach leg in honey..

  3. ants canada what if all your ants meet eachother? will some attack or be friends? will you try this or did you ever? if not please do it just in case doe just make a little you know… room that cant be entered and only put 2 of each kind of ant if they like each other maybe make stuff or tubes that let all ants go to different areas i dont know much about ants or have watched your channel so much so yea..

  4. your so good to your ants and most of this video was so beautiful i almost cried it truly is ant love forever ^^

  5. Regarding mites… does getting a parasitic mite infestation mean, like in other animals, that something was lacking health and/or nutrition wise that made them extra susceptible to these mites talking hold? I know that in birds and most other animals you will get dangerous mites when something is lacking or the health is already at a low point already. Especially if the mites are parasitic in nature there usually tends to be an underlying cause and the mites are not responsible but just take advantage of a situation. In birds we see anything from just a level of emotional upsetment, even from things as unremarkable as a cage being moved to a different area. Sometime a bad imbalance of temperature or a change in overall temperature that can make them more open to getting mites not just because the mites prefer the temperature things are at but some birds and other animals suffer a lack of immunity to things while they try to adjust to a big environmental change (and a temperature drop of even a degree or so can change hormone production and nutritional needs. When we see mites we don't think so much about "where they came from" (the answer is easy – they are everywhere) but what is the underlying cause that allowed a mite to take hold and get an investigation started. Mites are everywhere – even in a sterile room but they normally die off quickly and are not maurding about in large groups looking to attack another group. What happens is that even just one mite discovering an bird or animal that is not well and its normal body protections are not in full force and the mite can settle in and breed – they will quickly breed and some mite may test out new subjects as the original one is probably not offering a good deal for a large number of mites. If the underlying cause that made the first animal a good target is something a major part of a tribe also suffers from the mites quickly proliferate. It makes you really wonder what it was that cause these to take hold so fast. Mites that need a host don'y have large groups and don't travel in large groups – it is only after a mite of two find a creature that did not have the right stuff to fight off the mites do they start breeding rapidly because they can get what they need from these 'sickly' hosts. Like with our birds its almost always turned out that they have some nutritional deficiency that was taking down their health and a mite invasion was the first sign. but then we had to figure out what. On most animals and birds too people tend to treat the mites with baths or medications that get rid of mites and usually solve the problem that way – and that is a quick solution to getting rid of them but you still have to figure out why – so it just does not come back. With ants I don't think you can give them a bath and sprinkle them with anti-mite concoctions but if what they may be lacking or something else is causing temnot to be 100% or something is causing hygiene to not be as good as it was before, figuring it out should get rid of the mites before a new generation comes along to get infected.

  6. Too sweet. Loved all the little thoughtful gifts you made for your pets. And the verses were perfect. Can't wait for this year's special!

  7. Ants: we finally finished our cemetery, we shall visit our fallen loved ones everyday.

    Next day
    -ants get replaced by honey
    -ants show up a few minutes later


  8. Reminds me how over the top I am about my snakes’ Christmas. They get sweaters and their own stockings!🙂

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