Trap-Jaw Queen Ant Laying an Egg (Amazing Footage)

Trap-Jaw Queen Ant Laying an Egg (Amazing Footage)

On this channel, week after week, we witness
some pretty remarkable things, as we look closer into the lives of ants. But every now and then we get lucky enough
to get the opportunity to witness some exceptionally mind-blowing moments. What you will see in this video will definitely
be one of such moments. Today we were super lucky to catch the queen
of our brand new trap-jaw ant colony laying an egg. We also reveal the official name of this colony
as voted by you, the AC Family! You won’t want to miss all this amazing ant
action ahead so keep watching until the end. Hold your breath, AC Family, as our trap-jaw
ant colony’s royal queen gives us her blessing to watch her giving birth to an ant egg, on
this episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
bell icon. Enjoy! AC Family, on our official Twitter page and
Facebook, we asked you guys what colony you would like to see featured on this week’s
episode, and by the way if you aren’t following us on Twitter and Facebook, I’m putting links
in the description box so you guys can join us there. I often do cool polls in case I need to get
a hold of the AC Family between videos. Anyway, by popular demand, the AC family asked
for this video to be about our new trap-jaw ants, whose scientific name is Odontomachus
infandus. For those who haven’t been up to date on our
latest videos, this trap-jaw ant colony is a starting colony that came to us a few weeks
ago. We began by trying to offer it various food
and discovered that they are actually quite fussy with food acceptance. During our test, we found that if the food
was too big they wouldn’t eat it. So let’s see if they are a bit more willing
to try bigger prey now that the colony is a few workers larger. I offered this split cockroach. I find that I also have to knock on the side
of the enclosure to get them to come out to explore, kind of like knocking gently on their
door. Here she comes! Will she take it? She picks it up, and no luck. She takes it away from the nest! It is too big! OK then. Well, how about a leg? Alright, she accepts the leg. Great! And there she goes into the nest. Bring home the bacon. The cockroach bacon! Of course, these ants also love their honey. I have been feeding them raw honey twice a
week, by placing a tiny drop like this. It isn’t long before one of the workers smells
the honey just outside their door and calls for one of her sisters. They do their best to scoop up the honey with
their long mandibles and take it into the nest. So, in a previous video you, the AC Family
voted for an official name for this colony and by popular vote the official name of this
colony is THE JAWBREAKERS! I rather find it a clever name. Good choice, AC Family. The Jawbreakers they are! It’s quite fitting because these ants love
their sweets. I find ti hilarious watching them eagerly
grabbing at their honey. Most ants don’t do this. Instead they fill up their special stomachs. The Jawbreakers however prefer to handle their
goods, and why not? Those are some pretty impressive chompers! It’s good news that these ants are eating
well. So, let’s peek into the nest down below the
surface. Now because this is a dirt nest, visibility
is a bit challenging but lucky for us the ants have dug up right against the floor so
we can see them. I do see that the brood pile has grown since
we last checked, and there are more cocoons. I also note that the nest has extended past
the single claustral chamber that the entire colony once lived in. It looks like there are two rooms now. This is truly the coolest part about ant keeping. Watching as your colony grows in size and
being there to care for them every step of the way. And check out this worker here. You might notice she her head is yellowish
in colour. This, AC Family, is a newly eclosed worker
ant, meaning a worker that has just emerged from its pupae. It is yellow only for now while the ant’s
exoskeleton is soft and hardening. In a few days, its yellow head will be a darker
red just like her sisters. And there is the queen. She is much larger than the workers. And what you’re about to witness is one of
the coolest moments of ant keeping. Now the amazing thing about ants is that a
queen ant only mates once in her entire life, during the nuptial flight when her generation
of virgin queens and males flew into the air and mated on wing. After this mating session in which the queen
alate mates with many males, she drops to the ground and starts her own colony. The magic is that she keeps all the sperm
acquired during this nuptial flight viable in a special organ in her body called a spermatheca. This organ allows her to release the sperm
slowly in order to lay eggs for years and years for the rest of her life. Isn’t that amazing? Look at the tip of her gaster. It should be pointed, but you can kind of
see a little white bump. That, AC Family is an ant egg ready to be
born. AC Family, when I saw this I had to check
twice because I could not believe our timing! I was thrilled that we would all be able to
witness this special moment. I actually had no idea how long this process
of egg laying would take for this species. So, let’s sit back and watch the queen of
our Jawbreakers, giving birth to an egg. And she flexes at her petiole and plucks the
egg from the tip of her gaster. Wow! Wasn’t that just amazing?! I cannot believe we managed to film that moment! It’s just amazing to think that for the rest
of her life, this queen will be laying thousands and thousands of eggs. What a miracle! I almost feel like this queen needs her own
name. What do you guys say AC Family? The colony’s name is the Jawbreakers, but
there’s something about this queen that makes me feel she deserves her own name. Leave your suggestions for names in the comments
section. She carries the egg around for a few moments,
and I heard a few little ticking sounds, as if the jawbreaker workers were snapping their
jaws. Could they be fighting over the egg? A few minutes later, I finally saw that one
of the workers, was holding the egg, and wait a sec… it was our youngest worker! The worker that had just eclosed! This makes sense because usually the youngest
worker ants in a colony are the ones that stay home and help with home duties which
include helping the queen with baby sitting. The oldest ants are the ones that typically
leave the nest. And there you have it AC Family, the miracle
of ant birth. I truly hope the Jawbreakers continue to grow! I will be sure to keep you guys updated so
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I can and appreciate your feedback, AC Family. I wish this the Jawbreakers, our trap-jaw
ants here the best of luck! This is your ant nerd AntsCanada signing out! And always remember: It’s Ant love forever! AC Family, wasn’t that pretty neat? AC Inner Colony here’s your hidden video of
the Jaw Breakers and the queen giving birth without all the narration. Just relaxing music. And guys, if you haven’t watched these hidden
ant videos yet, you must check them out. They are super relaxing! And now for the AC Question of the Week! Last week we asked, What is the name of the stuff
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  3. I had my first ant farm at the age of 13. When I first caught the ant queen of trap jaw queen. Unlike yours the species is all dark black and not as slender as yours. I was mesmerized by their unique jaws and decided to breed it. And slowly I became a home expert of these ants just by watching them for hours after school. I have never got tired and super amazed everyone the queens lays egg. I have even showcase my ant farm in science fair too when my teacher know of my weird hobby. Trap jaw ants is forever my favourite of all time.

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