Top 6 Worst Bugs Bunny Cartoons

Top 6 Worst Bugs Bunny Cartoons

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  1. I used to love Baby Looney Tunes when I was a toddler.

    But when I got old enough to count past 10…

    I realised how shitty it was.

  2. How the hell are u able to survive being gunned down about 6 times Phantom, are you Invulnerable to everything on the world man 😀

  3. Last week my teacher put on some looney tunes shorts during a free day. However, he accidentally played a cartoon that had a really racist scene in it. It happened at the end, and showed a blackface joke.

  4. Am I seriously the only one on the planet that actually likes Baby Looney Tunes? And this is coming from someone who grew up watching the original series.

  5. The 80s Looney Tunes cartoons just make me sad, hearing Mel Blanc’s messed up voice due to lung cancer.

  6. Looney Tunes is one of the best Cartoons and TV shows ever made! Also the Big Chungus meme makes it even better!

  7. “C’mer doc, guess what?”
    “It’s time to chat about my favorite cartoons characters-!”
    That’s a good transition, not gonna lie…

  8. 4:42 Every time I see Bugs Bunny and Lola, I keep thinking of Conker and Berri Squirrel from Conker’s Pocket Tales. (No! Not BFD, the 1999 one for the Game Boy.)

  9. #3 should be #1. I hate this cartoon with all my might, and I'm genuinely surprised it isn't #1. There is a very good reason why this was banned from T.V. in 1968, though at least I can say that I am glad it is at least still on the list.

  10. I was offended when I saw Space Jam but immediately forgave you when I saw a Baby Looney Tunes at number one

  11. Like you said: at 6 you didn't notice the color of the hunter, I'm sure you used to like it till you notice it was racist

  12. Why does Baby Looney Tunes art and style remind me of Tom and Jerry Tales, my favorite version of Tom and Jerry???

  13. If you want a palate cleanser for Baby Looney Tunes, I'd recommend the Disney Junior revival of Muppet Babies. Aside from not having humor based around old TV and movie clips, it's basically the exact same show as the original and its core message about the power of imagination is refreshing to see in a kids show in our increasingly tech focused world.

  14. Strider makes a good point about "Bugs Bustin' Out"; that was the last time Mel Blanc played Bugs, so he has a good point.

  15. Also, in Pre-Hysterical Hare, Elmer was played by Hal Smith since Arthur Q. Bryan was dead by then.

  16. I have to admit, I liked the baby Looney Toons^^
    Mostly because I love cute Stuff and they looked so cute.
    but to be fair, it really IS different from the original Looney Toons

  17. Because "Elmer's Pet Rabbit" was from 1941, and bugs came in 1938. The W.B. was just trying to refine the character.

  18. If you thought Baby Looney Tunes was always safe and kid-friendly, think again:

  19. Correction: Bugs Bunny Bustin' Out All Over is a Clip Show… the cartoon you are talking about is called something like "The Adventures of a Young Bugs Bunny"

  20. Here's the worst part about the third entry on the list

    Just replace that hunter with Elmer and boom, you have a great episode.

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