TOP 5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Around Your Home

TOP 5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Around Your Home

My name is Aaron Massey
from, and today I’m here to talk
about my Top Five DIY ways to get rid of ants around your home. (lively music) If you own a home,
you’ve likely experienced some unwanted visitors, and
while you might not be able to deter all unfavorable guests as easily, in the case of ants, you can. There are a couple different species that typically invade the home. And even though most
are seemingly harmless, they can still contaminate food, destroy parts of the home, and even bite. So here are a few ways to
get ants out of the house and keep them from coming back. Number five is to make a DIY ant spray. An alternative to an insecticide as well as one of the easiest
solutions to your ant problem uses only a couple of ingredients that you probably already
have in your kitchen. By combining equal
parts vinegar and water, you can create a mixture
that ants don’t like. Spraying the vinegar in
problem areas deters them by disrupting the trails of
pheromones that the ants leave. These trails allow other
ants to follow their scent, which is why you’ll typically
see ants in long trails. Disrupting the scent trail will
help keep other worker ants from finding the trail. However, this solution is temporary and won’t prevent the ants
from coming back long-term. But it can dissuade them from
specific areas of the home if you use it regularly. Remember that the ants
you see in the house are the worker ants so just getting rid of those ants won’t stop
them from coming back. The colony will just keep
sending out new worker ants. Your best bet is to
treat the colony itself, which leads me to number four,
which is utilizing ant baits. Liquid baits are typically
made up of a combination of sugar and borax and are used to initially attract the ants to the bait, and then the worker ants will bring enough of the poison back to
the colony to kill it. I’ve had a lot of success with
these TERRO liquid ant baits, which are available online or
at your local hardware store. These baits typically
attract a lot of ants in the first day or two,
and then after that, I rarely see any. While it’s simple to
set up traps or baits, be careful of this option if
you have small children or pets that might grab or try to play with them. Number three is sealing entry points. One of the most effective
ways to minimize ant problems is to try and minimize
entry points in the house. It’s impossible to seal
off every microscopic gap but addressing as many areas as possible can substantially
decrease infestation. Using caulks and sealants
to fill any problem areas both inside and outside
can help stop the problem before it starts. You can also color match
or paint most caulks so that the fix isn’t visible. Number two is to keep things clean. This might seem like a no-brainer but keeping your house
as clean as possible is one of the best ways
to prevent infestations and keep them from reoccurring. Forgetting to take the
trash out for too many days, leaving food waste in the kitchen, or having exposed dog food
can signal worker ants that your house is prime real estate. Take the trash out frequently,
and keep compost clean, or put extra food waste
down the garbage disposal. In hot and dry climates, ants may be prone to entering the home to find water, which is why infestations
are typically worse in the summer months and in areas with water like bathrooms and kitchens. And number one is to eliminate the source. The most important thing that you can do to keep ants away is to locate
where they are coming from and take care of them at their source. The source could be an outdoor garbage can that’s close to the house
or a bush whose leaves need to be trimmed because the
branches reach right up to your windowsills. Follow the trails to see where
the ants are coming from, and then use some of the other suggestions to eliminate them. Preventative measures are
important to keep them from coming back. You might also consider spraying
a pest preventative spray like Home Defense around
your foundation at least once every few months to keep them
from trying to come back in. Another option is to use
these outdoor ant baits, which you can add around your foundation and attack the ant colony
before they enter your home. So that’s it for this Top Five DIY video. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope it helps you get
your ant problem under control. If you liked this video,
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20 thoughts on “TOP 5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Around Your Home”

  1. We literally did all of the suggested things you mentioned along with all the poisoning you showed in your video except mix vinegar & water as we're looking for a more permanent solution, about 2mths ago. The terro liquid Ant bait works wonderfully. Nice video. I think we may need to get to it again as we've noticed a few lingering around the house.

  2. A good diy bait is 1 cup sugar 3 cups water and 2 tsp diatomaceous earth mixed and distributed between 6 small mason jars stuffed with paper towles. I also put a few strips of painters tape on the jars to make it more accessible for the ants.

  3. Or, one could buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (NOT the formulation for DE used in swimming pool filters!) and spread a line of it around the base of the house. It can also be used indoors around baseboards and easily vacuumed up when necessary. It is an irritant to insects and they will avoid it. It becomes a barrier. If ants do get even the tiniest amount on themselves the diatoms make microscopic cuts in their exo-skeleton and they dehydrate and die.
    It is non-toxic to children and pets, it's cheap and easy to use especially with a bulb duster and very little is required to get the job done. We tried everything else to get rid of carpenter ants. When I discovered the DE in my research there was no looking back. Ants gone. I lay down a line every other year and have not had to use any inside the house after the first application. We haven't seen an ant in the house for 8 years. We have a 2400 sq. ft., wood sided, 2 story house surrounded by wooded property and still have about half of the 5 pound bag I bought 8 years ago. A little goes a very long way. It is traditionally used by large animal/livestock owners and vets to deal with parasites. Great stuff. No chemicals, no expensive, ineffective exterminators.
    Google for more info. Now if we could find something just as easy to use to get rid of the woodpeckers!

  4. This video was helpful I’m trying to control my parents ant problem and it seemed to work if you add water and vinegar spray it down clean it up then add liysol after leave it for 3 minutes it will be ant free for almost 3 day after awhile they will learn your not to be messed with

  5. Get rid of an old aunt by phoning that Place for Mom that old beaten up Joan London is now promoting because she is old and NBC does not want her face on their network poor thing

  6. this is not a diy video at all, to kill ants forever, put one tablespoon of borax an a plastic bottle plus 4 tablespoons of sugar, and a couple drops of water, and shake it up till it has a dry crumble consistency and cut a hole on the sides of the bottle so ants and get in, then you place that sucker outside near the colony hole and boom, less than 2 weeks the whole colony is dead… your welcome. didn't even need to make a video..

  7. What a joke. WAY better advice out there and he doesn't even address carpenter ants that already have a colony in your house.

  8. I have ants around my carpet. I tried looking for the source but to no luck. Any advice with black ants on bedroom carpets?

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