Top 5 Most Broken Bugs and Glitches in PUBG Mobile 2018

Top 5 Most Broken Bugs and Glitches in PUBG Mobile 2018

CouCou everyone welcome back it’s almost
the end of the year and PUBG mobile is one of the best if not the best
mobile game of 2018 so help me out to make PUBG mobile the best mobile game
of 2019 by reporting these little issues because
I’m going to show you that top five broken glitches in PUBG mobile 2018 As always please play fair do not use glitches do not use bugs to exploit the
game you will probably get banned so please help me report these issues so we
can have a bird game for next year In the last position we have the three
times scope bug you can transform the three times into a four times six times
eight times 50 times I don’t know how many times I totally forgot this was
possible and to my surprise they haven’t him fixed it and then you’re going to
change weapon and there you go you’re three times just evolved it’s really
broken because having certain type of scope like a four times or an eight
times can make all the difference in the match I already made a whole video about
this link in the description if you want to check it out but yeah three times
scope bug hopefully we will not see you in the next update now we switch back to
the AR and we have a funny-looking three times red dot Next we have the reload bug something
really broken you can go watch my video view one when i’m pretty sure they fixed this
bug so don’t waste your time unless you’re really curious pretty much with
this bug there was no reload at all with almost every weapon once you
emptied your clip there was no waiting time just like that in zero seconds you
will have a full magazine again absolutely broken so you can understand
why they fixed this one really fast now just take a look at the reloading speed
and you will understand why this is such a big problem oh yeah this is way too
broken they really need to fix this ASAP In the third place we have the molotov
glitch with your Molotov in your hand you can just prone go to the ocean and
breathe underwater there is a similar glitch in WaterTown the only difference
is that you need to be running and then prone at this exact position you will be
able to breathe underwater this is not fair you can stay here you
can hide here some players were even capable of shooting underwater it didn’t
work for me so and when I guess it depends I mean it’s a glitch do not
expect the same result every time and even though they fix the molotov glitch in
this update if you try to win the same thing but now you disconnect from your
network then go underwater and connect again you will come back in the game as
Aquaman breathe underwater snake in there and amazing players next
to me they actually told me that if they are 10 meters away from me they cannot
see me anymore so now you can understand why this is so broken and I really hope
this will be fixed in the next update a lot of people told me about this one a
long time ago I didn’t want to make a video because I said to myself they are
going to fix it soon there’s no point of making a video now sadly to my surprise
I tried this one in the beta 0.10 and it is still working the wall glitch or also
know as the grenade glitch is one of the most broken glitches in this game right
now low toss a grenade while you’re moving next to an empty wall and you’re
going to teleport on the other side this will work with almost all the empty buildings
in the game you will be able to reach places and hide their places you’re not
supposed to reach or simply become the most broken bridge camper in the game
remember you will probably get banned if you do this it’s really easy to report
you so I don’t recommend you try this one and hopefully they will fix it soon and this is what I call bonus glitch not
something really broken but it’s worth mentioning I made a whole video where I
show you how to fly using the flare gun that’s one small step for 9yos
one giant leap for burger society really fun glitch to try to check it out
link in the description you can try for fun against your enemies or even with
your own teammates if you don’t want them near and in the number one place if you’re
one OG subscriber to my channel you pretty much know what I’m talking about
in my opinion there can only be one king and that’s the speed bug hands-down the
most broken thing PUBG Mobile has seen so far some people even call it the
Konami code of PUBG Mobile following some simple steps and you will
be able to move two times faster prone faster jump further it was absolutely
insane you can go watch the video if you want but don’t try this guys because
it’s dead it doesn’t work anymore it’s been dead for months kudos to Tencent for
fixing this one and hopefully that will fix all the other ones I mention in this
list and in my opinion you can share your own in the comments down below if you
have an or type of list but at least to me this gets number one place because it
created a placebo effect where people thought someone was using the speed bug
when it was not the case and because it was actually really hard to detect
before you start complaining I’m going to comment oh this is really bad this is
ruining the game blah blah blah blah just take into account that I
successfully already went through all of this and I believe that my speed bug
video or these type of videos actually held the amazing community we are to fix
all these problems that they aren’t as bad as people think they are some bugs I
showed in this list they’ve been in the games for months and at least my experience I
have never seen anyone exploiting them and it’s been a long time since I got
killed by a hacker so big shout out to the community to every viewer to
everyone that plays fair you are the main reason why I love this game so much
yes there are some bugs in this game there are sometimes problems with the
servers but that doesn’t change the fact that they created something really awesome
and even though they have all of these little problems
I still enjoy this game every day thank you so much for watching and I will snipe
you soon

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Broken Bugs and Glitches in PUBG Mobile 2018”

    Using flare gun for airdrops
    [insert drake (dont want meme here]

    Using flare gun for flying
    [ahhh…. thats hot]

  2. What about One shot bug?
    Sometimes when my Gun is in Auto mode it still just hit one bullet and stops which is too annoying, especially in close fights

  3. The #1 bug happens to me back in the day when I was in school at the roof I got knocked out but I went fast I went as fast as like crouching

  4. Me qnd my friend made a bug by changing delevopers options in settings qnd restarting the game you can see everyone behinde walls and kill them 🙁

  5. My reloads the opposite mine sometimes tries to do it but instead takes 5 seconds to reload, even happens in battlefield for me, so it proves the shooters just hate me XD

  6. I've encounter the glitch about 5 times now since the last update, when in in building and got to answer a call then back to game the building disappear… I can see the item and other building and other player… Can yiu review this glitch… Thaks GV

  7. When enemies are on hills clearly visible and when you have your reticle right on them and shoot it hits unrendered hill surfaces.

  8. I have a video I would like for you to share for me and this video will shock the world 🌎 it your interest reply back it’s about PUBG 🌎

  9. That’s dumb, that’s one of the cool things about games like this…. you get to find cool glitches to make the game mor interesting. So you want the glitches to get patched? (Gay)

  10. We may wish we knew the glitches before…But just imagine being killed by a glitcher when u were so close to that Chicken Dinner…So if we need to have a fair game, its us who has to play fair first because if we don't play fair then others will have the same feeling…

  11. do u know if u go to shooting range training mode there is a like target to shoot in the middle of the water its next to cars and at the back of the target there is a ghillie suit i am not lieing chect it out.

  12. Sometimes when I play WAR (or Classic and others mode) my screen can't turn away and after I get out of the car my screen can't turn away too, what a bad day..

  13. There’s still a speed bug if u throw nitrogen around knocked player during zombie mode. Once revived speed glitch is in place

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