Top 10 Ravenfield Bugs / Glitches

Top 10 Ravenfield Bugs / Glitches

bugs bug bug bug bug hello and welcome
to the top 10 racial bugs we’re going to experience some weird bugs and glitches
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taking apart Raven field let’s just get started right away first off is the
vehicle catapult bug to trigger it you crouch under a vehicle then you enter
the vehicle with F and exit it with AK again what happens the tank helicopter
Jeep or quad flies up into the sky that’s physics for you you can make it
extra fun by trying to shoot the vehicle down while it’s slamming another
challenge would be trying to make it flip and land on its feet or trying to
hit a specific place on the map once landed sometimes the vehicles lying
upside down so you can have some fun with that and try to still use the
cannon of a tank or enjoy the view from underground in the Jeep the number 2 bug
is the undead tank or zombie Panzer bug this one is quite similar to a previous
one but you don’t have to be under the vehicle to enter it but you have to be
dead so go next to a vehicle and press K then make sure you aim at the vehicle
somehow and then press F after respawning you are the vehicle question
you can shoot if you right-click but once you have shot you will
automatically be turned around to look at the front you can get an ammo bag
stuck in a tank for example and when you die you just respawn as something a
soldier in a tank and you can do this with all the
vehicles it’s mostly fun with the helicopters oh and here you can see a
pre shadowing of the next top bug by the way but you can do this with all
vehicles and the most interesting ones is I think the tank because it can have
an additional cannon and especially if your teammates board it you can have
some fun as long as you don’t accidentally hit yourself although
eventually the tank will die though and when that happens I think the game kind
of bugs out and I don’t think you can restore it anymore so yeah it’s quite
limited but fun is quite limited but if you while dead press s you can still get
out of this weird lock-in and if another boat gets into a tank you can actually
drive around and give a second cannon that’s awesome and here we have one of
these situations where we get stuck an attack but at least the driver was
trying to invade the space first and the helicopter doing this in a helicopter
this is really interesting so let’s take a look at it yeah we can shoot the cake a while our
pilots trying to shoot the enemy with rockets but you get shut down really
quickly so the final quick but it’s awesome the top number three bug is the
Slenderman or V spaghetti stretchy legs and arms bug I think if you look at it
you will know exactly what I mean you can make box F weird long spider leg
like limbs and it looks creepy and awesome at the same time you can do this
too allied and enemy forces and sometimes when you get into a weird
situation with vehicles you can also do to yourself the easiest way to trigger this is using
the golden hammer which you can get with the icy gold sheet and hitting a tank
where there is a passenger inside to make it go into the water and often the
driver when getting out will start developing strange spaghetti Ellen doesn’t seem to work with jeeps though I made an entire video devoted to this
awesome bug you should totally check that out if it’s just hilarious Wow if
only they kept this design when reaching land but unfortunately they don’t
which makes this extra special of course the sudden wheelchair bug is a really
useful one it is similar to the understand sir but you can use it while
alive if you are just struck down and have to go for the ragdoll suffering of
getting up you can simply press F to enter vehicle that is right next to you
and you will be immediately able to continue working and fighting of course
only works if you have a car or tank or helicopter right next to you when you
get shut down so a rare but when available very useful little glitch and
also useful in water if you can’t wait to get out and don’t want to win and
then suffer with the physics trying to get out just press s on a boat and you
can just press F again and get off it next is the strange instagrok bug this
is exclusive to the helicopter of course unless you get a vehicle flying but in
that case you will have much more different problems and as opposed to
bots which glide down through the air when the helicopter gets shut down if
you exit it or get shut down I think always if not at least most of the time
you will fall at an incredible rate or even immediately land on the ground it’s
strange it’s kind of can be considered useful to
entering an enemy base real quick although you won’t survive that most of
the time still an interesting weird vlog I think one little interesting funny bug
is reback words forced movement only in better 5 it can happen to you I think it
might be related to game pets being plugged in because that sounds like
something that would totally happen to a game that isn’t properly configured for
game cast but on a quite sure you just walk backwards that’s it’s really a
treatise to walk and walk and you can press forward to undo it but if you
don’t you just keep walking backwards to understand this just press the backwards
walk button and you will know exactly what I mean yeah yeah it’s that simple
really nothing fancy but so interesting to see what what kind of silly stuff can
happen during the development of one game one strange bug is related to the
spectator mode if you will follow a helicopter and move around a lot to use
the smooth movement mode and follow the help of gentle crashes most of the time
for me at least the game freaks out I hear all sounds being created in the
game at the same time and I can only use the main menu to get out of it I think
this also happens when you you to follow a vehicle and wait until after its
instruction its despawn so it has something to do with objects
disappearing and you’re linked to this object somehow not crashing the game but
totally messing up your visuals and audio
next up the happy camper bug it’s a location-specific one and it’s about the
10th kind of things on the dust map at the central checkpoint or flag you can
get under the green blanket by jumping on it or by using a vehicle and exiting
while the blanket is on your right and then you just get stuck there and you
can play hide and seek from the enemy protect the base and I think you will
have trouble getting out but I can definitely be abused to the defense
position although that’s pretty much it I think a lot of people experience this
one because once dust came out these green blankets look really like
something interactive or special so everybody tries to jump them and many
will end up stuck in The Rock armor exploit rather than pay
bugs allows you to switch by crouching and leaning sometimes just by standing
really close to the rock to use it as cover while you can shoot right through
it you can use rocket launchers you can use any impression gun it’s awesome at
some key points this is actually useful in big battles you can collect a lot of
score or protect the positions for really long suede really nice one I
think really nice one especially useful for target practice to allow you to aim
better without Vai shutting you down finally we have the get up down at bug
or underground view and this happens if you do weird things with boats in water
you can just start swimming through the water under the map seeing it in its
entirety seeing all the AI movement very glitchy kind of interesting I think you
can do this by jumping on a boat while shooting into a bazooka perhaps
something like that anyways when you get out of this weird situation again the
moment you reach land or a surface you have a chance of creating a fun little
high jump full flight situation so fans of acrobatics can use it for some fancy
challenges I guess I totally forgot about this bonus bug which is really
cool I call it the Jeep jump ad and what you have to do is jump into a Jeep the
easiest ways to park it under a Ledge or building and jump in it and the physics
go haywire and catapult you into the air perfect acrobatics challenge ever it’s
just hilarious and I mean so silly and it actually happens in battles sometimes
the AI gets launched by grenades or rockets from upstairs and then they fall
into a Jeep it’s a rare occasion but delicious delicate it’s just the physics
at best thank you very much for watching please let me know in the comments what
other awesome bugs you know and rain fields or other games because really
finding the ways the game’s broken or breaking a game is in
higher-dimensional fun – a title so I hope you share your info with me and
also like and subscribe check out my other rating field videos because
there’s a lot of fun to be had in that game and see you in the next video ciao

83 thoughts on “Top 10 Ravenfield Bugs / Glitches”

  1. The first one is good but if u hit a tank into the air with the super wrench and haveit land on u and kill you and your body stays underit when u respwn it will fly into the air at like 100000mph

  2. i found this glitch that when you look up and press k respawn everything is upside down in your view but not you guy

    and to fix it you have to go to the menu

    it might take a few try's to do it but it worked to first time to me

  3. I found this glitch where if you go to the barn on island and go up to one of the windows and look out and crouch, even if you don't have toggle crouch on, you stay crouched for a certain amount of time and you can sprint while crouched.

  4. In Dustbowl, I found a house that you can just walk right through the walls. It's in the city. I'll probably make a vid if people want to see it.
    If u want me to, just reply


  5. If you shoot the pilot of a helicopter with a sniper rifle, he goes flying across the map straight through the helicopter windscreen.

  6. You know that when you are in helicopter very high in the sky and you press F and when you touch the ground you make a big jump

  7. i got the get up down glitch once when i was in a heli someone shot me with a missile and i flew way way down on the map long story short it was very long to get on land

  8. I don't know if this is a glitch or not… but when you hit the dingy with the golden wrench it goes really fast…..also works on quad, jeep, and tanks….

  9. The insta drop thing downs t work with my ravenfield. When I drop out of a helicopter, the games goes to rag doll mode.

  10. I started playing Ravenfield during its Beta 2 release. I could not find any videos on tips or glitches. It's was really fun to see how far Ravenfield progressed.

  11. Idk how but few months ago i type in yt browser : ravenfield secret weapon ; i se that super wrench and i have fun with it and for a while i was pasta :v

  12. If u get into a helicopter and fly up as far up as u can and press f you end up in a wierd blue place(not the sea)

  13. if you sit near the 2nd flag near a sanbag while the flag being captured the enemy wont be able to get it works on beta 5 and beta 6

  14. an amazing glitch i found in beta 6 was: when on the map temple, find the bridge in the center of the map, for this glitch you must obtain the hydra weapon, found in Dustbowl. Aim the hydra under the bridge from under the bridge and fire!!. the rockets will circle the bridge and spin over 10 time until the blow up. Try it.

  15. i have one bug when you play temple map you hide/crouch in a stair in temple and shoot down with HMG and throw grenade or smt you are hit and fall down the map

  16. can anyone tell me why i cant spawn on ravenfield build 4 its a crack version it has modern warfare mod too

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