Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Insects in the world!

Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Insects in the world!

Bugs are a necessary evil in our world. They help pollinate our crops and ensure the
continuation of plant life for the Earth, but they can also be annoying to deal with
and sometimes creepy as hell. Even worse, some have a bite or sting that
can be painful or even lethal, which is obviously never fun. And the vast majority of insects are just
weird looking. From deadly venoms to nasty diseases, stay
tuned to number one to find out which insect carries a flesh eating toxin. Number 10: The Hemiptera Hemipteras, also known as “kissing bugs”,
are big fat bugs with huge tube mouths. They suck on tree bark to get nourishment,
but also suck on animals to get their blood, and that’s not creepy, right? Their tube-like mouth allows them to dig in
deep and get the enzymes and nutrients they need to keep living, so they can keep doing
this to other plants and animals. No one is really sure if these insects have
any use to the world and, based on what I can see, Im going to guess they don’t. More importantly, their sucking can spread
the deadly disease Chagas. Chagas is a nasty sickness, which develops
slowly, over the course of up to twenty years, leading to heart disease and malformation
of the intestines. You won’t die quickly, but you may not see
any symptoms of the disease for decades, when it’s unfortunately too late for treatment. Thanks, Hemiptera. Number 9: The Assassin Caterpillar This thing literally looks like a crawling
thorn bush. With the appearance of a caterpillar covered
with pine bows, the assassin has deadly venom in every branch. The worst of it is, the victim will barely
feel a thing as they brush up against it. You can bump this thing, not even know it,
and get infected. They look really cool, too, which is part
of their danger, as the enticing little devils make you want to pick them up. Unfortunately, the venom of the assassin caterpillar
causes internal bleeding and messes up your body’s ability to clot external wounds. Victims have been known to bleed from any
orifice, along with tons of internal bleeding. The victim’s body simply can’t stop bleeding,
causing an eventual death. Not a good way to go out: death by touching
a prickly pine tree caterpillar. Number 8: The Black Widow Spider Found mostly in the southwestern United States,
the black widow spider is one of the most famous dangerous insects known around the
country. It’s not the kind of fame you want, when you
think about it, though. The Black Widow’s bite can cause inflammation
of the bitten area, as well as respiratory problems. The bite also hurts like hell, not surprisingly. On the plus side, very few people die from
its bite, as the rate is only about one percent annually. The black widow is not very aggressive, and
is only know to attack when it feels threatened. Accidentally step too close, however, and
watch out! Another positive is the giant red hourglass
on its belly. If you see that shape on a spider, you know
it’s a black widow and you should avoid it. That makes things much easier than some other
bugs on this list. To be honest, if you see a spider of any kind,
it’s probably just best to stay away. Number 7: The Africanized Bee Famously known as “killer bees”, and for good
reason, Africanized bees are known for their painful sting and their gigantic appearance. These behemoth bees are known to be very aggressive
and will attack in swarms, basically guaranteeing your death. They will attack for any perceived threat
to their hive, so do what you can to avoid their near-invisible hives whenever you can. If you do piss off these deadly bees, strap
on your running shoes and get the hell out of there, as Africanized bees are known to
chase victims for up to a quarter mile. Although, if you’re with a slower friend,
you’ll be fine. To learn more about Africanized bees and their
impact, check out our video on the Most invasive Animal Species Introduced By Humans! Number 6: The Fire Ant Fire ants look similar to your typical ant,
except for a red appearance and a terrible bite. Their sharp teeth can dig deep into the flesh
and cause an awful pain that results in swelling and inflammation. You wouldn’t think that a tiny bug could pack
such a crazy bite, but unfortunately, these guys can. Some people are allergic to the bites and
can die from the allergic reaction, brought on from the bite of this tiny red ant. Fire ants are known to attack in swarms when
threatened, so don’t go provoking these tiny red monsters. As if avoiding these things isn’t tough enough,
flood waters can complicate things greatly. Fire ants are very skilled survivalists and
will literally form a floating boat of themselves when flooded out of their home. It’s creepy, to say the least but also strangely
cool looking at the same time. Number 5: The Bot Fly. This little bug looks pretty cute, actually. Nothing to worry about here, right? Unfortunately, this guy is known for its sneak
attack. The Bot Fly will lay eggs onto a mosquito. Then, the mosquito bites its victim. Then the eggs go into the victim. Then, a new baby Bot Fly emerges from the
victim. That is some ridiculously disgusting horror
movie crap, right there. The Bot Fly itself doesn’t typically bite
a person, but its process of procreation is just sort of terrifying. The victim becomes the host for a new Bot
Fly to be born, which I would hope is undesirable to most sane human beings. Just avoid all mosquitos in order to avoid
Bot Flies emerging out of your skin. Number 4: The Locust. Locusts may be famous from their starring
role in the Bible, but they are still around today. Related to the grasshopper, Locusts are long,
thin and creepy little bugs that can swarm around and generally look as menacing as any
other bug on the list. They have been known to appear in nearly any
area across the globe, so you’re never totally safe from these things. These little monsters don’t directly hurt
humans but can still be amazingly deadly due to how they attack plant life and crops. Locusts eat plants: lots of them. They swarm into an areas and decimate the
landscape, eating every green thing they can bite into. This can quickly lead to deforestation and
death of crops. And when this occurs, especially in poorer
nations with fewer resources, the food supply is killed off. No more plants means no more food, and starvation
overtakes the region. Without biting a single human, millions can
be killed, all because of a hungry little grasshopper. But hey, they generally don’t attack humans
directly, so that’s kind of a plus, I suppose! Before we move on, tell us what you think
of these insects in the comments below and take a moment to subscribe! Number 3: The Tse Tse Fly. Another fun little demon, the Tse Tse Fly
is not known for the vengeance of its bite or sting, but rather its aftermath. The Tse Tse Fly very commonly carries the
disease trypanosomiases. This illness, also called “Sleeping Sickness”
is known to mess with a person’s circadian rhythm and nervous system. Over time, the victim will have issues with
sleeping, develop neurological disorders and fell generally ill all the time. Tse Tse Flies are found in Africa more than
anywhere else, and trypanosomiases has been known to kill up to 250,000 people annually
throughout the continent. Of the twenty three types of Tse Tse Fly,
only six will transmit the disease. But still, that’s six too many to consider
this little bug a safe one to hang around. Symptoms can go unnoticed for months until
suddenly major health issues kick in. Nothing quite like having a deadly disease
just waiting for the right time to pounce on you, right? The Tse Tse Fly doesn’t offer a painful bite,
but it can be a deadly one, so do what you can to avoid it, obviously. Number 2: The Mosquito. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the mosquito is
one of the most dangerous insects on the planet. Just like a few others on the list, it’s not
the bite itself, but the spread of disease from the bite that can get you. Depending on the region, mosquitos are known
to carry all kinds of disease, most commonly Malaria and West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. One bite from a mosquito could cause a bit
of irritation but also the contraction of a deadly disease. Mosquitos breed by the millions. These guys stake out a warm spot in stagnant
water and lay as many eggs as they can, creating massive droves of blood-thirsty monster bugs. Couple this with the illnesses available in
the water itself, and you have the perfect recipe for cultivating disease. They spread throughout an area, biting every
warm-blooded creature they can find in order to stay alive, which is, ironically also another
source of the tons of disease they can carry. Suffice it to say, it’s best to bathe in bug
spray before going out to the lake. Number 1: The Asian Hornet. Three inches long. Three! The Asian Hornet will grow to a massive three
inches, so don’t worry about mistaking it for something else. This finger-length devil-spawn is incredibly
deadly, releasing eight different chemicals with its sting. One of the chemicals is known to dissolve
human tissue, which is just as awful as it sounds. Another one of these chemicals is even specifically
used for attracting fellow Asian Hornets to the victim so everyone in the family can enjoy
the feast! The other six chemicals have their very own
horror stories, so rest assured that any and all of them are terrible. If you want to keep all of these terrible
chemicals outside your body, stay away, just stay far away, from the Asian Hornet. Tell us about your encounters with insects
in the comments below, and thanks for watching!

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  3. I saw a horrifying episode of Monsters Inside Me a year ago that involved a Bot Fly.I can't remember where the guy had traveled,but he was from the U.S.,and traveled out of the country.When he returned home,he complained to his wife that he was experiencing a lot of pain in his testicles.(You know where this is going!)He visited the ER for examination,and the doctor discovered that he had Bot Fly larvae in his testicles.Not just one either,…there were several.Poor guy had to have them dug out:(

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