Hello, Polynesians! Today we are here because we are going to carry out this punishment that you put us in our comments of the previous video where we ate super disgusting, horrible things, with chicken hearts. Here we are going to leave them in the description box, the challenge is to touch with our hands, cockroaches. That’s just what you put in the comments and well, here we are. We’re going to play these cockroaches, but blindfolded, so we do not even know where they’re, while we sing a song. This will only be, for 30 seconds… seriously 30 seconds? They’re going to make me eternal and see if a cockroach goes up there. Let’s start. Calm down, do not get angry. Okay, the song that Brian is going to hum is that of Star Wars, he has to do it in 30 seconds and we are going to start, put your hand so that I start to put the counter. It’s just that I was scared. You go! Oh nooo! Rafa, why? Go, quiet, just be careful with the suit that you can stick to the fabric. Okay, there you are. Ready? Go 1,2,3! No. Put it well, until you start I do not start the meter. In the corners. No… Stop, it’s over. Why are you doing this to me? They have to be like 40 minutes, they were 30 seconds. No, it’s horrible, I’m sweating. It was super good. Now it is my turn to fulfill this punishment. 1,2,3! There it is. Be brave. I’m going then. 1,2,3! What do I do? No, nothing. The other corner, the other corner. There it is. It has not finished. Why do you hit me? Do not pass why do you hit me? I raised it super ugly. Too much. Oh my God, I’m sweating it’s like something super cold touching them. It kind of stress you a lot, you sweat is horrible. Well, Polynesians here today’s punishment, we hope you liked it, like for our faces and all our movements and strange screams, I would not do it again. No, it’s super ugly and remember that here below I’m going to leave the channel of OhBrian his channel skabeche, and also the links of our other friends who made videos for the week of terror. And well, so far the week of terror, thank you very much for all your support in social media and YouTube, and also write us down here in the comments which were your favorite videos. See you in the next video. Goodbye.

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