Those ‘Candyman’ Bee Stings Made Tony Todd A Rich Man

Those ‘Candyman’ Bee Stings Made Tony Todd A Rich Man

The lead actor of Candyman had a not-so-sweet
time on set, but he was richly rewarded for his suffering. Tony Todd, who portrayed the terrifying ghost
of a man who was murdered in the late 1800s, revealed in an interview with The Guardian
that he earned a ton of extra cash while filming the Bernard Rose-directed 1992 horror film. The star pocketed a cool $1,000 each time
he was stung by a bee during shooting, which was a lot. In total, Todd took home $23,000 in addition
to his agreed-upon paycheck for the film, though he seemingly would have been fine without
the additional compensation, as he fully embraced bees as an integral part of Candyman’s story. The actor explained, “I negotiated a bonus of $1,000 for every
sting during the bee scene. And I got stung 23 times. Everything that’s worth making has to involve
some sort of pain. Once I realized it was an important part of
who Candyman was, I embraced it. It was like putting on a beautiful coat.” Candyman features Todd’s character often covered
in bees, but the most stunning moment happens when a group of bees emerge from his mouth. That sequence was achieved by placing actual
bees inside Todd’s mouth, with a dental dam in place to keep the critters from making
their way down his throat. The bees used in the film were actually specifically
bred to appear on the big screen. According to iHorror, the Candyman team used
newborn bees that were about 12 hours old, making them appear like adult bees with less
harmful stings. Unfortunately, Candyman’s lead actress, who
happens to be slightly allergic to bees, apparently went without a bonus, but she was still well
taken care of on set. Virginia Madsen, who played graduate student
Helen in the flick, almost passed on the role due to her allergy. When director Bernard Rose told her that she
probably was just psyching herself out, Madsen got tested for insect allergies, and learned
that she was more allergic to wasps than bees. With that knowledge, Madsen had more confidence
heading into Candyman, and was comforted by all the precautions in place. She once told HorrorNewsNetwork, “I really just had to go into this zen sort
of place and the takes were very short. What took the longest was getting the bees
off of us. They had this tiny ‘bee vacuum,’ which wouldn’t
harm the bees. After the scene where the bees were all over
my face and my head, it took both Tony and I 45 minutes just to get the bees off. That’s when it became difficult to sit still. It was cool though, I felt like a total badass
doing it.” Now that everyone knows about Todd’s bee sting
compensation deal with the original Candyman team, the crew behind the upcoming remake
might start devising their own deal with the actor. Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele has teamed
with Little Woods filmmaker Nia DaCosta for a remake of Candyman, due out sometime in
2020, in which Todd is set to reprise his iconic role. “Jordan has such respect for the horror that’s
come before, I mean two of his favorite films are Night of the Living Dead and Candyman,
so I got a small piece of both.” The OG star is stepping up to the plate for
the “reimagining,” acting opposite Sorry to Bother You actor LaKeith Stanfield and If
Beale Street Could Talk actress Teyonah Parris. The fact that Todd suffered dozens of stings
while filming the original means he’ll probably sustain just as many if not more during the
upcoming reimagining. Hopefully when Todd puts on that, quote, “beautiful
coat” to play Candyman again, the remake team can also offer him stacks of cash for any
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100 thoughts on “Those ‘Candyman’ Bee Stings Made Tony Todd A Rich Man”

  1. So CGI won't pass for real bees? With today's technology, they could save the actors and actresses the pain, and horror. But oh well, like an old saying, no pain, no gain, or maybe it's not real enough. 😉

  2. Bruh, i would have got stung way more than 23 times….This movies still haunts me but I cant wait until the remake though

  3. I thought you were gonna say he made like 200 million or something like that not a measly $23,000 because that's peanuts for Hollywood actors.

  4. 23,000 maybe dont seen much but Candyman was like most horror movies a b movie(pun intended). So really not a bad deal i mean Todd was not a big name at the time either, and the true is most actors dont gain that good, for every 10 million movie star are thousands of bad paid actors.

  5. I loved him in the role but he can't do it again. He looks frail. It saddens me to say so but it's true.

  6. Better live up to the original. One of my favorite movies growing up and most reboots don't live up to the original.

  7. Still the scariest movie I've ever seen. And I don't appreciate the number of times she said the C word. It's not OK.

  8. Tony has always been one of my favorite actors since the Night of the Living Dead remake.

  9. That movie fucked me up for a while. That's the best kind of horror movie. After I watch a horror movie I want it to affect me like that. It doesn't happen often.

  10. Anyone else annoyed they’re remaking this CLASSIC, amazing movie? Why fuck with it? It’s a one of the best horror movies ever made IMO. I love Jordan Peele’s work so I’m sure it wont totally suck but I say leave this one alone

  11. You stole a story that was on Reddit yesterday and now make 3 minute video about a title that takes 5 seconds to read. Bravo Looper. Well done.

  12. To me, Candyman is one of the best horror movies ever made, and for this reason, I didn't rejoice when I heard they were gonna make a remake. But I like Get Out, so when I heard that Jordan Peele was behind that remake, I thought "maybe it won't be so bad". But now that I've watched the disappointing Us (disappointing because shallow), I wonder if Peele has THAT many interesting things to say… In any case, it won't be Candyman if Glass's music isn't included.

  13. This movie scared the shit out of me so much that I never use the word cany. And man in the same sentence.

  14. First of all, remake? UGHHHHH!! Second of all, I thought Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is playing the lead? Third of all, you know damn well they're gonna use CGI bees this time around.

  15. Candyman : I am the writing on the wall, the whisper in the classroom. Without these things, I am nothing. So now, I must shed innocent blood. Come with me.

  16. honestly I don't think it was the bee stings that made him famous.. it's the way he speaks it's the way he acts as Candyman that's what made him famous. when he speaks he sounds so scary like the f**** Boogeyman example him in final destination as the sadistic coroner.

  17. I don't think any other actor could replace Tony Todd, you have to find someone with his frame and deep voice to go along with that long jacket. Maybe they should do a remake based on the life of candyman in the past after his murder in the 18th century, with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II playing candyman.

  18. Wth, isn't Yaya Abdul-Mateen (Black Manta from Aquaman) supposed to be starring in the movie? Or was he swapped out for Lakeith Stansfield?

  19. One of the few incidents where color didn't lead to special treatment. That's fucked up too because she was allergic 🤣

  20. I grew up thinking this movie was so scary, until I finally saw it as an adult and it was so bad I passed out, but I had also smoked a lot with my buddy prior to and at least felt nostalgia

  21. I think of all the shitty remakes, Candy man could be the best remake, this movie can easily be brought into modern times.

  22. I must be having a mandela effect moment because Didnt the original character Tony Todd die in real life so how will he be in this one?

  23. Or throw the Voodoo Doll away in the Dumpster And then make sure that it is filled up with Glass and Fire and all kinds of dangerous things that can hurt him!!!!!🤣😂❤️💜😨😎😭😰👶🏾🍼

  24. I rolled my eyes when they mention Candyman is getting remade, what a fucking shock I thought. But my annoyance faded when they said Tony Todd would be reprising his role and it's being directed by Jordan Peele, dude knows how to make a film, and Tony Todd was frightening in the role. Peele directing gives me hope that it won't be just another "horror" film full of nothing but lame jump scares accompanied by loud banging noises.

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