This spider looks (and walks) like an ant

This spider looks (and walks) like an ant

Although it looks like an ant, This is actually a spider. Myrmarachne formicaria is a jumping spider which has evolved its ant-like appearance as a clever ruse to evade predators. Similar evolutionary adaptations have been
found in the past, such as butterflies that look like their less tasty cousins and beetles that look like scary wasps. Researchers looked at these tiny arachnids
with a high speed camera, and they found that the spiders not only look like ants, but they
walk like ants too. When marching along, the spider walks in a
winding wave motion, which appears to potential predators as an ant following a trail. It was previously thought that these ant-like
spiders don’t use their front legs at all when walking. Instead, raising them up as pantomime antennae. This new research shows that when viewed in slow motion, the spiders move using all 8 legs, only raising their front
ones whenever they take a pause. These pauses are another piece of mimicry. The stops are consistently spaced out and
timed long enough to nail the illusion. In most species of jumping spiders, raising
the forelimbs is a sign of aggression, so in the future, researchers would like to see
if other spiders are fooled. Do they see a threatening spider or just another

32 thoughts on “This spider looks (and walks) like an ant”

  1. I know that Nature is amazing and all, but time and time again it surprises my small mind with its awe-inspiring phenomena.
    Kuddos to the researchers/ScieneMag for sharing it.

  2. PEOPLE STOP BEING SO IGNORANT AND HATEFUL IT'S 2017! That spider ant is so brave! It's the Caitlyn Jenner of the animal kingdom.

  3. It should be noted that the spiders don't necessarily do this so they can more easily hunt ants, but rather because many of the spider's own predators will AVOID ants.
    For example, the preying mantis will not attack ants.

    Other ant mimicing insects don't look much like ants at all, they just rely on SMELL to fool the ants. You don't need to look the part to fool an ant, you only need to look the part to fool some other insect that avoids ants.

  4. Other then most ants these have very good vision and can jump back quickly.
    I've seen them in masses when there's actually many ants around.
    But they don't seem to eat any ants, they just get small flies and things like that.

  5. glad I looked it up. Thought I was seeing things. never seen an ant duck and move like a spider before in that "6th sense" kind of way. and this was here in NY, btw

  6. But how this ends up in my home (new Delhi, India)
    I saw it nd thought why this ant is bit different? (I have fear of spider)
    But when it start climbing wall nd fall for a sec it swings like spider. Nd i was like i can't belive this. This is not real. I have not seen this in last 25 years.

    Then I searched Google nd then YouTube nd yes that was the same specie like this.

    Ps: once that thing swings on wall while climbing I doubted but she again climbed nd goes out of window. lived life happily after scaring me.

  7. There’s something on me it’s body looks like a ant but it’s a spider and it jumps and it’s a webbed spider aswell it’s very small and if you look a certain way like beside it it’s a spider..

  8. I had one on my ceiling in my bedroom. I’m in NY. I saw those mouth parts moving and was worried I was going to get bit……..😖

  9. Ha! Creationists are always asking for intermediate species! Here you go. Part ant part spider, from when ants became spiders or vice versa.

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