The Trans Panic Epidemic: The Daily Show

The Trans Panic Epidemic: The Daily Show

So, what is it
that scares so many people about transgender communities? And what’s it like to live
as the focus of that fear? Jessica Williams finds out. WILLIAMS:Iowa’s most famous
for its cornfields,
butter sculptures, and butter
sculptures of cornfields.
Until last summer, when
transgender woman Meagan Taylor
tried to check in to the Drury
Inn in the city of Des Moines.
We sat down with Taylor herself
for an exclusive tell-all.
I could tell when I checked in to the hotel that it was…
it was…Shh. I got this,
real Meagan Taylor.
It was July 12, 2015.You presented your I.D.
to the hotel manager.
Hi. I have a reservation.But she was onto you.Fearing for her life,
she took immediate action.
WOMAN:And that’s when the cops came
and all hell broke loose.
But let’s rewind here.What triggered the cops
to respond?
You pull out a gun,
and then the cops come
and you’re arrested? None of that happened. Well, did you pull out a knife? ♪ ♪ No.Well, did you do drugs?Nothing of the sort. Well, then why the hell
were you arrested? Um, I got arrested because
I was a black transgender woman.Specifically, cops held her
because she didn’t have
a prescription
for her hormone pills.
And this is 2016.What were you doing in Iowa? I was there going to a funeral. -You were there for a funeral?
-Yeah. And did you get to attend
the funeral, -at least? -I didn’t get
to make the funeral at all. How long were you in jail for? I was in jail for eight days. I’m sorry. I… It’s terrible. Take your time.Ugh, I thought it was tough
being a black woman.
But compared
to a black transgender woman,
I might as well be
a white frat dude
at a Dave Matthews concert.Transgender women get arrested
all the time, especially
black transgender women, just by walking down the street
or anything.And by anything,
she means literally anything.
Because of discrimination
and profiling,
at least 47%
of black trans people
will have at some point in
their lives been incarcerated.
Let’s underline, bold, and set
fire to that
(bleep)graphic,because it’s 47%.You think there’d be laws
to correct this.
But instead, this year alone,state legislatures
have introduced
175 anti-trans bills.Many make it legal
to discriminate based solely
on religious beliefs.And then you have
these bathroom bills.
REPORTER:It would fine
and imprison transgender people
who use public restrooms
that don’t match
the gender
on their birth certificate. WILLIAMS:That’s what’s really
triggering this trans panic.
Just listen
to Colorado representative
and Elmer Fudd look-alike
Gordon Klingenschmitt.
Should we fear
the transgender community? Well, they not only want
to be confused about their own identity, but they want the rest of us
to be confused with them. Now they want the government
to join them in that pretense. -They’re making us into liars.
-Wow.Okay. I met
with these so-called liars
to find out
what their evil intentions are.
There’s a notion that
trans people are perpetrators in some way, that we’re sneaking
and trying to trick you for the purposes
of having sex with you. And that’s not the case at all. People just want
to see male and female, like it has to fit in one
of those two boxes, and if it doesn’t,
it makes people uncomfortable. -And it’s surely not a choice.
-That’s all you need to know.Well, not according
to Klingenschmitt, who thinks
that we’re all going to
get attacked in the bathroom.
A man can go into a ladies’ room and assault you
and your little girl.Especially in
our most important bathrooms.
Next time, ladies,
you go out to Olive Garden, watch out who’s gonna be
in the bathroom. There’s no reported incidences
of any trans person ever raping or assaulting anyone
in any bathroom ever. If anything, trans people
are the ones getting assaulted.These people are up against
some bull(bleep).
There must be some small way
I can help them out.
Give me some offensive comments
or questions, and I’ll give you
some good answers that you can use
in your day-to-day life. Why are your feet so small? Oh. You think my feet are small? -You have a (bleep).
-Wow. Whew! Okay, that’s guns a-blazing
on that question. Um, I don’t currently
have a (bleep), so… -How much?
-How much for…? -Sex.
-Oh, (bleep). Uh… -How do you have sex? -So,
are your parents ashamed of you? -What’s the gender mark on your
ID? -When do you tell them that -you’re really a man?
-I don’t know. When it’s appropriate? Do you have cadaver tits? -Don’t tell me what that is.
-What’s your real name? -Yeah. I just want to know.
-Yeah. What’s your name? -Tell us.
-Did you chop it off? Do straight women date you, -or gay women?
-How much would it cost? -(overlapping chatter)
-Do you like to suck (bleep)? -(overlapping chatter)
-What’s your real name? WILLIAMS:The transgender
community is more oppressed
than I could have ever
so why does Gordon feel
so threatened?
Have you ever been attacked
by a transgender person? Is that why this is happening? No. Have you ever had a traumatic
experience with a trans person? I wouldn’t call it
traumatic, no. I-I… -Devastating?
-Yeah. No. You haven’t?So why does he feel this way?Dressing like a woman,
and he’s not a woman. WILLIAMS:Wait a second.
This guy’s a preacher, too?
And he thinks what?It’s not just
a psychological disorder. It’s actually a demonic spirit. WILLIAMS:
Okay, so now they’re possessed?
Go on.I would be comfortable talking
about religious freedom, but I’d have to change
into my alter ego if you’re okay with that. You have to change
into your alter ego? Who are you, Lady Gaga?
Go on ahead and change.Okay, hold up.
Is everybody seeing this?
I am actually waiting
for this man to transition
so that he can feel
more comfortable
during our interview.Oh, and also, hey, heads up.I am not judging him
for his personal choice.
Until he took out his phoneto judge others
for their personal choices.
And Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A woman must not wear
men’s clothing, “nor a man wear women’s clothing for the Lord your God detests
anyone who does this.” I don’t remember that part, -but there is a part
about shellfish… -Mm-hmm. -…or stoning people to death.
-Mm-hmm. Getting tattoos. But what about their sincerely held
religious beliefs? They can go (bleep)
in their (bleep) hand, -because we have separation
of church and state. -Mm. Because we believe
in our constitution. WILLIAMS:Nevertheless,
these bathroom bills
are being passed,and Gordon is doing everything
he can to make it happen.
Get used to the idea of having your women
and children share bathrooms with cross-dressing men who are going to expose
themselves to you. Do you, for whatever reason, associate being transgender
with being a pervert? I mean, that is perversion. It’s people who label themselves as transgender for the purpose
of getting that access to violate the rights of others. Is it fair to say
that because you’re a priest that you’re a pedophile? Well, of course not. Why is it, “of course not.”?
Why? Because some people
are criminals, and some people
are not criminals. Could you take that logic and apply that
to the transgender community? They’re apples and oranges.
I think… By apples and oranges,
do you mean apples and apples?Unfortunately, a lot of people
think like Gordon.
So how can we end
this transphobic epidemic?
Hopefully, they can understand
that we are striving towards becoming a more
authentic version of ourselves, after a lot of soul-searching
and a lot of thought, and sometimes a lot of trauma
and tragedy. Passing these bills is
absolutely going to just add fuel to the fire
and ignite trans panic.Trans panic, panic, panic.WILLIAMS:They’ve existed
since the beginning of time.
They are not
who people think they are.
Girl, you know
we need to elevate that leg. WILLIAMS:
They come out at night.
-Stop! No!-Or during the day
depending on their schedule.
You forgot your hat. WILLIAMS:
They have an appetite.
When they’re hungry.You’re really gonna love
this salad! WILLIAMS:
This summer, get ready for…
the most boring movie everwhere transgender people
cause… transpanic!
(yelling) Lights went out again. WILLIAMS:Even though they’re
just like the rest of us.
What else is on Netflix?

100 thoughts on “The Trans Panic Epidemic: The Daily Show”

  1. And these anti-trans people are SO DUMB that they don't see the problems they create: now, a female will have to use the men's bathroom, and woman will have to use the women's bathroom. Imagine you are a mother with a girl in the bathroom and a big muscled guy just walks in the bathroom. Just pictures how you are supposed to acted in situation like that. And the trans person will have to explain that is because the State want them to use the bathroom confirming with their birth certificate gender.

  2. I just had a childhood friend come out as trans. With my other trans friend, I only ever knew him as a "he" so it was easy to be supportive. But with my recently out friend, I don't know how to be there for her. Growing up, I thought he was just a slightly effeminate gay person, which is fairly common. Now that she's Nicki, I'm just in shock. I have so many questions, but I also know this isn't about me and those questions are often invasive and innapopriate. How do I balance being supportive and asking questions that breed understanding without making her feel hurt by questions that aren't okay to ask? I don't know how to navigate it and I want to be a good friend (PS, I say "he" for past tense because that's what he was at the time to me and "she" for present tense because that's who she is openly now.)

  3. shouldn't people be more concerned about someone who presents as a woman going into a men's bathroom? She's going to get the shit kicked out of her!

  4. You know if these religious nuts really cared about privacy and sexual assult, you'd think they would be putting their efforts against people who have actually committed sexual crimes

  5. 3:18 sorry idk who you are but you are hot ! handsome ! so good-looking ! gorgeous ! oh, my god ! 💖💞💕💘💗

  6. There’s no bathroom police they’re not gonna check what’s in your pants. Just use the bathroom and fuck whatever the politicians and crazy religion nuts are gonna say because you are human and you deserve to have rights too.

  7. You know what I find completely and totally ridiculous? It's always men saying that transgender women should not be allowed in the women's restrooms. Literally, it's always men. What do they think we do in restrooms? Let the women speak for themselves and stop saying that this is endangering us when you're really just utilizing sexist values to push your transphobic rhetoric.

  8. Um…your a guy…dressed as a woman…

    We don't have to play make believe with you…

    Do you!

    But we don't have to play along bra…

  9. I was in a dressing room in Victoria secret with a trans person years ago and I could tell immediately she was afraid of me. Prior to that, she was the only person in there and then me and buddy entered. It was clear in her face that she was nervous about our presence.

    We both felt empathy for her but we were both too afraid to say anything (this was around 2001/2002). I’ve always wondered if I should have had said anything? We behaved naturally and did nothing to make her feel unwelcome.

    Was that what we we’re supposed to do or should we have acknowledged it?

    In event, she sure the heck didn’t assault us. As I said, she seemed frightened of us. You could tell she was afraid we were going to be assholes.

    Every time I hear this pathetic bathroom assault nonsense theory, I’m fully aware of how idiotically unaware these morons are of what it means to be transgendered. It’s got nothing to do with sexuality or ones attraction to any other group of people. It’s about ones own self perception.

    And what about transgendered men (biological women who transitioned to men)? Are they going to assault people in the pot too.

    Get over your stupidity already!

  10. I never put too much thought into this issue (live and let live is my general creed), but this was really well done, and the problem is worse for trans people than I would have thought…
    Apples and Apples… jus wow…

  11. I think it's more the People that are not transgender that act as if they were to get into the bathrooms and harass other People. Thats why so many People are afraid of transgender. because they think the could do the same.

  12. Wait wait so… just a straight white girl cant wear dude's jeans.and what about shoes or glasses or fucking belts like a girl wearing a rando waltmart belt is a sin against God?

  13. I love when ignorant people make themselves look dumb without us educated folk having to even lift a finger. As soon as they open their mouths i get ready to roll my eyes at their hypocrisy 👀

  14. I’m not afraid of trans…but this guy scares the hell out of me and I’d never leave him alone with a child….

  15. Not that many people are SCARED of trans woman. Not like people are scared by black men. What about male negrophobia? We know it is real.

  16. I really hate it when people use religion to hate on people. when you really love Jesus, you'll love his creations too, that includes member of the LGBT community. ..

  17. This is correct! I got assaulted by a pilot who says I cant be in a bathroom because I'm an attack helicopter!?

  18. OMG MY DREAM HUSBAND LAITH!!!! Like I was already adoring this piece cause I'm ftm but uh God Bless.

  19. Personally, I couldn’t care less if a transgender person uses the public restroom that I use. This is not something I see as a problem. I think (I hope) most people feel the same.

  20. As a CO citizen, I had to do a quick Google on Klingenschmitt to make sure he's not still in office. He's not.

  21. I actually don't mind trans people ,why are people so bother about this ? They are being so immature and close minded.

  22. Gordon clingingshit wants to feel more comfortable and to transition but he doesn’t want others to feel the same…

  23. The Bathroom issue is simple Have separate restrooms. And before you shout SEGREGATION and CIVIL RIGHTS, think about how restrooms are separated now.(by genders) and when you claim to be transgender you are not claiming male or female your claiming trans.

  24. The funniest thing about this priest is that HE needs to change his clothes, fitting to his role, to feel comfortable, but don't allow others to change THEIR clothes to feel comfortable with their role. How paradox. 🤨

  25. Here's the question you want to ask Gordon, "Do you want to be a transgendered person?" Because that's probably the problem here. There's nothing in the Bible about this. There is, however, "Judge not lest thou be judged."


  27. Did you know that "transgender panic" is a valid legal defense against assault in 47 states? Literally. If I start engaging in consensual sex and they hate trans people and assault me, they can get away with it because I'm trans. I'm asexual and sex repulsed, but the defense still stands. Smh.

  28. I don't personally understand the why or how, but it's not my place to. It makes sense to them and it improves their life, we're all people trying to do that anyway.

  29. When I saw "trans panic" as the title I thought we might be talking about the homicide defense…because that's a thing.

    "She told me she was trans so I panicked and bashed her over the head with the nearest blunt object."

    "Not guilty."

  30. You don’t need to dress up like a woman to invade a woman’s privacy for perverted and/or illegal reasons. Just ask Trump. He’s entered into numerous dressings rooms at miss America and miss teen events while they were in the acts of disrobing. He never once had to dress up like a woman.

  31. i don't get those political cartoons where they have a child walk into single toilet bathroom (the ones for people to use one at a time) and their is always a "trans woman" using the toilet and calling the child a bigot.

    like is it not the childs fault for walking in???

  32. They don't want TRANS WOMEN using WOMEN'S restrooms but there doesn't seem to be anything in the news about MEN not wanting TRANS MEN using MEN'S restrooms because let's face it, y'all the whole trans women using women's bathrooms is all it comes down to and all y'all know it.

  33. It sad that more trans being attacked by cis people than trans people attacking to cis people. Cis people got it twisted.

  34. May I ask why the transgender person handed the driver's license over as if that would verify the reservation? If that person really made reservation over the phone, then that person ought to inform that a transgender is making that reservation so the receptionist don't think some woman is committing identity theft on some guy's whose picture is on the driver's license. Indeed, in the age of identity theft, why didn't the transgender update that photo on the driver's license? So stop acting like people have ESP that they know what is going on. That whole scenario is either a public relation stunt for LGBTQ, by serving a frivolous civil lawsuit or the transgender was ignorant of the situation created by not providing necessary information. Wake up.

  35. The separation of Church & State means the government is not allow to impose one specific religion on everybody. That said, there is a need for the separation of LGBTQ and State so that the government is not allowed to impose LGBTQ's ideology on everybody. Look up the definition of delusion & ask yourself if you are really doing them any favors by catering to their delusions? Is it really necessary to accept their delusions to even start teaching kindergartens about transgenders' ideology to make them doubt how God made them just to accept a child going through a transgender operation? Can a child really make that decision to actually know that they are giving up having children of their own when they reach adulthood? I'd say no.

  36. Jessica Yaniv anyone?👀

    He doesn't represent all trans people, but he does represent a lot of the fears people have about the trans movement.

  37. If it's illegal to use the right bathroom, then when one's a woman, by the same logic, she should walk in the men's with an electroshock device in case there's a problem with the ladies'.

  38. Face it, for the most part straight people aren't buying this nonsense. It's bullshit propaganda like this that will get Trump re-elected.

  39. I see The Daily Show is doing its part


    Science behind being transgender. Dont agree, dont care, its 2019.

  41. Trans bathroom laws don’t protect the young boys in Boy Scouts that get raped by older men. Predators may be stupid but are they dumb enough to do it in PUBLIC restrooms? Most rapes happen with people you know!

  42. If men are all men and that’s that, Then they all should have the right to choose the type of clothes they want to wear. You can’t tell a man what team jersey to pick nor the color or shape of the clothes to wear.

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