The Time When Killing Animals Infected 400,000 People

The Time When Killing Animals Infected 400,000 People

Hey it’s Mike here and today it’s STORY TIME! I’m doing something a little bit different today As many of you know I’m studying a masters in Public Health and in a recent class there’s a really interesting really massive story of 400,000 people getting infected came up and so let’s, let’s just jump right into it. ~To set the scene~ The year is 1993 It’s springtime, In Milwaukee Wisconsin And everything appears to be normal… With the exception of some extra rainfall. Milwaukee Woman: “Just another day is beautiful Wisconsin!” “HUNTER WHERE ARE YOU” “ARE YOU DOING THAT THING TO YOUR BEANIE BABIES AGAIN!” “I TOLD YOU THEY DON’T REPRODUCE LIKE THAT!” “Oh my, I have a tummy ache!” Hunter: “Hey maam! I just pooped my own body weight!” Milwaukee Woman: *shocked and confused* “Oahh!” It had begun. Over the next couple weeks, According to this study, Some people would poop as much as 90 times in a single day! Alright..for most people it was closer to 12… As thousands, TENS of thousands as people started exhibiting symptoms And going into the doctor A lot of doctors misdiagnosed this mysterious illness as the flu without further investigation And from this study of almost 300 people it was diarrhea and cramps for almost everyone who was infected and vomiting and fever for about half of those infected Don’t worry, this whole video isn’t going to be gross It’s not all gonna be about diarrhea *only 93% about diarrhea* At this point we need to appreciate the widespread level of mystery and panic that must have occurred as now HUNDREDS of thousands of people were falling ill. Alright let’s investigate this mystery a little bit further On March 21, Milwaukee’s southern water treatment plant’s records showed an increase in turbidity, which is the cloudiness of water and by March 23, it had reached UNPRECEDENTED levels of turbidity It took them over two weeks after the initial turbidity increase to finally close that southern water plant and switch the entire city over to the northern water plant’s uncontaminated water supply At that point the mayor also issued a “boil your water!” order as you can see by the timeline here it was already too late, everybody had already pooped their brains out 🙁 by this time it had already become the largest waterborn outbreak in U.S history costing $90 million which is now like 4 quadrillion dollars counting inflation No, its more like $120 million with inflation And as the title suggested, infected 400,000 people which was half of the 800,000 people on the southern water supply So what was the illness that was actually making everyone sick? Well it was Cryptosporidium, particularly Cryptosporidium parvum which is a strain that infects a variety of mammals Cryptosporidium is a water born protozoa basically a microscopic wormlike animal and it’s really important to note that it is highly chlorine resistant when it’s in its oocyst form when it’s in it’s dormant form, kinda like a little egg and thats how it spreads from one animal to another they oocysts are pooped out of the original victim and then they have to make it to the mouth and past the mouth of their next victim where they enter the stomach and the stomach acid actually wears away the shell of that oocyst and lets these creepy little worm like creatures escape into your digestive tract and then it’s PARTY TIME Back to this study, while most infected people seemed to have diarrhea for about 3 days there was some unfortunate soul that had 38 days of diarrhea Milwaukee woman: “Day 35, I ran out of books to read on the toilet,” “so I started a journal.” “It’s nice to journal.” “I like journaling because, in Wisconsin,…” In water treatment, coagulation is a common method to remove oocysts and that was the method they used in the southern water treatment essentially you have a compound that binds with the organic matter in the water for example, poop, with is harboring some oocysts and then it leads them to settle at the bottom, purifying the water overall a little bit with the mechanisms used to determine how much coagulant to put in as well as a lack of turbidity alarms the southern water plant clearly failed to remove the oocysts. In addition it took them so long to figure out what was going on because because at the time sampling for Cryptosporidium was difficult, lengthy, and was not standardized. They of course did confirm that it was Cryptosporidium after taking a sample of water, freezing it into an ice core, and then sending it off to a lab. Now for the most important question here: How had a relatively modern water treatment plant been totally compromised? What was the original source of the pathogen? We’re gonna look at the likelihood of all 3 of those, starting with the slaughterhouse because the blame quickly landed on the Peck Meat Packing plant which was the largest slaughterhouse in Milwaukee with 800 employees From this local article Quote: Here’s a map of Milwaukee the Peck Plant eventually became cargo which you can read there the slaugherhouse was likely dumping in the river hErE and it of course went all the way down the river and came out in the south coast of Milwaukee in Lake Michigan where the intake to the southern plant is But there’s another very possible point of origin, and that is the Milwaukee Stockyards which were right across the river though it really is two sides of the same coin This article eight years prior to the whole ordeal brags by saying Quote: Why is this important? because Cryptosporidium appears to most violently be spread by calves One study found that as high as 90% of calves tested positive for Cryptosporidium A statistic cited by dairy farmers as well, not just some..fringe..anti-veal statistic. That 90% goes down to 20% in adult bovines But let’s throw out a most conservative figure which is still pretty impressive and that is from this study That in 1993, when this happened, 30% of U.S beef calves whatever you wanna call them, some just call them babies… were infected. It also appears that these stockyards did not have any type of manure management system or anything vaguely like that From the Environmental Policy Paradox, Among those to blame was the stockyard, which was illegally dumping waste. Now we have to get a bird’s eye view here because the stockyards were 13 acres right near downtown, right on the river, and that big bout of spring rain could perfectly act as a flush to flush out all of that calf Crypto poop into the river then into Lake Michigan to enter the water supply And from this study Quote: And if the actual point of origin wasn’t the stockyards in particular, Well, were do you think all of those baby cows ended up going? to Peck Meat packing plant, at least a lot of them from this article And when an animal is slaughtered, all of the waste in their digestive tract has to go somewhere this is why a variety of meats are notorious for containing fecal matter I don’t know why people don’t talk about that more often.. Some of the ~people of Milwaukee~ banded together and actually sued the Peck Meat Packing plant and they settled, although they said it wasn’t their fault they were just doing it because the legal costs were getting too expensive.. Back to the stockyards though, One really interesting fact, after being there for 120 years, the stockyards moved their location the year after the outbreak Did they know about something we didn’t? Maybe a lot of diarrhea building up, maybe a lot of manure that ended up getting flushed in at that point? Who knows??? Either way, they got the hell outta dodge ..but actually they ended up moving to Dodge County West.. that’s.. kind of awkward, but it definitely cleared them of any future liabilities! Though it’s never presented as the main culprit in any of the literature, we have to look at the possibility that the whole outbreak may have been caused from human waste contamination there a few points that make human waste much less likely of a culprit than animal waste, the first of which is that that human waste from Milwaukee would have needed to to contain enough of these oocysts to infect 400,000 people to have so many cysts that half the people that drank that water, got it because there was no previous Cryptosporidium outbreak it would be hard to believe that there would be enough humans to harbor that much Cryptosporidium to create that massive quantity of oocysts that would then enter the water system, not likely. By contrast, the stockyard saw 100,000 calves which are again, commonly infected and 300,000 total bovines in a year that’s a massive poop source. the human waste was also treated in a waste water treatment plant, and because the sewage system is constantly flowing yeah, a large influx of rain might clear out more of it, but it just isn’t an argument as to why that would be a massive increase And, another interesting point from this study, in 2003 And we’re not just talking about developing countries because of Cryptosporidium’s chlorine resistance, we’re also talking about developed nations So with all of this information combined, I think we can say with a pretty high level of certainty That this massive infection of 400,000 people was due to the farming, the selling, and possibly the killing of animals. At least all of those little innocent veal calves might have gotten a little bit of revenge. Although obviously not all 400,000 people deserved it In the end in fact 50 to 100 people, depending on the estimate actually passed away and those were mostly immunocompromised people, like people with AIDS. But at this point you might be thinking: “Mic, isn’t this actually the fault of the city? It’s the fault of the water treatment plant?” Video: “And it happened with a fully functional treatment process.” “Operating properly, and meeting all current regulatory standards.” Woman in Video: “They didn’t do anything wrong.” “They did the best with the tools that they had,” “and the expectations for water treatment at the time.” “They were conventional treatment plans. Tried and true.” “The format’s been used all over the country, all over Canada, all over the world.” “And it has worked well.” “But it didn’t work in this case.” Well, things actually did go wrong, But A.) the original source of it was the animal poop, and B.) how much poop are we expected to filter out? After all, from this government paper livestock alone in the U.S. poops 39 billion humans worth of solid waste. And, that’s a lot to deal with. We’re seeing massive costs being put into water treatment because of animal agriculture, like Like Des Moines in Iowa having to spend millions of dollars to filter out the nitrates from all the animal poop so people can drink the water. And naysayers might also be thinking: Naysayer: “Mic, that was 1993, that was in the past, this isn’t a concern AT ALL today!” N O P E WROOONG WRONGITY WRONG WRONG WRONGERSON Here’s a list of the top 10 food born pathogens and they are virtually all from animal products and the ones that aren’t exclusively from animal products are likely from foods with animal products because these are animal targeting pathogens that feed on animal flesh and so forth. they do not eat…oak.. ..and…leaves.. So while this Milwaukee thing was a great history lesson, we are dealing with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of cases food born illness from farming and killing animals as well I mean look at the recent Romaine Recall, that wasn’t because of some ~Romaine Disease~ that we could also get, that was because their was animal poop contaminating it animal farming managed to briefly ruin LETTUCE definitely let me know what you think down below Was it the stockyards? Was it the slaughterhouse? Or am I wrong and it was human waste? Story time is over, I hope you never get Cryptosporidium Feel free to like, subscribe, hit that notification bell, and I will see you in the next video.

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  4. Ought not to have watched this before bedtime . . . [shudder] I remember when this happened–I'm in Michigan–and you would have thought more standard processes would have been drastically altered because of this, but, things have just gotten worse: Eat spinach salad, die of E. coli poisoning from CAFO poop! TFP, Mic.

  5. See I hate creating waste, especially plastic but I also hate drinking the water from the tap because it smells like bleach. I buy the large jugs of poland spring and of course recycle, but I am trying to cultivate a zero waste lifestyle…what do I do? ( I don’t want to use the water from the tap at all even if it goes through a brita or whatever)

  6. How many will have to get sick or die due to animal products before the government steps in.
    It always takes massive death before anything is finally done.

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    I know for definite that it's because of the slaughtering of animals that this happened. Another big one was E Coli that was in the water supply for drinking and the growing of crops. That's another bacteria that came from slaughtered animals that was washed into the drains from the "kill floors" of horrific and disgusting slaughterhouses. The storm drains lead to the lakes and oceans where a lot of usable water comes from and then it got onto all types of food.

    It would be interesting to have more stories like this, nice one.

  12. It really sucks that in a case like this (and contaminated veggies), you can be eating a vegan diet and still have to suffer for the choices of meat eaters.


  14. Mic! This is one of your best videos yet! But call me biased because I work in a Cryptosporidium lab, which exists due to the 1998 Sydney outbreak (Google it). You really did your research on this one and I’m confident to share it with my colleagues. Reservoirs now have turbidity sensors that are usually triggered by heavy rain events. Then we go into overdrive mode to analyse water for parasites. Most crypto occurences here are due to animal poop from kangaroos and cows falling into reservoirs, ducks pooping, and humans contaminating public swimming pools. I’m sure there would be stockyard run-off occuring too. Nice work man, keep it up!

  15. I want to share this video, but it's so specific especially in the beginning that I worry people will just say "yeah. ONE time!!" Can you please make a more in-depth video on how ALL foodborne illness is from animals? that would really helps us make the argument that veganism isnt just for animals, it's also for people!!

  16. That was intense and unfortunate. Living in a developing Asian country, I'm very concerned about what sort of pollution might affect the earth around me. You should see how 85% of place to dine out in my city is chicken based place… 😥

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  19. Mike, the Atlantic just published a fascinating article on plants, quoting:

    “…after many careful studies, it’s clear that plants are highly intelligent organisms and can send airborne, chemical messages, warning faraway relatives about marauding plant-eaters. Plants can also influence one another through the network of fungi that connects their roots—a so-called wood-wide web. And they can respond to vibrations moving through their tissues: Many release pollen only when insects land on them and buzz at the right frequency, while others create defensive chemicals when they sense the rumbles of chewing insects.” What’s more, parent trees appear to take care of their baby trees by regulating the sunlight and supplying nutrients through the root system.

    So, given this complexity and apparent intelligence and the fact that (e.g.) a banana tree and a chicken both share about 60% of their DNA with that of a human, why do you think it’s morally superior to munch on banana tree embryos (which we euphemistically call “fruit”) but not on the chicken embryos? Is it because plants come from a different kingdom (‘plant’) and speak different language (chemical mostly)?

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  23. Also, the Black Death was caused by animal agriculture, in Jewish areas they didn't have cows so they didn't get infected, this leads people to believe it was all a Jewish conspiracy and caused a lot of hatred against Jewish people

  24. one in six people get sick to some degree from ecoli every year. half of them from eating produce. now the produce is contaminated by rodents or deer or other animals, cattle and even people- a cilantro outbreak was due to workers shitting in the fields in mexico. you only have a 1 in 20000 chance of getting ecoli from raw eggs. other than that 50% of ecoli cases are caused by greens

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  30. Mike, you rock! So awesome that you are getting your MA in public health. You are a vegan superhero! Thank you for existing and doing what you do man, keep it up. That's a real smh moment when animal ag manages to ruin lettuce… wow. I remember even the whole foods in Chicago was out of lettuce for a couple weeks. Even though it seemed to only be romaine affected, does anyone know if this other shortage I saw across a few stores is likely related? That is, did a bunch of different kinds of lettuce get pulled while they were determining which was contaminated? I kind of missed how it all unraveled.

  31. Thanks for this…scary that our water supplies can be compromised by animal agriculture despite doing what we do as vegans to reduce the environmental impact on the planet!
    On a separate note, did you see that Harvard released their scientific study stating that reduction in meat consumption will reverse the impact of climate change? Hurray! Yet another scientifically based support of what we all already know. It was on the CBS news this past week (1/15/19)…I am hopeful that more an more studies will come out to debunk the consumption of animal products!

  32. Mic,
    You nailed it, animals for food= sickness and death for people.
    Animal waste and/or animal slaughter are the source.
    It took ,what was it, 7000, not 70 studies for the cigarette industry to quit pushing
    Cancer and related illnesses on us, this is no different.
    Rik Spector

  33. Mike, I am a civil engineer who specializes in sewer system design and construction. I must say I am impressed with your representation and understanding of the facts surrounding this matter. Municipal engineering can be quite the complicated puzzle, but to me, if they hooked up the drain on the kill floor into the storm sewer system, this would almost certainly implicate this corporation and would be a huge environmental blunder. I go to so much trouble to capture PURE rainwater and deliver it safely to downstream receiving bodies that the thought of untreated animal blood and excrement entering the ecosystem HORRIFIES me (and is actually the original reason I went vegan). It is also highly unlikely that human excrement is to blame as there would have needed to be a catastrophic failure of the existing residential sanitary sewer mains and/or treatment facilities or a GIANT influx of humans which would have had to dramatically overwhelm the system. None of the aforementioned scenarios are likely as they would have easily been noticed by municipal maintenance crews. The land use that supports animal product consumption is so wildly irresponsible I truly hope your message of veganism can help curb that. Now that you have presented this case study I am going to go off and research it for myself out of morbid curiosity! Thank you for the accurate and entertaining content!

  34. this should be a huge motivator for a shift away from animal farming. its indisputable. this industry needs to be done with now.
    we are not this stupid, why are people so ignorant?! tastebuds? pathetic.

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