The ‘Soft Boy’ Epidemic

The ‘Soft Boy’ Epidemic

100 thoughts on “The ‘Soft Boy’ Epidemic”

  1. So… softbois are brendan frassier with red-top in that movie I don't remember the title of? … seems pretty damn accurate

  2. When a guy wants to date a girl because he wants her to be his "muse"

    turn into a train

    An artist who liked me said "the girls I like become my muses" and he painted a fucking vulva like bruh

  3. the guy at 8:15 is talking bs, every man secretly has Rolling in the deep on a secret playlist in their burner phones hidden files

  4. That the moment text and what you said after reminded me about the guy that asks another guy what his street name is and he says lil Marco but he means his address

  5. The texts where these guys are just spitting out random words to sound intelligent actually has the opposite effect. Don’t use a word if you’re not sure what it means, you’ll sound more intelligent using “smaller” words correctly than “bigger” words incorrectly

  6. Being in the moment means “I’m homeless in spirit” which in turn means that’s one of those fucking people who lives overnight in a public park in a nice area to be cool. 🤨 Girls, just don’t be impressed with that shit. I mean, unless you really gotta go through a hard time in your life for the purpose of growth. Even then you can do better. Just saying.

  7. Great video but just got momentarily paralyzed when I realized that Rami Malek was the Egyptian prince from night at the museum. Had to rewind cause I missed like 2 minutes of what Kurtis was saying after that

  8. He's cute, i wouldnt mind cracking his skull open with a lock in a sock in my cell and fucking his unconcious body while i gnaw on the back of his neck

  9. When my cousin was 4 years old he developed interest in cheerleaders and models and other beautiful women. He called them “Smooth Girls”.

    I once asked him why he liked pictures of Smooth Girls. He literally said, in his little baby voice:

    “Because when I look at them, my peewee gets big.”

    I stopped myself from laughing just in time to not ruin him.

  10. I cried when I watch the spongebob squarepants movie. The end credit songs made me cry. I was 9. No one cares though.

  11. But, all I want to do is smoke weed and paint weird shit.

    All this pretension is too much energy to waste time on when I use enough fucking energy getting up for a shower and climbing a tree when I occasionally feel old

  12. No lie, some of your jokes are great. But you over-edit a lot of your punchlines. Have more faith in your delivery

  13. Once a Guy texted me on my Instagram queen/Beatles fan account and, he (who Had the most soft-boy looking profile pic mind you) he said something along the lines of « so like the Beatles huh? That’s crazy, nowadays it’s so hard to find people who actually like GOOD MUSIC (which, I personally believe that all music is good, just for different people) we already have so much in common [insert some fake deep comment on society] wanna hang? »

    This happened a while back so I don’t rlly remember what he said precisely but I thought it was kinda funny

  14. I’ve heard “soft boy” in a very different context before this, guess this is the new one that’s more common?

  15. ive seen this dude in the street walking with a reusable starbucks cup with his other softboy friends taking pictures for instagram. they looked like they took so long finding those vintage clothings in the back of a thrift store and i swear i cringed.

  16. I see you fir a first time, i like ur head and hair and face, and the intro with extra greeting made me to subscribe to you, i hope you are good as you says)

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