The Smart Way Warthogs Keep Insects at Bay

The Smart Way Warthogs Keep Insects at Bay

NARRATOR: Meet the warthog. They love to roll
around in the mud. Known as wallowing,
it keeps their skin free from ticks and parasites. A mud bath might look messy. But pigs are actually
meticulously clean animals. The wallow also helps them cool
off in the heat of the day. But in the very hottest
months on the savanna, these warthogs face a dilemma. The intense African sun
dries out all the mud, leaving them exposed
to swarms of insects. It’s insufferable, even
with their tough hide. But a handful of smart warthogs
have figured out a solution. They enlist a helping hand– banded mongooses. They’re voracious insect eaters,
spending most of their day on the hunt for food. They patrol the savanna in
gangs of over 20 strong. And with so many mouths
to feed, mongooses need to find a lot of insects. As an insect magnet,
perhaps a warthog could provide a decent snack. Only, its long legs make this
dining table a little too high for a mongoose. So some clever warthogs
have learned to lie down when the gang is around. It sends a very clear message– the mongoose spa is
open for business. Now in range, the mongooses
clean the ticks and lice from all those hard-to-reach places. Pure bliss. It’s the perfect partnership. The warthogs are kept healthy. The mongooses get a
meal, eating their fill without nipping their patrons. Mutually beneficial
relationships like theirs are almost
unheard of between mammals. It’s a brilliant solution
for a nagging problem, one that hints pigs might well
be smarter than we realize.

100 thoughts on “The Smart Way Warthogs Keep Insects at Bay”

  1. The mongoose seen this relationship as so profitable that it had opened 4 spots for massage and natural Spa in the town.

  2. Pigs enjoy the company of small animals like cats and other animals who will quietly pay them some attention. My pet pigs look like fainting goats when the barn cats hang around them. Pigs love little animals. Glad the warthogs and mongoose friends were able to find each other.

  3. But what happens during the rest of the day ? Do these warthogs stay in constant company of these mongoose all day every day ? Because as soon as the mongoose is not around, I suppose the insects will be swiftly back.

  4. Quite interesting how evolution works especially when you consider that its the portuguese who introduced pigs into thr african continent just abt 500yrs ago

  5. Looks like heaven on earth to the warthog.mongoose happy too.everyones a winner.Roll up roll up suppers here

  6. This is so awesome! Was how relaxed that warthog looks, I feel like I'm the one getting a massage! LOL

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