The Most ICONIC Scandals, Bugs & Broken Updates in Dota 2 History

The Most ICONIC Scandals, Bugs & Broken Updates in Dota 2 History

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  1. I haven't play dota since 6.60 patch, I still remember when I was in internet café centaur is always get ban cause of his ult, OP as fuck even back in dota 1, first build is heart of tarasque no cooldown while taking damage, can even stack it and even 6 tarasque lol. you can rest to enemies fountain.

  2. This feels like a horror being told but in an interesting way, Yay! Unpleasant nostalgia's crawling through my back.

  3. @2:20 the philippino prof dota player Kuku should copy Solo as an example. rather, they tried to cover it up, and let all the philippino dota community join the rally (just to get a senseless sympathy from countrymates) instead of making public statement to stop his fans (or country fellowman) from barbaric bantering (he does beliv that if he gets mass support, it will appear that the Chinese government is just simply unlawful) kuku and ddz should kiss each other

  4. I think that the main take-away from this video is that, generally, all the Dota 2 pro players are objectively hotter than the ones from the League scene. (talking about the guys, because team Siren is pretty high up there)

  5. this one time my friend dave went on my account and sent my friends swears and i got banned for simpsons porn. You should cover this?

  6. TI9 is going to be a shitshow. Valve is so dumb for allowing it to be held in China. That country has more corruption than honest business.

  7. I think the only bugs mentioned in the vid is the fact that Dota players have girlfriends

  8. The bet must have been 100 000$ right? No one in their right mind would do something like that for 322$ ?

  9. Considering how shit the Shanghai majort was the fact valve decided to go back there for ti is still mind boggling for me

  10. Loki controlled Hulk, Like Chen controlled Roshan…
    (After bug fixed)…
    Chen : You can't beat the Holy Knight!!!
    *Roshan slammed Chen…

  11. I remember all of these so called "scandals", and I can safely say that none of them were considered "scandals". Even the outcry over the firing of 2GD was not a big deal. Most people were ok with the decision as 2GD made China porn jokes on live stream. Even the joke was lame…

  12. Got over 3k hours in Dota2, Haven't touched the game after Gabe called 2GD an ASS.
    The slipper wearing cumstain bearded blob can shove a lootcrate up his ASS.

  13. Centaur Warrunner seemed pretty tame compared to the monster that was League of Legends's Xin Zhao. On release, Xin could more or less solo enemy teams with powerful self-healing, damage and tank a crap ton of damage.

  14. Pick jug vs pugna and void…so stupid shit thus kuro. Liquid lose because of this so called legendary captain. If kuro quit the team, liquid can be returned as the king

  15. James is actually a misogynistic ass and he being fired was the best for the community even tho some people could not acknowledged that at the time

  16. there was a short time when fatal bonds was bugged and applayed fatal bonds damage to everyone affected by it causeing a feedback loop that killed everyone instantly

  17. 14:03 Nothing to indicate he was going to be fired for making those comments/jokes you say? Wow, I can't find anything wrong with that kind of language coming from a commentator that is supposed to be pro…oh it was the Shanghai Major? Never mind then, carry on.

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