The Lion Guard Too Many Termites Part 4 – Grace Connor

The Lion Guard Too Many Termites Part 4 – Grace Connor

Thanks you very much! Wouldn’t it have been easier just to not kick us out in the first place He’s got a point there Unger just say Look, I’m really sorry. That was a mistake I warder you because we thought you were hyena hyena Hyenas do I look like I do you? Pretty much. Yeah, uh You marred wolves really don’t get out much Do you we still need to find the rest of your pack so we can take you all home? What’s in it for me Well, you get to go home a home that’s now totally overrun with termites, by the way Termites Now you’re talking why didn’t you say so in the first place let’s go Yeah, we’ll never find us here I hope Poor brain module fuh We’re safe Maybe I’ll take a peek just to be sure Yep all clear Oh Something smells delicious Oh Hard wolves Gogoi. You know what I said? Oh you too, baby boy boy All right, oh never mind keep sleeping if you want just more scrumptious aardwolf for me and the kids And me at heart wolf thought so smells like a whole pack of them just moved in next door One of the hyraxes move out they didn’t. Oh, yeah They were delicious now that you’re up time. We said hello to our new neighbors Whatever you say dear It’s roomy nice and big wall-to-wall dirt, yeah do that there’s nothing here to eat. Oh, I wouldn’t say that We’re the folks from next door howdy neighbors, huh You scared us for a second there. We thought you were the lion guard Lion guard where but me Ray Ray made me do it boy boy. Oh Hey, you don’t like him either. Oh, well, don’t worry. He’ll never find us we totally gave him the slip I think I see Well now you just set your minds at ease we’re the furthest thing from the lion guard believe you me and uh, Why exactly were you running away from the lion guard because they’re mean and they’re scary Say it sister, but mainly because kion swore sent us flying out of the pride lands and then they came over here He won’t tell them where we are. Will you don’t you worry about that? I promise the lion guard won’t find hide nor hair of you Well, maybe a little hard and maybe a little All we’re trying to say is as your new neighbors, we’re gonna be such good friends and you know, what friends do Have each other for dinner He means have each other over for dinner

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  1. The Lion Guard Too Many Termites Part 4 – Grace Connor
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