The Lion Guard Too Many Termites Ep 6 – Ellis Coles

The Lion Guard Too Many Termites Ep 6 – Ellis Coles

Thanks you very much! yeah and we can eat them all they need
us to you hear that we could go home any termites so let’s go hold on a second I
thought we were going to have to no here well I don’t know
you got any termites Oh trust me none of you are leaving this cave hungry in fact
none of you are leaving at all boy boy push something’s not right why they do
that maybe they’re still scared of us you think they didn’t believe my jamba I
promised we’d make things right come on Oh No can you see through the crack I
can try chuckles
should we wait for the kids we’ll bring them the leftovers all clear kion kion
so nice of you to drop by got to admit I wish you’d have come a
little later I’ll bet you do ray right anybody got going going he’s not going
anywhere all right ray ray time for you to go
home you betcha okay manga stay in there here don’t we go I go I go
I go she seemed like such a good hostess until she tried to eat us yeah that sort
of spoiled the party I could really use a termite about now could we go home and
eat best idea I’ve heard all day hey buddy
how you doing I’m fine I guess mr. termites I’m trying to be brave
about it but I got to admit a do person well we’ve got a little surprise that
might make you feel better I don’t think there’s anything that could do that how
about a thank-you gift from the Art Walks hey save me some unbelievable
working I really don’t feel better

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  1. The Lion Guard Too Many Termites Ep 6 – Ellis Coles
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