The forbeedden game – Bee Movie DS – Part 1 (FULL SERIES)

The forbeedden game – Bee Movie DS – Part 1 (FULL SERIES)

Gamers said it couldn’t be done No one’s ever played this game Felix you’re crazy to do it I don’t care. ok? it’s gamer week god damn it and this is the days where dreams come true. today we’re playing bee movie game Bee Movie Game! that’s the title of this game it didn’t take long for me to run out of games to play did it? why am i playing this? cuz i CAN. alright? let’s just frickin go! oh my god what is that? *juanette whuung?* so that’s a chinese bee? cool hello again new hive city we’re here again with a very special guest oh god i have to figure out the controls what’s A? it’s an emulator oh I think I figured it out. ok of course it is now barry tell us about your adventure. you like…. bees? ok. loading. bzzz I like that I like that. This game has attention to detail goddamn it “bzz.” oh god did I break it?no awwwwwww….. that sucks let’s try that again yyeeah! alright too much epicness for this game apparently that’s fine! I don’t mind redoing all of that! vicarious visions what have they done they made crash bandicoot they made destiny 2 alright let’s do a save slate here we go gamers pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplesase please PLEASE. alright gamers here we goooo here we freaking go gamers Adam. now that you co-congraduations (??) can’t read. you want to go with adam? noo get outta my way h8rs I’m playin bee movie! it’s gaming week excuse me bae!? haha gaming wEEeek!! smash like and buy all the merch for gam– alright can’t go there ay watcha where youre goin! thats what they– that’s a line from the film “my sweater is ralph lauren” woah! he does cool animation if you don’t play see that’s attention to detail that I expect from creators of bee movie. excuse me. “can i help u with something?” nope guess not.

100 thoughts on “The forbeedden game – Bee Movie DS – Part 1 (FULL SERIES)”

  1. anyone else realised how massive barry is? at around 12:00 he's nearly the size of the bricks in the floor and unless its a really tiny dog hes pretty big compared to that too

  2. Whatching that bee run and hearing Felix’s voice at the same time has been the highlight of my year.

  3. I played The Bee Movie Game on a console at my friends house and it was epic. It wasn’t this DS version. It was like 3D! Epic

  4. I used to play this on my DSi and I would go around asking people if they had seen Bee Movie and then I would show them the game regardless if they said yes or no😂

  5. Hey guys!! I have a YT channel pls check it out. It is not rly good cuz I just started but pls just give me a chance it means the world to me

  6. The PS2 version of this game was actually pretty good, you can drive cars and everything. I remember having a blast playing it when I was younger.

  7. It's sad that they wont make sequel for the Bee movie, but I think they should make a movie about this game. It could be called: "Bee movie game movie"

  8. О, Боже… спасите меня, мне тоже нравится эта игра! Опа… у Юджина новое видео… я УШЛА!

  9. I’m fairly new to PewDiePie and I wanted to watch some of his gaming videos so I searched them up and this is what I found

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