The Cockroach and Gun Prank

The Cockroach and Gun Prank

My name is Steven Frank. My name is Mehmet Edip. And we are both professional actors, Hired to scare the living hell… Out of Adult Film Star… Alison Rey! This is going to be really fun! Alison thinks she’s coming here for a photoshoot… Her agent contacted American Pranksters, And wanted to setup a good scare, so… We’ve planted this disgusting cockroach, On the toilet paper, In her dressing room! I can’t wait to see her face when she screams! But that’s not it… We’ve rigged this entire building with hidden cameras! So sit back and enjoy this epic scare prank! Oh, hey! You must be Alison, right? Yeah. Hey, Mehmet. Nice to meet you. How was the drive down? Not too bad. Good, good, give me a second. I’m just putting this stuff away. Ok. Hi Alison, my name is Steven Frank. Hi, it’s so nice to meet you! Nice to meet you. I’m the owner of the company. Cool, Cool. My wife is stalking me and uh, She’s got a loaded gun. So I’m locking up… (Door Locks) No, seriously, let me double check, Because she is freakin crazy. Is it safe to shoot here? Anyway, let me take you to your room… I’ve got you the best dressing room in this place! Honestly, your going to go crazy. And it’s right, Here. Best place in the house. Ok, thank you. Your welcome! (Scream) Oh! (Gunshots) (Scream) Oh my God! Oh, my God!!! (Gasp) Oh my God! (Scream) (Scream) (Screams) (Screams) (Screams) It’s all right! You’ve been pranked, By American Pranksters! Who the fuck are American Pranksters? (Scream) (Screams) That was the scariest thing that ever happened in my life, Like, worst fears going to a set ever! Like, fuck you for doing that to me, I’m going to be afraid every time I go to a new set now!

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  1. найс постанова, она может вас нахуй засудить.
    вы снимали то, как она сцала

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