The Ants

The Ants

It so happened that I was sat in the sun with a book, and just as I was about to nod off, a little voice called out: “Excuse me, what is this for?” A small ant had crawled across the page of my book, and was now sat staring up at me. “What?” I said. “Excuse me,” the ant said, “what is this for?” “What is what for?” I said. “This great black and white expanse I’m standing on now,” it tapped the book with a little black leg. “Look,” I said, “you wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you.” “That might be so,” the ant said, “but though I am very small, I am also very curious, and I don’t want to turn to dust having known nothing at all. So, if you would, please – what is this for?” He stood up on his two back legs, eagerly awaiting my answer, and his antennae stood to attention most respectfully. I said: *Sigh* “It’s like this: you’re standing on a page. Pages are made from trees, we put lots of them together and call it a book.” “What is a book for, then?” the ant said. “Well, it stores thoughts,” I said. “That way, we can transmit them to other people very far away.” “How?” the ant said. “Now, look, this isn’t the time or place,” I said, a little too firmly. The ant bowed his tiny head, and his antennae wilted. I said softly: “Look, you see those little black squiggles – excuse me; to you, very big black squiggles about you on the page?” The ant nodded. “Those are words and numbers.” “They don’t look like words and numbers,” the ant said. “They represent them,” I said. “Hmm,” the ant said and thought about this a while. I said: “Do you understand?” The ant said: “Not really. You were right. It’s beyond me. But though I’ll never be as clever as you animals, I’m at least a little cleverer than I was a moment ago. So thank you for that.” “You’re welcome”, I said. “Well, good luck on being a thing in the world,” the ant said. “Good luck to you, too,” I said. The little ant made off on his way and disappeared into the grass. I read to the end of my page, but could not forget the little ant. Eventually, I looked up from the book – to the trees, to the mountain, to the sky. The moon was climbing up for evening, birds were migrating in the distance. I called out: “Excuse me, what is this for?” “What?” came a booming voice above. “This great green and blue sphere I’m standing on now,” I patted the ground with my foot, “What is all this for?” “Look,” the voice said, “you wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you.” “That might be so,” I shouted, “but though I am very small, I am also very curious, and I don’t want to turn to dust having known nothing at all. So, if you would, please – what is all this for?” And the voice said: *Sigh* “It’s like this…”


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  1. Dammit. You did it again. I really do hope your name doesn’t get lost in history. You are, at least to me, one of today’s greatest philosophers. Such beautiful and articulate writing. Thank you.

  2. It's like this: – Do 3 dmt hits … see all those fractals? that is where consciousness is stored and transmitted for every life form in the multiverse. Do you understand?
    human: – Not really. You were right, it's beyond me. But, I'm at least a little cleverer than I was a moment ago. So thank you for that

  3. Oh, finally someone who also sees a parallel between an ant's perception and ability to understand things compared to humans, and the human perception and ability to understand things and the universe (ow what could be called "god"). I was starting to think it was just me!

  4. make a longer one please i dont care what lesson to take from taht yes i understand what r u tryin to say but PLEASE MAKE A LONGER 1

  5. ant: walks up to me
    me:oh hi there
    ant: Hello. How do i book?
    me: …

    me: squishes ant by closing book i need sleep, I'm starting to fu**ing hallucinate and I'm talking to ants

  6. this is dumb …. cant a being so intelligent figure out a way to explain in a way thats understandable ….. i guess he cant do everything

  7. I agree. Why the hell don't we have anyone else to talk to other than ourselves!!!????

    Like, we came so close to the other human species that we literally absorbed them into our DNA and yet we have no exclusive thought from them to examine!


  9. i remeber a movie i watched that followed a similar comcept. It goes like this:

    there is is scientist guy who doesnt belive in God. He finds a girl that he falls in love with who is a believer. When the guy asks why he should believe in god when the idea of him being real seems unrealistic, the girl points at an ant nearby and says that compared to ants we are Gods, our world is completely out of their understanding of whats possible, so why is it so hard to believe that there might be someone overseeing us that we are just incapable of visualising. Then the girl dies in an elevator accident and i forgot the rest.

    i just googled it, its called "I Origins" solid film

  10. This video has been out for 2 days, and much like the other wonderful videos, questioning the questions i didn’t even know i had, and giving an explanation to a question never asked, i have watched it a few times over, here or there and every time i find new meaning. Keep it up my new, yet seemingly old friend!

  11. You know I have two sides of my brain One being Stupid and funny and the other Smart and Exstestential. and you see the reason I love this channel is that it has content for both sides some smart and existential and some Funny And stupid so it has a good balance.

  12. Man, I have never found a channel that has resonated with me so much. I really like the way you explain certain concepts through stories and interactions. You don't have to explicitly say that which you intend to say, and I will still understand. It's the type of thing that's so hard to describe in words but makes such perfect sense to feel it. Like a silent understanding, the type that'd be disturbed when brought out of the mind and given a voice.

  13. I love your content so fucking much! Every video make put me in a better mood and gives me hope for the future. Your videos and your words are so inspiring!

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