The Ant Beings / Starseed delegation in Africa

The Ant Beings / Starseed delegation in Africa

and in this moment I would like to ask
if the being called Ashtar is available and would be willing to connect and
communicate with us I’m here Hello Ashtar Hello Hara it’s so nice to connect with you again. it is. thank you very much for coming through We are happy to continue the
series. wonderful! Very happy to do so do you have questions?
do you have curiosity? share it ! of course I do I mean… I always do! I know! So lead the way! If you think about the last session that the two of you did together Is there anything that’s
coming up that you would like to followup on? that sparks your cusiosity? any question that comes up spontaneously Yes, there is one and this is in regards to the
beings that came through and I was wondering, I think it might be useful for
people to know with what race they are interacting with.Which race is doing the
transmission, so I just wanted to check and ask if the beings that came through
in the previous session where the Ant Beings? Yes that would be an appropriate
name. Well there are different sources of energy and information and we think this will
be quite a unique contribution so but yes
give them a name, it’s required in this planet so I have a question I had this question
before we start these transmissions I was wondering about light language. my
first question would be the transmissions that came through some
days ago can we call it “Liight Language”? you can call it cosmic language yes I was wondering about the light language because one day I I woke up
during the night and I start to speak words that were creating light, balls of
light and then later okay that must have been what the people human on earth
called light language and I was interested in this concept I never found
information about how actually is the light language being created? I would like to explain to you what you saw when you were speaking. you were connecting to
the energy level the visual aspects of the energy that was created through what
you were speaking. the same can be observed also with human language or with
any type of language, it only depends on the energy that the words carry and
that the person is broadcasting in the moment that they speak, so human language
has some words which have a higher vibration and light language as you call
it and many of the cosmic languages have, are by nature higher in
vibration so if you speak it the energetic pattern
that is created by speaking it’s automatically on average higher than the
human language. does that answer your question? yes thank you very much. you’re
welcome so then I’m very excited to ask what have you
prepared for us today? what would the transmission for today be we would like to continue the last
transmission you got a first introduction and glimpse of the language
of our beloved friend and she would like to share more about her group, about her
species, and if time allows about the starseeds connected to her group yes please very well and I will pass on. I am very excited to
talk to you today thank you thank you thanking the two of you for ths opportunity!
it is so interesting to speak through a human vessel Our vessel visited us in freamtime many years ago it was a time when she was very much connected to thr preparation of starseeeds
before they are landing on Planet Earth And we are honored that we were one of the
groups that she paid a visit to in order to understand better which groups are
being prepared currently we are a large group of about 200,000 consciousnesses/
souls, about 50% of us incarnate and 50% stay in the non-physical realms to
monitor prepare our fellow group members many of us are incarnating in Africa we hope that this transmission and the
transmission of my voice is going to trigger some memory to help those who
are incarnated to remember their origin or other to remember the beginning of
their journey down to earth because it will be helpful for their
fulfillment. Most of us incarnate with humanitarian purpose. if you have
question feel free to ask Thank you. You mentioned Africa you said that many of
you reincarnate within human bodies in Africa. why is that so? we chose African continent for our concetrated effort. the country
resonates with us the vast landscapes that still exist,
the deserts they have a very strong and energetic potential that we open to tap
into also while incarnated we have a very strong affinity to crystals which will help our
group to anchor energy and to find the their own strength really as it is still very dense on earth. are there certain crystals that you are working with? no, crystals in general we have a strong
affinity even just Silizium (Silica) and sand we can draw a lot of strength from it and we intend to use it to ignite a wave of empowerment on the black continent as you call it I would like to ask. Does your home planet have a name that humans could relate to? hmm no… okay and in your planner do you
incarnate in physical bodies? sometimes we too incarnate in dense bodies, comparable to the human body, in density comparable we are humanoid but we have more extremities than humans yes we do have a similarity to the animal that you call ant,
so extremities the arms have a strong similarity and the head, the mandibula and the antennas So are the ants on earth in any way connected to you? to your DNA? I mean yes,
we share blueprint, we share blueprint of the form but we do not walk…we walk upright like humans do so unlike what you call ants okay, I have heard that the Hopi Tribe had
depicted you. Had you connect to them at that ? Yes, these where our ancestors
from a lomg long time ago what do you mean ancestors? They were are forfathers, they visited Earth okay, so they had
extraterrestrial origin and they visited earth and they created civilizations
here? my people had visited earth before and some human groups still
remember this time when they were active on Earth (our ancestors) we are an explorative species, we enjoy
visiting and researching foreign planets interacting with species, learning,
teaching, and that’s what we did Also in the past. And now right now we are
choosing to also send delegations of us into human bodies which is a very
different experience a very challenging eperience, as you know Have you been involved in the creation of
planet Earth or the human beings? yes Can you specify your question? Yes, I’ve read
that there is a race with this similar description as you describe yourselves
that they were actually the the ones who were involved in the creation of the
species here on planet Earth You know there are so many aspects that are
part of creation and we did play a role in the creation because we were teaching,
we were teaching and by this way triggering development. This is a very
large topic and we can if you wish explore it in another point in time. Right now we would really like to focus on the Starseeds and surely also our
history here as visitors on the planet the chapter about how specifically we
influenced and supported humanity in the beginnings we can have a separate
conversation about it it’s a very large and complex subject I understand thank you. So in regards to the starseeds, do you have a
message for them? your family here on Earth Yes, I would like
them to trust in their intuition in their inner knowledge. They
have a very strong intuition Especially when they are close to minerals It really is as such with our species We love rocks, we love minerals, so it helps us
to connect deeply to our essence and then the images will come up which for some
might be disturbing because for the human eye, for most human eyes how we look
is scary and sometimes of putting because humans are mammals and we look
like inscects to them obviously you are no mammals and we are no insects, but it’s an
instinct that is deeply ingrained in human DNA to be a little bit scared of this
because it’s yeah so different So, if my fellow…my fellow group members, our Starseeds currently on earth, when they start to see us, to remember themselves having
different bodies I would like to invite them to see with
their heart and to allow, to know to allow the inner knowing to unfold it will help them greatly to connect to us to reconnect to us in dreamtime, to visit our hub from there we can help them on their mission How can they connect? Once they realize their origin they will be calling us, their hearts will be calling us
and this will allow us to connect And then the question would be, how do these Starseeds remember, realize this origin Are there some perhaps common
characteristics of Starseeds that are connected to your race or any other sign
or way that they could identify themselves ? Yes, at the moment we are
monitoring some of our fellow Starseeds and they developed a keen interest in inscects So they have this passion and the love for the shape of inscects, but unfortunately many of them think they are just fantasizing, they see themselves
as humanoid ants So we would really like them to trust and
just follow faithfully along with what they think is imagination because a
lot of it it’s actually a memory And this would help also many times they do
think that they are actually because they are very sensitive, they do perceive
different realms and sometimes they can see us but then again they think they
are fantasizing and actually just talking to themselves, so also then
we would love them to embrace the idea that this is real, because it is and by doing so their whole… they will enter another universe almost, which is also for many of them, part of their purpose to really remember, to remember their cosmic
biography or at least part of it This would be one thing that would help the ones who are incarnated right now. I wonder if you physically connect with these Starseeds Do you visit earth and have some physical interactions
with them? No. Our group, the one I introduced at the beginning we are not, I am not incarnated I do not have a physical body the moment Do you have a name? Or an energetic signature or something? How could we refer to you? “Atzuck” Slowly in human language it would be Aaaa… t …. tzzzzzzzzzzzzz … oooooooo … ck That’s the closest to human language Could you help our vessel by perhaps spelling? Aaaa… t …. tzzzzzzzzzzzzz … oooooooo … ck Did this help? Thank you It is interesting to speak through a human mouth I can imagine Do you have ships
that you travel throughout the universe? Yes, even though we prefer to travel
differently in my case I do not have a body at the moment not a physical dense body I just… closest would be calling it to project to where I would like to be We do not need ships for this Not if we do not have physical bodies. And our mission specifically,
is to either be incarnated in a human body or to be in our hub currently, the two hundred thousand that I spoke about So for our group specifically these are the
travel modalities to project and sometimes we do this. we leave the hub, we connect to our other members of our species across the cosmos,
this we do by projecting to the relevant place Wonderful, thank you very much! We are slowly running out of time,
so I would like to ask if there is any last message, that you would like
to give to us today? I would like to thank you so much Thank you from really bottom
of my heart and I know that I’m speaking for my entire group here We appreciate this opportunity so much Thank you very very much

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  1. I can't wait to hear what is coming next now Hara Katsiki. I am fascinated totally by these transmissions.

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