5 Deadly Insects ft. Draw Curiosity! [CC]

The audio for that bit is gonna be great… three two one
action! Hi, welcome to SquidThink! Hi! this is Inés Dawson, she’s from draw curiosity
on YouTube and she has been so generous as to make the time to talk about
insects! Specifically the deadliest ones because you know insects are badass
– protect yourself. So insects are a class and they’re in the phylum Arthropoda.
Arthropoda comes from the greek words of arthron meaning joint and poda meaning
leg or foot so they are joint leg/ footed, up to you, up to your discretion
as to which one. There are many subclasses within insecta such as paleoptera which includes orders like odonata which has
dragonflies and mayflies, or paraneoptera which includes things like hemiptera which are the true bugs so don’t just go around calling insects
bugs because you’re wrong you idiot. So there are two reasons why the insects
that we’re going to be talking about today are deadly!
we’re gonna be talking about two types 1. vectors and 2. venomous. So if you’re a
vector you’re a disease carrying organism and that is bad,
we don’t like vectors, and there are a lot of insects that do that.
Yeah there’s… there’s a lot of them. and we’re gonna be talking about the venomous ones
– remember the difference between venomous and poisonous: poisonous is you munch on
them you die, venomous is they munch on you then you die…did I say that right?
you did! I was like: good, she knows it!
The vast majority of insects that we’re going to be looking at all
belong to Endopterygota because pretty much the vast majority of insects
can be found there and the reason why is because the larval form is different to
the adult form so they undergo metamorphosis
metamorphosis, yeah!
think your caterpillar that becomes a butterfly or your maggot that becomes a
fly or a beetle. There are many many many good things about having your youthful
form to be very different to your adult form which is your youngsters and your
adults don’t actually compete for the same niche, but it also means they can
get quite crazy life cycles where they heavily specialize on
particular animals which will play into the vector lifestyle
– how interesting don’t you want to learn more??
one of the orders that we’re gonna be talking about
today is siphenoptera so that includes the fleas they have 2,500 species within
them. They’re obligate ectoparasites which means they have to live on top of
a body in order to live they have to be drinking your blood because they suck
get it?? they have a lifespan of roughly a hundred days and they are ridiculously
fast breeders they lay about fifty eggs a day and they can lay up to 2,000
within their lifecycle. So why are these guys deadly? we all know about
fleas because we all know about the Black Plague, we all know about the Black
Death where about 25 million people died… the plague is quite rare nowadays but it
is still around symptoms of the plague can include things like diarrhea, extreme
vomiting, gangrene where your skin just turns black and necrosis and falls off
your body which you don’t want in case you didn’t know… I mean you might want a
necrotic black arm? if y’know that’s your thing?
– not sure if it’s in style or
not, but free costume?
– yeah free costume! yeah just get the plague
They are also vectors of Lyme disease this can cause skin rashes headaches
night sweats or heart and neurological problems. Lyme disease can cause a
cardiological symptom called heart block there were three reported deaths because
of this from 2012 to 2013 so it’s deadly it’s not good. I also did
not realize that fleas could be carriers of Lyme disease because I
always thought of them as you know the ticks, the famous ticks from the
fields or the lungs that carry it and I mean plenty of ticks do carry Lyme
disease unsurprising that there should be sucky bugs that would do that as well.
– They can also cause murine typhus which causes join and back pain and more
nausea and more vomiting and many more diseases as well! so many in fact we
don’t have time to talk about them so let’s move on to the next insect!
Fronting the next section are the hymenopteran which is the bees the
wasps and the ants and we’re going to talk about the fire ants
so fire ant bites apart from hurting a bit like fire can cause death nap to
around five percent of cases. This is because there’s a toxin which is an
alkaloid protein called solenopsin which can cause an allergic reaction in
around five percent of people or basically cause an anaphylactic shock so
whilst one or two bites is probably fine if you do find yourself caught up in a
fire ants nest and you happen to be allergic that could spell bad news for
you if you’re not able to get an EpiPen or to Hospital pretty soon.
– or if you’re like me and you can’t use an EpiPen in your anaphylactic reaction
you’re F**KED another notable mention from Hymenoptera
is the Africanized honeybees. They’re genetically modified to survive better
in tropical conditions and to provide more honey
Africanized honeybees are far more aggressive than traditional…
traditional bees?? *European. Approximately a thousand deaths per year are
attributed to Africanized honeybees and that’s because they sting ten times more
than European honeybees. They also have more aggressive behavior in
general and they’re higher on guards so honeybees have guards outside of their
nests so that other bees or intruders like wasps or other insects don’t steal
their hard-earned honey. There’s many theories as to how they differentiate
between conspecifics and allospecifics one of these theories is the odor
convergence hypothesis where different species or different hives will forage
on different plants, so one might forage on an orange blossom and take nectar
from the orange blossom tree and others might take it from the Jasmine bush or
something like that. However many experiments have been done which have
kind of disproven this one so the primary theory at the moment is pheromones
– and in fact it’s most likely almost certainly pheromones because hymenopterans have these CHCs or special compounds found on their cuticles which
is determined genetically and basically they’re more related all of the
individuals are inside the hive the more likely they are to have kind of a
unified hive smell where everyone smells the same and my guess because I don’t
actually know this but I think that Africanised
honey bees probably only have one drone and maybe the queen is monogamous which
means that all of them are highly related so there’s higher stakes for all
of the workers to try and protect the hive a lot more, which if I can be sneaky
and do a self-promo I do have a video on superorganisms which is about
how very strict monogamy in organisms causes the evolution of super-organisms
and quite possibly that might be what’s happening with these Africanized honey
bees. but also apparently with strict monogamy comes strict aggressiveness
against everyone who that’s not from the clan
– rad!
we have a prop for the next one
so the next one is the Asian… I almost said Asian giant African Hornet I was
like wait, no!
– Asian giant European African hornet
– they spread all over the world and change its name
– a symbol of diversity!
– next up is probably one you’ve been waiting for which is the
Asian giant Hornet, they caused around 30 to 50 deaths annually in Japan. They’re
pretty hefty in size – so this is NOT a deadly Hornet, it’s the
largest European wasp species and it’s actually pretty docile it just likes to
sting scarabs and not much else but it’s pretty big the Asian Hornet is
bigger than this. Not only do they sting you but when you kill one of them they
actually release an attack pheromone which calls out to all of the other ones
who go into essentially guarding mode and they’ll all go and sting you
together and it’s a similar situation as with maybe the fire ants or with
honeybees where one or two stings might be fine but when you’re pretty much
attacked by a swarm it’s a lot more likely to cause or trigger an
anaphylactic reaction and being so large and having such a dangerous sting
already makes them dangerous so if you ever see a Hornet be
careful like Asian Hornet to any kind of Hornet
just stay away from them appreciate their largeness from afar! They are big for a
reason you can see them just as well while maintaining a good distance. In
addition to squishing other Hornets as a way to trigger their pheromones
there are also c5 to c10 esters which you can do this such as certain food
scents i think apple flavors well one of the ones i read about, just watch out
when eating apples around in japan fortunately, apples are quite expensive
in Japan
– Oh yeah! the next order we’re gonna be talking about is hemiptera
otherwise known as the true bugs the ones that I mentioned in the beginning
that I got mad at you for calling other insects bugs for. The bug that we’re
going to be talking about from the Hemiptera order is the kissing bugs, these
are found in Asia Africa Australia and in some parts of America. They’re part of
the subfamily triatomine and there are also potential vectors for Chagas
– I had a bit of a scare with Chagas disease and by a bit of a scare
I mean I’ve got bitten by a kissing bug at the time I wasn’t too sure if I could
be at risk of Chagas or not. Basically kissing bugs poop as they eat and then
the parasite is found in the poop and it’s quite easy for it to get into the
wounds on your face
– *nature is beautiful* only about 20% of people get the acute
phase of Chagas disease so it’s usually characterized by what’s known as
romanya’s symptom where your face swells up or the site of the bite we might get
a fever and might get some form of malaise, however this usually happens in
people who are younger or elderly patients, maybe immunocompromised people.
It’s not unusual to develop it but just not know about it. And then it goes onto
the chronic phase so the parasite will lodge itself somewhere in your body
usually heart muscle and then it just goes dormant for a very long time until
it decides to resurface… what happens then?
– so it can do one of two things it
could either affect your nervous system so it can affect your motor skills which
can cause dementia and confusion or it can affect your digestive system and
cause enlargement of the tissues giving you a mega colon or a mega esophagus.
That being said there was some good news and it is that Chagas isn’t quite the
death sentence it used to be. Firstly detection methods
are a lot better so in my case I actually got an antibody test done and
it came back clear so pretty much it was just me being worried about bites
appearing on my face, but if it does come up positive there are special medicines
that are targeted to these parasites so you would have to take them I think for
a few months or however long your doctor says. The medication does come with side
effects so it won’t be pleasant but in most cases it completely gets rid of it
and of course the best thing to do is always to exercise caution if you’re
going somewhere that could be dangerous or contain dangerous insects then
obviously wear DEET, have mosquito repellent, have a mosquito net check your
mattress for bed bugs, bugs, fleas anything that could potentially prey on
you at night, and enjoy your stay! – Are you a Travelodge? We’re filming in a hotel
right now if you can’t tell, we walked into the lobby and we saw this giant crystal
chandelier of they’re both just kind of went “HOLY F*CK”. She found a jaguar in
the toilet I still don’t know if this is the car Jaguar or like a animal Jaguar
but it doesn’t matter it has the same level of opulence
– I’m just yeah I’m gonna leave that to your imagination, and I’ll
say one more thing: there were two of them Screams luxury, doesnt scream bed bugs
– so what have we learnt from today number one we’ve
learned that lots of tiny things can kill you we really should mention though
that all of the insects that we’ve talked about today and all of the
diseases that you can get the deaths that are associated with the insects
that we’ve been talking about are really rare in fact you’re much more likely to
have a far more common death though I don’t know being run over being in a
traffic accident or maybe having a tree fall on top of you I’m terrified of
trees in practice you know watch out for certain but for certain bugs of the true
and fake a variety but as you say we tend to glamorize fear and things that
are unusual but scary and out you know out of this world
we’re much more likely to talk about them and remember
they’re a lot less likely to happen as well what we’re trying to say is that
nature yes it can be dangerous and yes it can be scary but it’s also really
really important and insects as tiny as they are also vitally important to the
ecosystem as obviously much the time they’re probably a little bit more
scared of you well then vice versa I mean there is a reason that these bees
are attacking intruders in the first place they’re just trying to protect
their home yeah as long as you stay away from them give them their breathing
space there’s no reason they should come for you remember that we share the
planet with a bunch of things and some of those things have six legs it should
be nice of them and some of them bite some of them sting some of them are
vectors some of them are venomous but all of them are lovely as well here we
should have mentioned mosquitoes yeah we should another
hopefully you’ve learned something new from today’s video yeah and about a few
new insects hopefully you were someone who didn’t hate insects so I hope you
don’t hate them now after hearing about them the vast majority are good eggs
just doing their ecological nice job out there a lot of them are pollinators as
well so you know next time you bite into a juicy Apple not around wasps though
remember we talked about this you have the bees and the other pollinators and
all the lovely things with wings to thank for that
but yeah that’s all we have for you today guys I really really hope you
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