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Hi, welcome back. Trump has been slammed for his lack of preparation, which isn’t fair just look how hard he’s worked preparing his November ninth excuses. I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged. I have to be honest. People are gonna walk in they’re gonna vote 10 times maybe, who knows. I’m telling you November eighth. We better be careful because that election is going to be rigged I think you get the subtext here, Trump and his supporters are absolutely terrified of riggers. In the debate Trump said he would accept the results of the election and graciously not pursue a coup d’etat but that promise, like Trump’s wedding vows, lasted about four days. You gotta watch your polling booths because I hear too many stories about Pennsylvania. Certain areas, I hear too many bad stories and we can’t lose an election because of– you know what I’m talking about. He’s talking about areas historically teeming with riggers. How are Trump supporters handling this mixed messaging? I sent Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart to find out Donald Trump supporters have gotten his message loud and clear both of them he’s been saying that the election is rigged. Do you have any thoughts on that? yeah definitely the election can, eh, is definitely rigged. Is that just protecting himself before the results in case he loses? No. He won’t lose. So why would the election be rigged then? Of course it’s rigged, Jesus Christ. Who’s he running against? Hillary Clinton. She’s a liar do you think that Trump is gonna win? Of course he’s gonna win, by a landslide. But you just said the elections going to be rigged Oh, it’s not gonna be rigged in his favor. So it’s rigged if Hillary wins but not rigged if Trump wins.
(TRUMP SUPPORTER) Exactly. Isn’t that kind of like saying any woman who didn’t want to date you was a lesbian? exactly. (SAM VOICEOVER) Turns out, in-person voter fraud is real…ly insignificant, according to experts who have exhaustively studied it and found that it’s so rare it doesn’t affect election outcomes It’s actually been shown that there have been 31 cases of voter fraud out of a billion since 2000. Is that right? Yeah. So that’s what the media is saying then. Oh, so you don’t believe anything in the media? I think they’ve got their own agenda that they go with, yes. If this interview is shown on TV then we’re both part of the media Yeah, yeah we are are you worried that we’re lying? Uh, no, I’m just going off of — no, not necessarily. (SAM VOICEOVER) And if Trump can convince his supporters that he’s the Schrödinger’s Cat of candidates, both winning and losing at the same time, he can also get them to believe that the media is rigged against him. It’s definitely not right for him. He doesn’t get a fair shake CNN, they Trump bash all the time So the media is favoring Hillary Clinton? Hundred percent, Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t get hammered on the emails, she doesn’t get hammered on Benghazi. But you seem to know a lot about that them. I mean, I, I watch news Why did we find out about her fainting just by some person like you or I catching it on a iPhone? So you think she should have flagged up — “I’m about to faint, can we get a proper film crew in right now?” Yeah. Oh it absolutely is rigged. Um, every person that I have talked to supports Trump. I just feel like everyone close to me has the same ideas and everyone that I’m friends with socially on social media, I’ve seen way more people talking about Trump.
(ALLANA) Facebook? Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, whatever. Well isn’t that just people that you know? Maybe? Maybe. (SAM VOICEOVER) The people in your social circles share a lot of interesting facts you won’t find on the news. George Soros owns the company that makes some of the voting machines. If the Democrats could rig the voting machines, why would they lose the congressional races in 2010? Maybe to just throw us off. Hustling! Yeah. (SAM VOICEOVER) And to make sure there’s no hustling this time, Trump has enlisted his supporters to be– let’s just call them “amateur poll watchers” because “potentially illegal poll intimidators” is a bit on the nose What is it exactly that you’re looking for? Well just, if I saw the same person come in twice or change their hats and um, you know, I don’t know
(ALLANA) Like maybe get several wigs? Right, I mean–
(ALLANA) you can completely transform your face with a fake mustache So I would watch for that Right. Yep, I’ve already signed up to be what’s called a pole watcher.
(AMY) Oh, great. The main thing is for us to be there to you know, show that Trump is a good– that’s… you know… support Trump, just make sure that people aren’t trying to sway voters right there But you’re trying to sway voters. I might. I mean, I–
(AMY) Oh, so you’re checking that other people don’t do what you’re doing Yeah. Exactly, exactly.
(AMY) So you can win. Right. Well, no, so America can win. (SAM VOICEOVER) One way or the other. We either take our country back by a vote, or we take our country back by another revolution. That’s where we’re at. (SAM VOICEOVER) And if Hillary Clinton should lose? I think that Hillary Clinton, if she were to lose the election, she will claim that the election has been rigged. Maybe she’ll be saying “hey this is rigged” just to buy herself a little insurance policy for losing. Yeah, for that — yeah there you go that’s right, cover herself, sure What a lame thing to do Yeah, right. Just lose like a man. Yeah, I mean, ya– you lose, you lose Tuck your balls in and move on. And move on, that’s right. We’ll be right back

Protect Small Honeybee colonies from Robbing and predators Wasp VS Wasp?

okay so here we are on September 4th so it’s very late in the season and what you’re looking at is a box it’s the bottom box of a flow hive and we have a swarm in it very late in the season they’re gonna need every edge we can give them and we’re gonna have to feed these bees one of the things I want you to notice when we’re trying to help out the honey bees is first of all look at this wide entrance this landing board now this hive the bottom board is screened so there’s plenty of ventilation here but we want to give them another edge and that’s giving them a smaller area to defend the culprits of course are robbing bees and the notorious Yellowjackets very simple thing this is regular window screen and I just cut equal lengths of it and tripled it over here and we’re gonna fold it into a little V and just hand push it into this little opening now the flow hive bottom boards do not have the standard size entrance reducer openings they’re a little smaller so we’re just going to loose fit this in there and wasps for example the Yellowjackets can’t pull it out the only thing that’s going to move this would be a mouse or something trying to get in and we’re not worried about that and if it were moved we would know that there’s a mouse around trying to get into our colony here but what we’re trying to cut down on is the amount of effort that they have to put out to defend the colony and of course limit the access zone for the Yellowjackets which sometimes sneaked in on the far edges to either side it’s a small colony the swarm I suspect was about 3 or 4 pounds not huge but not terribly small I think their chances are really good because we’re still going into a pretty strong nectar flow here with the goldenrod the asters they’re getting pollen from a number of sources including sunflowers and this is a simple thing so we’re closing it in without shutting down ventilation we want them to stay cool today is 88 degrees Fahrenheit so now we’ve got about a four inch opening that they can very easily defend and they inspect the beads that are coming in from the field here and this is just a close-up to show you that our guards are doing their job pretty easily notice them grabbing and inspecting every bee that comes in this is a pretty good behavior for a newly captured and hived swarm so I’m pretty pleased with them I had no problems we have Acorn pre-waxed frames inside some have drawn comb if you want to keep your swarm from taking off put a frame of brood in there and they will not leave those developing brood and it gives them a good kick off they’re kind of have their work cut out for them here as we’re gonna run out of resources within the next eight to ten weeks and we’ll talk a little more about the pollen resources in the area but I’m also doing things to other beehives that I have in my apiary and I want to show you some of the landing board and entry differences and what we’re doing about Yellowjackets in the apiary you can hear my chickens in the background here they roam freely through the apiary and they collect bugs all day long and of course this hive is situated in the shade so that’s going to help them out too the blue spruce which is on our right here as we’re looking at the scene is where the swarm congregated and we clipped the branch off and then I put it right on top of the hive this is one of those beesmart design ventilated tops also which vents without allowing other insects to get in like the Yellow Jackets and even the bees can’t come in through the top and now we’re looking at the whole width of the board and the activity is pretty good so it’s good to see them already bringing in pollen which is interesting to me consider they really don’t have any place to put it unless they’re drawing out comb in record time now we’re looking at another standard Langstroth hive this is the landing board and we have not restricted the entrance that’s because there’s an abundance of bees this is an extremely strong colony of bees and they’re more than capable of defending their entrance from the full length of their landing board and there’s something you should notice they are doing deck washing here so if you look at the bees on the leading edge of the landing board they’re all kind of moving forward and going backwards they are licking every inch of the surface of that landing board now to the left you can see that they’re lined up like aircrafts and they’re flapping their wings as much as they can if you could smell it if you were in front of this hive you would notice that it is just heavy with nectar the honey is being dehydrated inside all of the colonies they’re bringing on about 2 to 3 pounds per day and hive numbers are great the health of the bees is fantastic and again you can see the abdomens in the foreground here of those that are doing the deck washing maneuver and you can just listen to it the air movement here is substantial right in front of the hive they really do a fantastic job of ventilating and again this is just a standard Langstroth hive design and notice how big the opening is here where we would normally put an entry reducer and real of course install that later on in the year when their numbers get down in the temperatures drop now we do see some of the drones moving around now we’re at the landing board of the flow hive 2 notice that it has a much smaller entrance we can’t fit standard entry reducers here but also notice that it has an aluminum bottom board cover so it is a ventilated bottom board and we have that plastic tray inside where we can do varroa counts varroa this year are extremely low we’ve not treated I’ve only been able to find one or two four row up per colony so they’re doing a fantastic job of keeping those under control on their own again we’re just showing a nice strong colony they don’t need to have their entrance reduced any more and now we’re looking at another flow hive this is the full size flow hive standard not the flow hive 2- and notice that I did restrict their entrance now we have wooden shims stuck in here and that’s because the bottom board of this colony of this hive is screened so they have plenty of ventilation inside we can pull out the insert and increase ventilation or we can push the insert back in from the back and reduce air circulation as needed so if you may recall if you’ve been watching my other videos these are the colonies that had the new Queen’s installed now this looks like a cast-off box but this is my ongoing experiment in my apiary I’m repurposing old bee boxes that I’ve had and you notice they have the vent holes and this is what I’m culturing in the bee yard this is a paper wasp so I decided early in the year since paper wasps don’t attack or harass the honeybees and I’ve never seen a bee hive being robbed by paper wasps I’ve also seen paper wasps driving off Yellow Jackets so it occurred to me if we install a paper wasp nest intentionally in the apiary then we would displace Yellowjackets and we could use wasps to repel other wasps so the beneficial wasps like these paper wasps wish you a terrific job in pest control are actually being raised by me right here in the apiary and I’m going to show you what their nest looks like here in a second but since they have no impact on the honeybees but do displace Yellowjackets my ongoing experiment is to see if increasing the numbers of paper wasps and providing them with habitat in close proximity to my honeybees would help reduce the numbers of the Yellowjackets and so far that has been working we have Yellowjackets everywhere in the environment this time of year and their numbers are extremely small here in my bee yard so let’s open it up I want you to see what they look like and just like managing bees you just move slowly I’m not smoking them I’m just gonna move slow and deliberate and show you what they’re like here I also want you to notice as they come flying out here listen to how quiet their wings are now they’re actually considering that I’m opening their nest and exposing them they really are not that defensive I am protected with a bee suit I’m wearing a ventilated bee suit because it is so hot today but I’m only wearing surgical gloves and I want to show you this nest they do have capped brood that’s what you see the white cottony looking pieces around the perimeter and there are a couple in the middle of the field here we’ll get you in closer so you can take a look and you can see that summer in the process of hatching we’re coming to the end of their hatching season actually so eventually the last batch that grows here we’ll all be queens and then they will go into the next season after wintering over in solitary locations around the environment so we’re just going to you put them back here again listen to them they don’t sound angry at all they’re very laid-back that doesn’t mean you can’t be stung by them you certainly can this is my experiment that I wanted to share with you and that is that I’m keeping them in the middle of my apiary they have had zero impact on the bees the bees don’t seem to pay attention to them they don’t pay attention to the bees they are not competing with the same they’re not competing for the same resources that the bees do although they do get some nectar they’re mostly pest control they do get some pollen but mostly their protein comes from other insects that they are feeding to they’re developing brood so I think having paper wasps like these in the bee yard is a very interesting method for kind of having a wasp versus wasp situation so that the Yellowjackets don’t have free reign I would never manage Yellowjackets like this they would just boil out and sting you anyone who’s had encounters with Yellowjackets knows that they’re extremely defensive I am within a foot of these guys and they are of course very much on alert but they don’t really consider me personally to be a threat so they didn’t really attack get getting you in closer here get a nice look at them I appreciate your comments down below if you have ever seen paper wasps used to displace Yellowjackets I’d like to know more about that from your personal experiences and I can say that this seems to be working out really well now listen to the difference in wing frequency that’s a yellowjacket flying by me and the paper wants just don’t tolerate it now we also have a large paper wasps nest inside my be shed and I go in and out of it and they don’t pay any attention to me at all I also have them in the eaves on either side of my bee shed again to prevent Yellowjackets from moving in so if I have to have wasps around I would say these paper wasps are at the top of my list for those that are passive towards people yet not passive towards other wasps and species now of course we’re out on the golden rod here and there’s another wasp he is not a great pollinator obviously they don’t have the fur that the bees have there none of those split ends that collect the pollen but this loss is actively getting nectar so not every wasp is a yellowjacket keep that in mind and let me know your thoughts thanks for watching

r/maliciouscompliance | Want to be Attacked by Bees?

Rebill my account! I don’t care about the
cost! OC
So I work as a long-term care (LTC) biller. I do pharmacy billing for nursing homes and
assisted living facilities. So any meds they get, I bill. My company is contracted with
LTC facilities, we provide medications to people in LTC. On to the story. I’ve been working in LTC for 16 years. The
company I work for does something that is absolutely unheard of in pharmacy billing…
they care about their patients. So, if your insurance drops a copay of $20, but the “at
cost” price is only $5, we charge you the $5. We give you the lower price. This is really
rare in my field. Most pharmacies are out to freak everyone. My company, actually gives
you the better deal. Here comes Karen… *inbound call: hi, I’d
like to talk about my mom’s bill, she’s at *nursing home. Me: ok, what’s your customer number. *pulls
up customer number Karen: you didn’t run this through my moms
insurance! Me: let me check this out. pause Me: yes, we saw that your copay was actually
higher than the “at cost” rate, so we dropped the charge down, so it’s cheaper
for you. Karen: I pay for insurance and I expect insurance
prices! Me: of course, but when we can charge you
the lesser price, we do that, we try to- *cut off Karen: IDGAF about YOUR prices. I want it
ran through the insurance! For taxes purposes! Me: regardless of that, we can send you an
itemized tax paper, to show what you paid. We just are trying to give you the lower- Karen: I WANT THIS RAN THROUGH THE INSURANCE!
THIS IS RIDICULOUS YOU AREN’T BILLING MY INSURANCE! Me: we did, but our “at cost” gives you
a lower price, so we charged you the lower price. Karen: I AM DONE WITH THIS. BILL THE INSURANCE! Me: your bill is $75. If I bill your insurance,
there are some tier 3 and 4 meds (highest copays, talking $75+), they will raise your
MY ACCOUNT TO THE INSURANCE AND MAIL ME A NEW STATEMENT! Me: yes, ma’am. *call ends. I rebill the
account. Her bill goes from $75 to $396. She gets her new bill a week later. Calls
back. Loses her crap, of course. My boss backed me and told her that since it’s been over
30 days since the meds were dispensed, we can’t reverse the claims. She’s stuck
with the bill. Bottom line: if someone tells you they are giving you the best deal, take
it. Stop playing with the yellow jackets? Ok,
but they tend to get a bit stingy when they get bored.
OCM I worked at a golf course for a while. One
day I was out weedeating and came across a yellow jacket nest. Fortunately the first
ones to come out just happened to hit my string so I saw them before they could get to me.
I stood there for a while with my string spinning over the opening, not a single one made it
out crawling or flying. Then the superintendent of the golf course came up to me and started
yelling at me for staying there too long. Normally I would shut off my weedeater when
he got my attention, but I wasn’t about to let them out. I pointed to the opening and
the bisected yellow jackets flying around the place and told him I couldn’t move until
they stopped coming out. He yelled back “get this ***** area done in 15 minutes or you’ll
be coming in Sunday to stir the compost pile.” I just said “ok,” backed up as fast as possible,
took a few stings and bites, but since at that point he was closer to the hole he got
the worst of it, nearly hit three golf carts after he got back into his utility cart and
sped off, and when I finished up and got back to the shop he called me into his office to
yell at me. He wasn’t going to fire me, he’s the type who will give you the worst jobs
until you quit so you can’t claim unemployment, and he said he was going to knock me down
to minimum wage (at that time I was only ten cents above minimum wage so not much of a
threat), I would be coming in every Sunday to stir the compost, and he’d figure out how
to deal with the overtime issue later. I calmly reminded him that if the Sundays
took me above the 40 hour mark the only way he would be able to legally avoid paying me
overtime would be to give me time off throughout the week to keep me at or below 40 hours,
then I reminded him that not a single yellow jacket had made it out until he demanded that
I move on. They only got out to attack after I followed orders that he had issued after
he clearly saw that there were yellow jackets trying to leave the nest. Then I asked him
if he was going to report the injuries I sustained as a result of his orders to security (all
injuries had to be reported to security no matter how minor, but we usually just let
mild cuts and stings that didn’t cause an allergic reaction slide) or if it was my responsibility
to do so. I wasn’t actually worried about the stings, I had gotten worse from larger
nests at my brother’s house than I did at work with no ill effects, but when dealing
with someone like this you pretty much have to point out all of your missile silos, so
to speak. He was never the type to admit when he was
wrong and that didn’t change that day. He still acted like I was solely responsible
for both of our stings, but he just sent me on to my next task still earning ten cents
above minimum wage and I still had Sundays off. Told to dress better for a job that requires
getting dirty. M
OK, here’s a bit of background. I’ve worked in construction and service for 15 years.
I recently gave up that career for a job in Special effects for TV and movies. Last year I started a production with people
I’ve worked with in the past. I’m a known quantity, and my smart
butt attitude usually precedes me. This production ( which isn’t out yet, so the details will
be sparse ) is mostly set on a train. This set has to wag, shake, and wiggle like a real
train would. So we built heavy teeter totters on wheels. All heavy gauge steel, castors,
and bearings. Now, these gimbels (common name for a motion
platform) have a tendency to make noise; which, as you would imagine, would affect production.
So one of my jobs was to crawl under the set, on a concrete floor, and grease joints, tighten
the bolts, etc. Safety checks were daily. This usually left me somewhat dusty and dirty
though the day. Typically I’d be wearing Carheart pants
and shirt ( both black, of course, gotta stay hidden in the dark as much as possible). Most
film departments that have to do something physical quite often wear black on black,
so anything else is abnormal. This is where we lead into my MC. One day I got a small hole in my shirt, just
a little smaller than a dime, right on the front.. So the first assistant (friend of
mine that I’ve worked with before) says I really need to dress better as there should
be an image we should attain. I just look at him unbelievingly for a second, and he
re-insists. So I agree. I usually agree to things immediately to keep drama down in the
workplace. I immediately know what I’m going to do for the rest of the week (this was on a Tuesday) The next day, I show up in my best dress clothes.
Shirt, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. Completely, 100% wholly overdressed. Nobody
dresses for a wedding in any film department, unless it’s a ‘theme’ day (like tropical
shirt friday). Dressed like this I cannot
do my job, so I just direct co-workers on how to do it. I spent the next 3 days dressing
like that until the SPFX coordinator mentioned that maybe I should dress down now, as I had
“made my point”. I also got a lot of compliments from more than a few people, and every couple
of fridays people would come in with suits for “Formal Friday’s”. It was nice not getting my hands dirty, but
spending close to 50 hours with a tie and dress shoes is something I’d like to avoid
for a while.

Why Ant-Man Is Important For Marvel’s Phase 3 [Time Gem Confirmed] | Nerds Geek Out

Interviewer: Mr. Cross thank you very much for
sitting down with me today. You have worked at Pym Tech your entire
adult life. Cross: Yeah, you might say I was drafted in the
first round. Interviewer: After graduating from MIT at twenty
years old as valedictorian, correct? Cross: They don’t
draft the stupid kids first. Interviewer: So what drew you to PymTech? Cross: Research way ahead of its time but what truly
blew me away was what I found in Pym Tech’s cold storage. Archives of abandoned projects and suspended R&D.
Pym Tech’s shareholders are very happy with the movement of our current projects and
our strategy to stay heavily invested in futures tech and I’ll also say to the people of San
Francisco and the world … they can plan on Pym Tech unveiling a new
venture this summer that I think they’ll find … astonishing. Although the plot for Ant-Man is for-the-most-part self-contained The introduction of Pym Particles
serves as a necessary extension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
and is a great lead in for Phase 3. And here’s why: When you think of shrinking down or scaling up,
you’d naturally be inclined to think that it’s the compression or reconfiguration of matter.
And although we’re talking fiction here, we know that Feige and company
are looking to Quantum Mechanics to try to ground otherwise fantastical science fiction
into generally known laws of Particle Physics.
That being that it is a physical impossibility to literally shrink. The average distance between protons and neutrons that make up the internals of an atom and the surrounding electron cloud
can not be changed. Instead the Pym particles alter the distance between atoms
by removing matter from our dimension and transporting it into the Cosmos dimension, a plane parallel to our own reality. Similarly, in order to increase size, mass is obtained from the Cosmos dimension and inserted into our own reality
to achieve the desired effect. The fact that the Pym Particle is inter-dimensional in nature and has the ability to open access to the quantum realm serves as an excellent segue for audiences into Doctor Strange whose powers are extra-dimensional in nature,
whose stories have him jump from realm to realm and whose enemies are rulers of different dimensions. And since we know that Thanos is coming, we need to get there. Which brings us to
the discussion regarding the possible whereabouts of one of the two remaining Infinity Stones left to be uncovered: Time. We know that from Hank Pym’s description of the subatomic realm and from what we witnessed during Scott Lang’s time in the Quantum Realm that when you enter the dimension,
all concepts of time and space become irrelevant. And if we were to do a comparison to the other known realms as seen with Thor,
we find that that characteristic regarding TimeSpace as described by Hank
is unique to the quantum realm alone. Perhaps it’s possible that amidst the quantum realm alongside Janet Van Dyne we have the Time Gem. But what do you think? Did you see Janet in the Quantum Realm sequence? Could the dynamics of the Pym Particle be used later as a mechanism to help defeat Thanos? How did you feel about Ant-Man and the end of Phase 2? Let’s keep the discussion going in the comments below and thanks for watching!

Roacher of the Week: Amruta Ranade, Sr. Technical Writer at Cockroach Labs

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Amruta, I’m a
writer on the education team, and my recent favorite
project is the video that I made for Flex Friday. And the video is about
establishing balance and I talk about the importance
of establishing balance and giving yourself permission to do that. But it’s not always easy in the tech world because you have so many other things that are demanding your attention. So I hope that video helps
and inspires other people to also give themselves permission to establish balance in their life.

How to Take Black Ant Extract [actionable]

How to Take Black Ant Extract [actionable]

Hey I’m Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs and today I’m talking to you about herbal ingredients that, well, some people would not consider an herb, but we look at herbalism from the Chinese perspective which may include animal parts, minerals, as well as plants which many people think of as herbs. So today we’re talking about an insect, this is actual ants, but it’s not anybody’s it’s an extract of ants – specifically the polyrhachis ant, which has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It is known as the herb of kings, this is as opposed to the king of herbs which ginseng owns that name, but this was one that was used by the royalty in those areas and it’s actually much more of a chi tonic than even ginseng. In Chinese medicine chi is kind of our everyday energy. One of the the great things about ant that for whatever reason it seems to give you energy that you can feel. This is why it is great to use before workouts, it’s one of the reasons we included it in our Hercules pre-workout formula, but even by itself it’s something i’ve been using for a long time. A lot of people will notice that usable energy right away. Of course, as an insect also loaded with vitamins, other nutrients as well. The taste is a little bit, it’s gonna take a little getting used to. It definitely has a very earthy taste, there’s some sour note, some bitterness to it, it also has some pungency, definitely that flavor kind of pops – not spicy, but there’s something interesting there. So you can just take this and our recommended dose is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon twice a day. This is something you could definitely take early in the morning to help with that energy that you need as well as I said before, workouts is a great time to do it. Some people might find it a little stimulating so I would avoid using it late at night, especially if you find that doesn’t work for you. So you can take a small amount, just throw it in your mouth, you’ll really get the taste that way. This is something that if you cut it with something sour tasting like, let’s say a lemon or our sea buckthorn berry powder, that’s definitely gonna help mitigate the taste a little bit, but if you throw a big amount in something like this in a shaker or smoothie, it’s probably gonna throw the flavor off, but if you use a little bit you can probably mask it pretty well. But the easiest way to take this may be just in water and you just down it quickly, that’s something you can definitely do. Like I said, Ant great for usable energy, supplying a lot of nutrition, I definitely recommend you give this one shot. Thanks so much for watching this video. If you’d like to get more information, click the link around this video and you’ll be taken to our website. Once there you can click around, we have tons of information, scientific studies, details about the herbs and its historical use, reviews, and so much more. So head over there you and ‘ll be able to find that info and pick up a back today.

Funniest Spelling Bee Moments Caught On Camera

Yo, what’s going on guys! Welcome to Reaction Time! Actually a funny story just happened. I basically took a nap, and when I woke up. For some reason I thought the iridocyclitis kid that said Which is basically a guy that just repeats the word he was given in a spelling contest And I thought it would be amazing if we react to some spelling bee moments Basically these are the funniest moments! So, I know some shit goes down. I know there’s people that fainted, I know there’s people that complete freaked out because they didn’t get the because they didn’t get the word right like these are just absolutely hilarious so without further ado, lets do this (from video) iridocyclitis OH! (hands clapped) It’s my .. thats my HOMIE! (Spelling) Come on baby (More spelling) iridocyclitis (mimicking) iridocyclitis UHHHH iridocyclitis is spelled I R I D O C I C L I T I S NOOO. He got it wrong guys. Thank you so much everyone Iridocyclitis I mean the kid is cool, you can’t lie about that. ButI don’t why it just became a meme and just went around, it was trending, it was so funny but I mean I reall like the kid *Clapping* That was a pretty funny one (commentator) He is such a happy kid. From Florida, Jacob Williamson, Number 38! *Clapping* Dang!!!!! He’s going insane! *Clapping* *Laughing* IT HAPPENED! I DID IT! You guys should meme this, like, when you’re finally out of the friend zone And just see this guy so happy YEAH! kabaragoya kabaragoya (Nerdy Voice) I KNOW IT! I totally KNOW IT! Okay RIGHT on MAN! (Spelling) C A B A R A G O Y A Its a K! AWW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, let me rephrase that When you finally got out of the friendzone But then she said she likes you like a brother instead Brothers don’t (inaudible) That’s what just happened to this guy I feel kinda bad Uhhhhhh He was so excited


From what I’ve heard, people’s opinions
on the first Ant-Man generally range from it’s one of the best MCU movies to yeah….it’s
alright. And I think I more lean towards the lower
end of the spectrum. It’s fun for the most part, but it’s more
average than a lot of the MCU films, and it’s one that I haven’t really revisited which
is unusual for me with MCU movies. The sequel though I was more excited for,
it wasn’t wrapped up in production problems like the first, and it looked crazier and
more fun than the first. So, how does Ant-Man and the Wasp stack up
to the rest of the MCU in this post Infinity War phase of movies? Let’s talk about it. *clip*
And as I mostly do for these sorts of films, I’m going non-spoilers first, and then with
a warning I’ll get into spoilers later on. So overall, Ant-Man and the Wasp, I thought
it was pretty good. It’s definitely flawed and of phase 3, it’s
definitely towards the bottom of these, but that also just speaks to the quality of phase
3 so far. It’s a fun good time at the cinema, mostly. First off, Paul Rudd has gotta be one the
most likable actors in Hollywood. He’s very charismatic, very funny, and I’m
so happy he’s part of the MCU. He’s obviously great. Michael Douglas, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle
Pfeiffer, Jim Halpert, they’re all good. Michael Pena is pretty hilarious once again,
he’s probably the funniest part of this movie? Villain-wise, I loved Walton Goggins in this,
he chews up the scenery a bit and I was engaged whenever he was onscreen. Hannah John-Kamen is pretty good as Ghost,
I think Ghost is a better villain than Yellowjacket, like she has a better motivation
and is a more interesting character, but she’s feels more like an average MCU villain. Not the blandness level of Ronan or Malekith,
but more around a Kaecilius. And finally, the other lead in the film, Evangeline
Lilly as Wasp. I’ll be honest, at first, I didn’t love
her. Not the performance, Evangeline Lilly is great,
but the way her character is written, at least at the start, I found her honestly a bit unlikable,
and it seemed a bit out of line with what the first film had ended on, even though yes,
I know a lot happened between then that affect his movie. However, as the movie goes, specifically after
a scene at a school, her character ogt much better for me, and I ended up really liking
her. She not only was quite likable by the end
but also really badass, her action scenes were really cool. I also loved her team up moments with Scott
in term sof action and in terms of romance, they actually have pretty good chemistry. I’d love to see more of her character in
the future. Another big part of most MCU movies but especially
Ant-Man is the comedy, seeing as this comes from a comedy director and has a famous comic
actor as one of the leads, and yeah, it’s pretty funny. Not every joke hit for me but it was more
hits than misses for sure, and again, Luis’ stories were pretty hilarious. Going into this I’d somehow forgotten about
those and as soon as I heard that music gearing up it just made me smile. The movie also has a few emotional moments,
I didn’t think all of them were that effective but there was one towards that, especially
thanks to the performances, kinda hit me. Action wise I think this is much better than
the first Ant-Man and is exactly what I was hoping for. There is so much you can do with this premise
of shrinking and growing stuff and this movie fully takes advantage of it. Some really creative stuff here,a and that’s
when I think this movie is at it’s best and when the people involved had the most fun
with it, when tis the crazy comic book stuff and size manipulation in the action. Effects wise, also pretty fantastic, almost
nothing looked fake to me. The best part of this movie for me was easily
the finale, overall the third act I loved. If the whole movie had had that level of energy
I think it would be upt here with some of the other MCU phase 3 movies. There are chases and fight sequences with
that size manipulation involved, awesome stuff. And ultimately, and this will lead into me
talking about what I didn’t like so much, the movie really picks up when that school
scene that I mentioned comes. Most stuff after that was funny or exciting
or I was engaged in. That’s where I felt this movie shined. On the other side of that coin though, there’s
the first part of the movie, and now I’m gonna talk negatives. I saw in a few reviews people saying I enjoyed
the first part of this movie and it really falls apart in the third act, I couldn’t
disagree more. I thought the first part of this movie, I’m
not sure how long but maybe like the first 45 minutes to an hour? Was easily the weakest part. Firstly the opening scene I thought was really
bad, it felt like they had made the rest of the movie and then were like oh, what if someone
hasn’t seen the first Ant-Man? Let’s give them a recap in a way through
dialogue that feels really unnatural and forced. It was a bit like the Black Panther opening
scene, where in that movie it feels sort of out of place. So the movie didn’t start strong to me. The rest of that first half to me, while there
were a few standout moments in terms of action and comedy, like Scott’s house arrest montage,
a lot of it was really bland to me. It felt like the worst parts of the first
Ant-Man again, where in hat film there are quite a few scenes where it’s just characters
either saying exposition or saying science mumbo jumbo, and it’s not horrible, it’s just
not very engaging and the way it was executed it just felt a bit bland and at some points
even a little dull. Again, not without some good moments, but
if I rewatch this film I’ll probably fast forward through a lot of that first half,
it was just very ehh to me. There are a few other things as well, a big
one I would say would be the stakes. Now I really liked the fact that they didn’t
have like an end of the world type story, because after Infinity War you can’t really
raise the stakes beyond that, you need to have a more personal story. It’s kinda like Winter SOldier, after the
Avengers it’s good to have a more grounded (you know relatively speaking) story with
more personal stakes. That I liked. The problem isn’t that the stakes were lowered
for this, the problem is I never really felt that concerned for anyone involved, or like
it wasn’t gonna work out, the stakes never feel that high not just for the world btu
even for the characters who this is all about. A smaller reason for this could be that sometimes
humor breaks scenes that are more serious and it feels kinda out of place and immediately
takes any possible tension out of that scene, like especially when it’s characters who aren’t
necessarily jokey who are doing it. But that happens in a lot of MCU movies and
it’s not usually that big of a problem. In this, in that climax, even though I was
having a lot of fun, I never really felt like it wasn’t gonna work out for the heroes. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat at all,
I was enjoying myself, but going back to Winter Soldier again, I was never actually worried
that something was gonna go wrong. And I know, in these movies, with a few exceptions,
you know everything’s gonna work out for the heroes more or less, but at it’s best
this kind of movie can make you forget that and still keep you really invested. In this during any big action scene or tense
part of the climax I was like, yeah they’re gonna be fine. IN that as well, there weren’t really that
many surprises in this movie for me, and overall it might have a bit too much going on? Like maybe one of these plot lines could’ve
been trimmed down or possibly even cut entirely, because at points the movie can feel a little
bloated and ends up feeling a bit longer than it is. Also this isn’t anything against the movie
itself, but I really wish they hadn’t put this Giant-Man part in all the trailers and
tv spots, because that scene was really cool but it would’ve been so much cooler if we
hadn’t seen it so many times. I get that they sort of had to, marketing,
you want a big epic part to the trailer that people remember, but still, in a perfect world
they could’ve left that out. Overall, Ant-Man and the Wasp is another good
MCU movie. It’s incredible that they’ve been going
for this long with this many movies and in my opinion haven’t’ made a bad film yt. At worst they’re just average. This I would say is a good step above totally
average, it’s a very fun time with some creative action, good effects, funny moments, and a
pretty likable cast. It does take a bit of time to get going, has
a few dull spots, and ultimately is more bland than the other MCU movies we’ve gotten lately. I guess we’re spoiled with the MCU movies
we get but the last few have all had their own very distinct feels, and this one, while
not totally generic, just doesn’t quite sit among those in my opinion. Still, I’d recommend it, it’s good summer
fun. I’ll give Ant-Man and the Wasp an 8.5/10. As far as my MCU ranking I’d probably put
it here, and yes this time I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget any. Ok, so now we’re talking spoilers. There isn’t a lot I have to say here, but
the few things there are, yeah some of them are pretty massive. So, spoiler warning, you’ve been warned,
5,4,3,2,1. Ok, firstly just a few small things. One, I liked the fact that Marvel finally
acknowledged that the classic Marvel disguise of sunglasses and a cap is stupid and wouldn’t
ever work. Not only with the joke but also in the fact
that Hope and Hank are immediately ID’d. An Ant-Man staple returns in this film, that
being de aged Michael Douglas, and man does it look great. Whoever Marvel gets for their deaging effects,
they need a raise, cuz Marvel is clearly the best at this. Also, this isn’t spoiler-y at all and this
is a very small thing, and I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I just wanna make sure
I have it on record, I love that MCU opening logo. A lot of people say it’s too long or it’s
self indulgent, I don’t care, it gets me hyped up for the movie every time I see it. I liked Janet reuniting with Hope, great performances
and it was one of the few actually sort of emotional moments in the film. I also liked that this movie has just a straight
up full out happy ending, after Infinity War it was sort of nice to just be smiling when
the credits started. I mean, then the credits kept going and….well
we’ll get to that in a sec. Also I just wanna ask, when does this movie
take place in the MCU timeline? Cuz I guess I’m pretty invested in that
now. It must be right before Infinity War, or like
at the same time as Infinity War right? Cuz it’s 2 years after Civil War. Between the start of Infinity War and the
snap it’s about….what? Two days or so? So this has to be before that, otherwise I
think people would be weirded out by the crazy aliens in New York. But in Infinity War I’m pretty sure they
mention Scott’s under house arrest and no one goes like, yeah but remember that time
he became giant and ran around San Francisco. But hey, this isn’t a complaint or anything,
I’m just trying to place this. And when you think about it Spider-Man Homecoming
apparently takes place in 2020 so whatever. And now, finally, let’s talk post credits. Now the very last post credits scene, gotta
be honest, it’s not worth staying for. I usually wouldn’t say that cuz I think
even if it’s very minor, a hardcore fan might wanna see it, but you’ve seen it in the
trailer, you’ve seen it earlier in the film, it’s just not worth staying for. The mid credits scene though, man. I mean everyone knew something like that was
gonna happen, and the entire scene I was waiting like ok, one of you is gonna turn to dust
in a second, but the actual execution of it I thought was great, almost like a horror
movie. I guess Scott’s now trapped in the Quantum
Realm until Avengers 4. I will say, this does sort of confirm to me
that yeah these dead heroes are coming back. And like that was pretty certain already not
just cuz sequels have already been announced but because no matter how risky their storytelling
is, Marvel is not going to kill off Spider-Man Black Panther nearly all of the Guardians
of the Galaxy, etc. permanently. And here, it just sunk in that they wouldn’t
have used this film to set up the Wasp as this awesome hero and bringing Janet back
out of the Quantum Realm just to kill them. They’re all gonna make it back. Also I’m pretty sure Janet said something
about time travel or something in the Quantum Realm, which sort’ve made me sit up in my
seat and think hey, Avengers 4? More on that in a future video. Finally though, I just wanna say this mdi
credits scene really emphasizes just how big this universe has become and how these smaller
movies are sort of now more like episodes in a bigger story. And that’s not a bad thing, but at this
point, these movies aren’t really standalone movies. If you showed this movie to someone who had
no idea what Marvel is, it would be the most bizarre thing in the world to them. The movie has a proper structure, beginning,
middle, happy end, and then the main characters turn to dust during the credits. But again, I don’t dislike that. This is a very new and innovative type of
franchise that’s never been done before, so this idea of movies being so intertwined
especially leading up to a big event like Avengers 3 or 4, I really like. That being said, I’m also a huge fan of
these movies who’s followed this story and knows everything that’s going on, and I
might be a little worried if I was Marvel that this tactic may start to alienate certain
people. But with Infinity War being as big of a cultural
phenomenon it was, I think this example works and 99% of people are gonna get it. All that said, the scene itself awsa pretty
awesome, left me even more excited for Avengers 4, and also very much shocked a lot of people
in my cinema. So those were my thoughts on Ant-Man and the
Wasp. What did you think of it? Let me know all of your thoughts down below
in the comments. While you’re at it be sure to like this
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Can Ant-Man Time Travel?

Before we begin – major heads up – this video
has big spoilers for Avengers Infinity War, and will be exploring the potential plot of
the 4th Avengers film, including discusses leaks from the set of the film. You’ve been warned. Can Ant-Man Time Travel? That’s one of the big questions on everyone’s
mind these days. After the events of Avengers Infinity War
and the seemingly irreversible actions Thanos took to succeed in his goal of wiping out
half of all living things in the universe, fans are dying to know what on earth the remaining
heroes can do to bring everyone back. And since the heroes failed to prevent Thanos
from getting all of the Infinity Stones and succeeding – thanks Star-Lord – the most popular
theory to explain how all of our other heroes will return is time travel. And we know that they will be returning – the
first film slated for after Avengers 4 is the sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming. And Peter was dusted. The sequel to Ant-Man, Ant-Man, and The Wasp,
out on July 6th in the US is said to be exploring the quantum realm further. And the Quantum Realm is pretty important
if a time travel will take place. Without Doctor Strange in the picture, the
next most possible route to time travel is the only other heroes in the MCU who have
traveled to the Quantum Realm and returned – Scott Lang, and the man who discovered the
Quantum Realm, Hank Pym. Taking place in between Captain America Civil
War and Avengers Infinity War, Ant-Man and The Wasp has Scott now under house arrest
because of his participation in Civil War when he’s present with a new mission by
Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne. Hope has become the new Wasp, and because
of the announcement that Michelle Pfeiffer will be starring as Janet van Dyne, it’s
suspected that Scott and Hope will be venturing into the Quantum Realm to retrieve her – Janet
was lost in the Quantum Realm years ago during a mission with Hank. So, what exactly is the Quantum Realm? Fans of Marvel comics will be familiar with
it being the term for the Microverses. Microverses used to be defined as any universe
only accessible through vibrational attunement aka shrinking real damn little. The micro verses are not tiny universes contained
in atoms – rather, the nexuses that make them accessible are microscopic, making it theoretically
possible to access the same micro-verse from different points on Earth. In the MCU, the Quantum Realm is described
as an alternate dimension, accessible by using a Sling Ring or Pym Particles. Space and Time are believed to be irrelevant
there. In the first Ant-Man, Scott is trapped there,
but alters his suit, replacing the shrinking regulator with an enlarging one. According to Marvel’s quantum physicist
consultant Dr. Spiros Michalakis, understanding the quantum realm will be essential for Captain
Marvel’s story in her solo film. He went on to say in an interview with Inverse,
“If someone could go to a place where the laws of physics as we know them were not yet
formed, at a place where the arrow of time was broken and the fabric of space was not
yet woven, the powers of such a master of the quantum realm would only be constructed
by their ability to come back to the same (or similar) reality from which they departed. All the superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics
combined would stand no chance against Ant-Man with a malfunctioning regulator.” So, perhaps the answer to our question is
a hard maybe – a mastery of the quantum realm and understanding how the entry points work
when it comes to space and time may be able to dictate re-entering the past on Earth 616. But what really drives this theory of Ant-Man
being able to time travel via the Quantum Realm is all of the news that’s popped up
over recent months about the 4th Avengers film. There’s a lot of hints leaked from the set
that suggest a few key plot points, which have fuelled the time travel theories. Chris Evans has been spotted in his Captain
America costume from the first Avengers film, with his hair the same length as it was in
that movie. Speaking of hair, Chris Hemsworth was spotting
with his long flowing locks. Robert Downey Jr was wearing Stark’s Black
Sabbath t-shirt. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki was spotted in chains. In another scene, Chris Evans was spotted
walking down a street with a bunch of old cars. And, on top of all that Marvel also released
a casting call looking for extras tone part of a scene set in an office in the 1960s. Now at the time that these were released back
when the film was shooting last August after Infinity War had wrapped, everyone assumed
that this was a flashback scene. But then Paul Rudd was spotted on set in his
Ant-Man costume during the additional photography for the film. And if you’re unfamiliar with the MCU timeline,
Scott Lang wouldn’t become Ant-Man until after the Battle of New York. Another curious thing is that if you look
closely at the hands of Tony, Cap, and Ant-Man, they all have these little devices on them. Could those be used to aid the time travel
via the Quantum Realm? Stark is also wearing a SHIELD tactical vest
and jacket. And with all of these various time leaps,
it seems incredibly likely that time travel will be a plot point. The battle of New York is a pretty important
one when it comes to the lead up to Infinity War – both the space stone and the mind stone
were present at that battle, in the tesseract, opening up the portal, and in Loki’s staff. Photos of Jeremy Renner also popped up, with
him cloaked in a blanket, but hints of his wardrobe poking out, reveal a suit that’s
very much like the one that Clint Barton wears when he takes on the Ronin alias. While Barton becoming Ronin in the comics
had a sensical lead-up plot-wise, it’s been a big question mark for fans as to why he
wouldn’t just return as Hawkeye. Now, consider this. The MCU has a history of deviating from the
comics. For example, Hank Pym was the creator of Ultron
in the comics, but in the films, Tony Stark was the man behind the robot. And it’s been reported that the MCU will be
altering Carol Danvers origin story in some way. Whether or not that will have some sort of
connection to the quantum realm is still up for debate, but some fans think that it’s
no coincidence that Ant-Man and the Wasp were chosen to come out prior to Captain Marvel. Could she be another hero capable of accessing
it? Has she been living in the Quantum Realm since
the 90s? Several big questions from the post-credits
scene of Infinity War could tie that together – why had Nick Fury not contacted the hero
until now? Could it be that his space beeper can communicate
to that realm? And why, being a native of Earth, did she
leave? Surely these are all answers we’ll get from
the Captain Marvel film next year. So, what could all this mean for the plot
of Avengers 4? Well, say that in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Hank,
Scott, and Hope manage to find a way to get Janet van Dyne out of the Quantum Realm. Infinity War happens, Scott realizes he may
be able to help and works with the Avengers along with Captain Marvel to construct those
little handpieces they’re all wearing, and travel back in time to alter events in order
to prevent Thanos from getting all of the stones. And I bet the reason why Doctor Strange kept
Stark alive was that he’s the one who crafted that tech in those leaked photos of the actors
on set. Perhaps Clint Barton as Ronin is also part
of the whole fixing the timelines agenda – disguised, he travels to the past with the aid of Ant-Man
or Captain Marvel and does what Ronin does best – some serious ninja s*** – to help put
the plan against Thanos in motion. Brie Larson has shot scenes with Josh Brolin,
meaning we know that she comes face to face with the Mad Titan. Aside from helping sort out traversing the
Quantum Realm better, could her character be acting as a diversion while the Avengers
travel back in time? In the comics, specifically Infinity Gauntlet,
which Infinity War was primarily based off of, has a plot point in which Adam Warlock,
who spearheads the attack on Thanos in the comic, uses the onslaught of heroes against
Thanos as a means of distracting him – this is all so another plan featuring Silver Surfer
can be carried out where Silver Surfer swipes the Gauntlet off of Thanos while Thanos is
distracted. Silver Surfer misses his mark though. Now you could argue that the plan on Titan
with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Mantis, and Drax in Infinity War
was a loose re-hashing of that storyline, but, like we said, the MCU takes liberties,
so who knows. All that being said, playing with time is
a dangerous thing, as we’ve learned from pretty much every single narrative ever that’s
explored time travel. One wrong move and everything could change. So in order to alter time, the Avengers would
be taking a massive risk, unless they precisely understood what needed to change. Perhaps this is where Captain Marvel comes
in, with that precognitive ability she boasts in the comics, but until her film comes out,
we won’t know if she even has that ability, or how strong it is. Also, other thoughts about those leaked set
images – based on the armed soldiers next to Loki and Thor, it seems that the time period
they may return to is RIGHT after the battle ends. This could explain why Iron Man is in SHIELD
gear – he took off the suit and needed clothes, but since Loki is dangerous AF, he got a tactical
vest from SHIELD, who at that point was still very active. Well, that was a lot to digest, wasn’t it? So, what do you all think? Will Scott Lang be key to saving the world
from Thanos’ reign of terror? Based on the set photos, kind of seems inevitable. What’re your theories about how Captain Marvel
will fit into the mix? And how do you think she’ll be associated
with the Quantum Realm? Give us all of your thoughts in those comments
below! If you dug this video, please spread the love
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currently flashing on your screen for more great MCU videos! In the meantime, thanks for watching! Catch you all in the next one!

“Bumblebee Movie” | Trailer Breakdown | Robot Cast | Bee’s Origins Explained

What’s going on Transformer enthusiasts? My name is RBG and I’m back with something I haven’t done in quite a while. Which is give you guys an update on the Transformers film franchise. As you’ve read by the title I’ll be breaking down the latest Bumblebee movie teaser trailer that we got less than 24 hours ago. But before we get into that I wanna remind you that I’m currently giving away free gaming mouses. Since you guys have supported this channel I’ve linked up Mallknow to give you their brand new gaming mouse. It features a high FPS Rate, 7 different switches such as the right & left button. An adjustable DPI, microswitches backed with LED lights, and much more. As I mentioned you can get this mouse absolutely free. All you gotta do is pay for the shipping handling which averages around 5 dollars depending on your location. The link will be in the description box below so make sure you jump on that while the offer last. First and foremost lemme just say that this trailer definitely has a more tamed vibe compared to your usual Bayformers 1. Everything feels like an emotional residence as opposed to a chaotic mess filled with mindless explosions. 1 of the main things a lot of fans have been saying is that this movie has sort of an Iron Giant feel to it. Which I have to admit it kinda does. The trailer opts to not focus on the action and decides to mired itself in charm. It harps on the mystic bond between man and machine. Speaking of the bond between man and machine the trailer starts off with a narration that might come off all too familiar. “A driver don’t pick the car. The car pick the driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine.” For those who don’t know that quote was lifted directly from the 2007 Transformers film via Bobby Boliva, played by the late Bernie Mac. Fans have been questioning if this movie exists in the same canon as the previous installments. But if there’s any indication that it is, Bobby Bolivia’s famous quote confirms it. But moving on we see the main protagonist Charlie Watson, played by Hailee Steinfield wondering around a California beach town Junkyard. From there she discovers an old beatdown Volkswagen Beetle and 1 of the 1st things you’ll notice is the honey comb of Bee’s under the wheel well. Considering the fact that this movie could be a potential origin story for Bumblebee I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that the Bee’s will be the driving inspiration behind his name. I know it’s kinda weird considering in most lore that’s always been his name before he ultimately landed on earth. But this would be a nice little touch added to the live action Transformers mythos. For example we’ve seen similar instances with characters like Jazz. Where Optimus Prime referred to him as designation Jazz, as if Jazz chose another name shortly after arriving on earth. But getting back on track it seems like Charlie Watson may be mechanically inclined. Which seems to be a stable nowadays for anyone who plays the main character. We’ve had characters like Mikaela Banes from the 1st film who learned the tricks of the trade through her experience as a juvenile car thief. And Cade Yeager who was an inventor that built robots and sold them for an honest living. So this seems to be the case with Charlie, like maybe she’s a gear head. Speaking of gear heads if you look closely you’ll notice she’s wearing a t-shirt of the popular 80’s rock band, Motorhead. Shortly after she takes Bumblebee to her garage I noticed that it’s filled with tons of auto mechanic supplies. And if you look closer you’ll notice that she’s probably been working on the red convertible on Bee’s right. Before she can began examining her new car a weird piece falls off it. So she crawls underneath only to discover that the beetle is actually an alien transformer. And lemme just say that in my personal opinion I’m loving this more simplistic design. For the longest time we’ve had to deal with robots who’s designs seemed a bit too busy and detracted from the action. I understand that the design team were trying to make a fully realized extra terrestrial robot that looks convincing. But sometimes less is more and that seems to be the case with Bumblebee’s new design. Everything looks more streamlined while maintaining the same technical sophistication we’ve seen in all the previous films. You can easily distinguish each body part without having to pause the footage or glance hard at the video. I specifically like how the new look harps back on the classic G1 look from the 80’s like the helmet. It bares a similar shape to his original counterpart but keeps the mouth visor. Which is totally understandable because it’s a look that’s brought Bumblebee mainstream appeal after the character had gone missing for so long. For those who don’t know after Bee’s transition to Goldbug in the G1 continuity Hasbro lost the rights the Bumblebee name shortly after. It wasn’t until they teamed up with Paramount that the name would be reacquired and the rest is history. We’ve seen him gain even more popularity in other mediums like the shows such as TF Prime. And he even went on to become the leader of the Autobots in the Robots in Disguise series. But moving on the most noticeable change would have to be Bumblebee’s height. If you remember in the previous entries he was around 17 feet tall. But in this film he looks to be roughly around 10 to 11 feet which is 2 feet shorter than Jazz was in TF 1. Now if I were to over analyze things I’d say that this doesn’t make any sense especially if this is in the same continuity as the previous films. For the longest time Bee has been 17 feet tall, this is even cemented further through Transformers The Last Knight. If you remember during the World War 2 flashbacks, Bee’s alt mode was a Mercedes-Benz 770 but the size of the vehicle had little to no effect on his height. Based on the timeline that would take place 40 years before the events of this film so it does leave a lot of questions. Did Bee perform so kind of mass shifting technique that allows him to simply shrink down to acquire a smaller vehicle? And if so does this essentially mean that transformers are not confined to the limits of their protoforms? I mean we do have the newly introduced element of transformium, which allowed Cybertronians absorb matter and transform into damn near anything. So there is that. If anything I’ll just say that it’s awesome to see Bee back to his traditional look and maybe just maybe this movie will serve as sort of a soft reboot. There’s no doubt that franchise fatigue has started to settle in for not only the Western audience but also the Eastern 1 that has allowed the films to stay afloat. But getting back on track it’s quite noticeable that Bee seems to be traumatized which is made apparent by his timid attitude towards Charlie. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s underwent something with humans that’s made him fear them or for the simple fact he has PTSD. If so this is understandable since he probably has to constantly look over his shoulder for Decepticon threats. Plus he’s most likely had few run-ins with hostile military forces who want to destroy him or perform experiments. As you can see in later parts he’s on the receiving end of attacks from both parties. In 1 scene we see him running away from enemy fire in a wooded area. If I’m gonna take a guess on if it’s fire from Decepticon or humans I’ll have to definitely go with humans. Since Decepticons gunfire tends to be more explosive as opposed to the human or military gunfire that only kicks up debris and sparks. In the midst of all of this you can spot Bee being confronted by what it looks to be the secret American government agency, Sector Seven. This is yet another indication that the film is somewhat canon to the others since Sector Seven has always been 1 of the main antagonist to the Transformers. I’m interested in seeing if they’ll mention how long they’ve been chasing Bumblebee since they’ve referred to him as NBE-2 in the comics. It looks like they’re not playing around as you see they have Charlie and her friends apprehended. And upon closer looks you’ll notice John Cena’s character, Agent Burns who’ll probably prove to be a major human antagonist. You can also spot in another scene where it looks like he and the Sector Seven team are hot on Bumblebee’s tail. After that we get another scene with Bumblebee where his appearance seems to be slightly altered from the earlier sequences. And that is that he has a second alt. mode that features jeep parts. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that somewhere down the line Bee decided to scan 1 of the military jeeps to avoid being caught by Sector 7. It’s also worth mentioning that this makes Bee’s sixth vehicle form throughout the film franchise. If we’re going in order you have the Mercedes Benz 770, the Volkswagon Beetle, the 77 Camaro, the 2006 & 7 Concept Camaros, the 1967 Camero, and the 2014 Camero from Age of Extinction. A pretty hefty list of alt. modes for our Autobot scout. But moving on we finally got what we’ve been asking for what it seems forever. A G1 accurate version of the treacherous Starscream. And man does he look amazing. I know it hasn’t necessarily been confirmed that it’s in fact him but judging by the color scheme and his head design I think it’s a pretty safe assumption to make. This is yet another instance where we essentially see the design team making smart choices. Like having the bodies of the Transformers proportionate. And to be fair the later Bay films such as Age of Extinction & The Last Knight actually did wise up by giving us more proportionate Transformers. We had characters like Drift and Crosshairs with their easy to read humanoid faces. So I’m not gonna bash the previous designs. This new look for Starscream seems to borrow from his G1 counterpart by giving him the recognizable vents on the sides of his helmet. Unlike Bumblebee this design tends to stray further away from his earlier movie versions where he had a deformed face. And thank god he’s not shaped like a Dorito in this 1. Like I know that Michael Bay wanted the Decepticons to look more menacing but their designs were overkill. Not to mention the fact that none of their color schemes matched their originals. I’m guessing that Starscream will be the main antagonist in this film since Megatron’s not gonna be in it. mean he is the second in command so it’s only right that he play the main baddie. Judging from his alt. mode it looks to be a f-4 phantom. Which is a long-range supersonic jet that was made for bombing during the 1960’s. It’s a far cry from his original F-15 g1 vehicle mode but damn does it make up for it with it’s aesthetics. Not to mention the size of it is gonna make him look like big threat to Bumblebee. And it looks like he may be hovering over the wooded area we saw Bee running through earlier in the trailer. But moving on we get another epic scene of Bee using what looks to be his stealth mode on a twisting road. It looks like he’s about to roll off until he projects his arm from his vehicle mode to grab the guard rail. I’m not certain if that’ll play as 1 of his main features but it’d be nice to see it in action more as it makes for some awesome action sequences. The next instance we see is his battle mask which has become iconic throughout the films. This has to be my second favorite out of all of the masks he’s worn with my 1st fave being the 1 from Age of Extinction which this 1 looks similar to. They both hexagonal patterns in the eyes that make him look like a Bee. I love how this 1 actually transforms as opposed to simply sliding over his head like the other versions. And it makes him look more menacing. If you look at the later part of the trailer you’ll notice when he uses the mask, the traditional G1 horns pop out which is a nice touch. The last thing I’d like to go over is the hilarious scene where Charlie insist that Bee uses music to covey his emotions. If anything this pretty much confirms that she played a key role in inspiring Bee to emote through different radio sound bites. If you think about it, things had to be very difficult for Bee back then since he most likely had to use different cassette tapes. But in the more modern films we see that it became easier since he has access to satellite radio. “Can you talk?” “You talk through the radio?” Now as far as the other robot cast members are concerned we know that Optimus Prime will be making an appearance at some point. Peter Cullen went out of his way to confirm this news. I’m hoping that we get a brief scene of Optimus Prime where he gives Bumblebee a mission to search for the cube on Earth. We also have the Decepticon Barricade making a return but no mention on what his vehicle mode will be. If anything I’m just glad that this trailer has been getting favorable impressions. Just judging how Charlie didn’t frantically scream and forcefully try to be funny while Bee was transforming shows me that this movie wants to be more ambitious. We don’t need the Autobots to be fighting over some important artifact that contradicts what’s already been established. And this is probably Paramount’s last hope to get back into favor with the Transformers fans. Hopefully they play it smarter with their ad campaign and not spoil the entire movie like they did with TF5 with all the trailers and tv spots. They should consider themselves lucky that they chose to release this film during the holidays instead of the summer. It probably would’ve suffered a similar fate to Solo a Star Wars movie which I’m glad didn’t screen during Christmas because it would’ve ultimately stifled Bumblebee’s box office attendance records. But anyways I think I’ve rambled on long enough. What are your thoughts on this trailer. Does it rekindle your excitement for the film series? And what do you think about the designs? I wanna know in the comment section below. As always I ask that you Like or Dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future content. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me tremendously if you shared it on social media platforms with all your friends and followers. Once again this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.