18. Swahili 101 – Swahili Vocabulary – Part 2 – Insects & Amphibians

18. Swahili 101 – Swahili Vocabulary – Part 2 – Insects & Amphibians

Hello and welcome back to learning kiswahili
with Kulmansam. In todays lesson, we are going to learn or
add to our vocabulary, continuing from where we left last time talking about fruits.
Today we’re gonna talk about insects and maybe a couple of amphibians.
Actually I have notes that I’ve put on my website where you can go and refer www.kulmansam.com,
umm and I might just add a couple of things as they come along.
Ahh so we’re gonna start with insects. Insects uuhh in Swahili are generally already
referred to in plural form. So you gonna find that alot of stuff is already in plural form
except for one or two things. So lets start with insects!
Insect or insects is “wadudu” Insects=”wadudu”
A single insect is “mdudu” Let’s start with smaller insects like ants
Ant’s in English, in Swahili is “siafu”, [pause and repeats] “siafu”
And a very tiny version of ants is the sugar ants because they always go for suger. But
I believe in the west in America they call them ‘piss ants’, the little black ants, they
don’t actually bite humans per say. Those we call “mdudu chungu” that singular
and in plural we call “wadudu chungu” Uuhh bees, bees is “nyuki”, singular and plural
=”nyuki” Bees=”nyuki” thats for ‘honey bees’
Butterfly, butterfly is “kipepeo”. Butterfly =”kipepeo”. Plural is (Butterflies)=”vipepeo”
Cockroach or cockroaches, singular and plural is both “mende”, “mende”, cockroach is “mebnde”
Dragon fly, I like this one. We used to chase these when we were little.
Dragon fly is called “kerengede”, “kerengede” As kids we also called them ‘helicopters’.
Uhmm fly, flies, the house flies, common house flies is “nzi”, both plural and singular “nzi”.
Grass hopper is “panzi”, grass hopper is “panzi” and the locust is “senene”. Locust is “senene”.
Mosquito or mosquitoes is “mbu”. Singular and plural of mosquitoes is “mbu”
Praying mentis is called “mvunja jungu”. “mvunja jungu” really means “mvunja”=the breaker
of, “jungu” is a clay pot that we used to cook with. I do not know why it’s called that.
But it’s called “mvunja jungu”. Scorpion is “nge”, scorpion is “nge”.
Spider is “buibui” which is both singular and plural. Same as the case with scorpions,
“nge” is singular and plural. The spider =”buibui” is also singular and plural.
Termites is “mchwa”, termites=”mchwa” And a couple of amphibians, frog is “chura”,
frog is “chura”. Any kind of lizard is called “mjusi”.
“mjusi” singular, plural is “wajusi”=lizards. Let me go back to frog (“chura”).
Frog singular is “chura”, plural is “vyura” =frogs. “vyura”=frogs.
Most of the time, just say “chura” you’ll be fine.
And.uuuhhh, like I was saying uuhhh, any type of lizard is “mjusi”, plural is “wajusi”.
You say “mjusi” and then you specify what type of “mjusi”.
So garden lizard for example… we don’t actually have something like that we would still call
it “mjusi” we don’t really specify, people do other things.
uuhh Snake, mmm sanke is “nyoka”, it’s both plural and singular. “Nyoka”=snake.
I think I’m getting away from from insects and amphibians, so we’re gonna stop right
now. With that said, I’ll see you next time in
another lesson. “kwaheri (bye), tutaonana baadae (we will
meet later)

Hungry? A pop-up resturant sells bugs and insects for lunch

When you’re on-the-go and feeling hungry,
the idea of tucking into some fast food can be appealing. But at a pop up restaurant in Cardiff – the
food on offer may not be that appealing to everyone. On the menu are cricket chocolate chip cookies,
bug blinis, salt and vinegar crickets, locust and scorpion lollipops among some other delights. Deep fried insects are regularly eaten as
street food in places like Bangkok. Local delicacies include crickets and worms
which come in a range of flavours including, salt, cheese, seaweed and barbecue and cost
around 65 pence each. But for the British tongue – it’s safe to
say they’re an acquired taste.

This Stick Insect Came Back from Extinction

This Stick Insect Came Back from Extinction

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is the Lord
Howe Island stick insect, and this species did the impossible, they came back from extinction. The Lord Howe Island stick insect is the largest flightless stick insect, and can grow up to four inches in length. That’s almost the length
of an adult human’s hand. It is affectionately
nicknamed the tree lobster, the land lobster, and
even the walking sausage. Lord Howe Island stick insects were once so common on Lord Howe Island that they were used as bait by fishermen. Then a British supply ship
crashed on the island in 1918, accidentally introducing
rats who ate the insects. By 1960, they were declared extinct. Then in 2001, Australian
scientists discovered a tiny population hidden on a
small volcanic island nearby. Thanks to a breeding
program at Melbourne Zoo, they have been able to save
and repopulate this species. This is the Lord Howe Island stick insect. (upbeat music) (tone sounds)

What is an Insect?

What is an Insect?

Funtastic Hop Hop Creep Creep Crawl Crawl Fly Fly Fly, fly, fly! An insect has two antennae An insect has six legs An insect has a head An insect has a thorax An insect has an abdomen And so do I. An insect has two antennae An insect has six legs An insect has a head An insect has a thorax An insect has an abdomen And so do I Insects, insects Insects everywhere You see them in the park You see them in the grass You see them in the dark You can see them in the air Insects, insects Insects everywhere You hear them buzzing by You hear them hiss or squeak You hear the hum at night You hear them in your sleep Hop Hop Creep Creep Crawl Crawl Fly Fly Insects everywhere! Subscribe to our channel. And remember… Be Funtastic! We love you Bye Bye

[Fabre’s Book of Insects]  Ep 23 | Comics for Kids | Educational Comics | Free Comics

[Fabre’s Book of Insects] Ep 23 | Comics for Kids | Educational Comics | Free Comics

It is neither a stream nor a sandy beach. The place where the cabbage butterfly that looked for the place to lay eggs is different It was a ‘cabbage farm’ nearby.
And ~! Other kids besides you are here
You’ve got a lot! These butterflies are in my field
Go away! This guy!
Go somewhere else! old lady! What are you doing now? Do not you see? I’m chasing butterflies. Ah! I know that.
Why are you chasing a butterfly without any guilt? There is no fault! What do you know? Their larvae eat my crops
It makes you tattered. Then I cannot sell it at the right price and I’ve got nothing left!
Do you understand? She is not wrong.
huh! It is a ‘cabbage worm’ They do nothing but eat crops. She can be angry, too. .
Go away!
Go away! What? What are you doing there? The egg is placed on the back of the cabbage leaf, just like a line. Hey! What are you doing there? Ah! No. nothing… . If you leave this egg here She will take it all away. So that’s the only way. Alley-oop! No! Hey! Why are you picking on someone else’s cabbage? Madame! This cabbage … . How much? Take this to your house and put it in a pot! Hopefully I can figure out the process from eggs to butterflies! I ended up planting cabbages in pots.
I do not think so. Anyway! I’ll check to see if the eggs are safe. The number of eggs attached to cabbage leaves is about 200
It seemed to be lined with yellowish elongated rice grains. You! I’ll take good care of you.
You must grow up to be a butterfly. OK? I carefully observed the eggs of cabbage butterfly.
I took care of them. And in case the larvae are born
To be a fresh food I also took care of cabbage. A few days after that … . Oh~! Today is a refreshing morning! Well, I am happy today
Let’s observe the eggs of cabbage butterfly! What? What is that flying over cabbage? Is it the fly bugs? I made the biggest mistake that day.
Wait a moment ~. The guys who I thought they were fly bugs are.
I’ll move on to the sunshine.
It was nothing other than the egg parasitoids. Egg parasitoids are small insects of about 0.4mm in size, and lay eggs where the eggs of cabbage butterflies are gathered.
It was the guy who parasitized his caterpillar. I did not know it at all, but I found out after the caterpillar had woken up in the eggs of cabbage butterfly. Because of egg parasitoid.
More than half of the dead eggs are not even born as larvae. I’m sorry, guys. If I had known beforehand
It could have been born more than this. Newborn larvae eat the shells of their eggs. After eating the eggshells, the larvae start to eat cabbage leaves in earnest. There’s a guy eating from the edge of the leaf.
There is a guy who eats from the center. It looks like eating food according to eating habits … Because they come from a close place to eat a lot. So let’s find out what they look like.


Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new to my channel, hi It’s me zeus and don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell down below you can get notified every time I upload For today’s video this way. We are here outside because really going to go and try this here it’s a suggestion from verbal and thank you so much for suggesting it if you have much more suggestion or Challenges that you want me to do just comment down below and I will try to do it for you without further ado Let’s start the video. We are going to go and try these Original worn Snacks awesome here, just bring close to you and The Flavor is Mexican spice. Oh my gosh. Wish me luck guys because I’ll just do it for you Mexican Spice warm let’s give it a try. I will stand up so at least you can cater So this is it the warm One oh my God one two three go Well, it’s not bad It’s actually good. It tastes like peanut to be honest. I will try it one more time. You can see here well, it’s not bad, so I will rate this Mexican spice a 5 out of 5 It’s actually good ok so let’s try the next flavor Ok so the next one I have a warm Snacks barbecue flavor I’m going to be here okay, so ridging are warm Snacks Barbeque flavor on this bolt in it and Let’s give it a try. So here it is Okay, let’s give you a char one two three go mmm Blow this actually good, too But it tastes like chocolate ready Now hold it one more Jeez Okay, that’s good. I Will rate this barbecue flavor? For okay, so I’m kinda excited for the next one so the next one is going to be crickets Okay, so to start the first cricket and it’s going to be Sour cream onion, and it’s Gonna be this Yes, it’s a real cricket guy So I’m doing my best for all of you Okay, so sour cream and onion cricket oh My God, it’s kind of disgusting alright. Let’s give it a try and this is going to be it guys Cricket let’s give it a try oh Oh my gosh the taste walk No, no Hello, it’s not the head you Know it’s not bad, but it’s just like weird because you know you can see it’s really um. It’s a real cricket, so I Will write this one probably four isn’t that bad? Just weird, okay And let’s try the other flavor. What’s next is on bacon and cheese cricket So it’s going to be like this one here Okay, let’s open it. Oh My gosh, it’s even much more like gross hmM. All right. Let’s see here Okay, okay, so bacon and cheese cricket. Just give you a char. Oh my gosh one two three go. Oh mmm It’s not bad, but doesn’t taste like bacon and cheese This just like gross Okay No, never I guess well Okay, so I guess I would rate this one as three get you started tasting it Now it’s disgusting. Oh okay, so for the last one we will try the salt and vinegar cricket I’m going to take this Okay, so salt and vinegar cricket. Let’s give it a try. Let’s open it Yeah, so dork Come on looks like Okay, okay. I’m going to be this here Or one two three here one two three go Hmm. Oh wow oh the object is Now this one actually act like it. I do you like it. It’s tasty but the Program I Will read just want to supply. I think it’s the best one actually All right guys. That’s me trying insects Thank you for watching the whole video if you like this video don’t forget to click like and also comment down below if you have much more suggestion or Challenges that you wanted to do and also subscribe to my channel because I upload every Monday and see you in my next video bye guys pizza

Insects as a FOOD – URDU

Insects are eaten as food in many countries around the globe In this video I will tell you about different insect eating countries and different insect dishes Subscribe if you are new here Vietnam is considered as one of the biggest insect eating country In this video these Vietnami boys are enjoying insect soup These insects are around 3-4 inch long Here is another video from Vietnam A new insect dish is being prepared Question: Why are these insects used as a food in many countries? Answer: according to science these insects are rich in proteins and other dietary elements Answer: according to science these insects are rich in proteins and other dietary elements This burger looks very yummy and delicious But if someone tell you that this burger is made up of insects You will say No to it Germany and other countries have insect farms Now you will see how these burgers are made First, insects are grinded by a grinder Then spices and salad is added to the mixture Bug burger is ready You are seeing a special kind of flour Which is obtained from the grinding of cricket insects Crickets looks similar to grass hoppers The flour obtained from this insect is used in making biscuits, cakes and other food items Another Question Why is insect eating increasing? The reason is increasing population Increasing population means increasing food demand To fulfill increased food demand Many countries have started eating insects

Centipede Attack! Nerf Battle with Wild Toy Bug Vs. Ethan and Cole in the Woods!

(door clicks) – We finally made it to the lake house! – Yeah, it was such a long trip. – Let’s go check out that view. We’re really high up. – This is a nice view. – I wanna go explore. – I’m gonna take a rest
for a little bit first. – Come on, let’s go explore. – Maybe later. – Come on, Cole. – Have fun exploring, I’m
gonna stay right here. – Whatever. Hey, Dad, I wanna go explore. – Alright, buddy, have fun,
just be careful out there. – Okay. Bye. (peaceful guitar music) – Let’s do this! (peaceful guitar music) Cool. I bet I could climb this. This is awesome! (centipede clicks) What was that? (centipede hisses) Oh well. Whoa, that’s huge pipe. Oh my god. Hello, hello? Hey, what’s that! It can’t be. Gold, there’s gold in this river? We’re gonna be rich! I have to go get Cole! Cole, Cole, Cole…! Cole, Cole, Cole, where are you Cole? Cole, Cole, Cole…look what I found! – Is that gold? – Yeah, there’s gold in that river. – We’re gonna be rich! – I know, let’s go find some more! – Let’s get our gear. – Let’s go, someone else
is gonna find the gold. – I’m just getting our gear ready. – We won’t need that, let’s just go! – There’s animals in the mountains. – I’m a tough mountain man,
I don’t need any weapons. – Are you sure? – I got weapons right here. – Mm. – I got water, let’s go. – I don’t know about this. – I heard something out there,
but I think we’ll be alright. – What you mean by that? – I may have heard something in the bushes by down by the small river. – What do you mean something? – Don’t worry about the little river. We’re gonna go to the big
river, where the big gold is. – Big gold? – Yeah, there’s big chunks
of gold in that big river. – I think we should
bring weapons, but okay. – Let’s go! This is where I found
the first gold nugget, in this little river. – Where’s the big river? – We need to follow this
little river to the big river. – Okay, but we should’ve brought weapons. – This way. We’re gonna be so rich
when we find all that gold. (centipede hissing) Well, we found the river. – Where’s the gold? – Let’s check over there. (animal caws) – What was that? – Probably nothing. – I’m gonna go check it out. – Whatever. (centipede hisses) Wait, no way! Gold! Look at the size of this one! (animal caws) (Cole gasps and screams) Cole! (Cole screams) – Cole, cole, ahh! Not my gold! – We gotta get out of here
there’s something in the bushes. – What about my gold? – Forget it, let’s go get your backpack. – I’m coming back for the gold. I can’t believe you made me
leave the gold in that river. – I saved your life, there
was something in the bushes. – Well, you know what,
I’m gonna go get my gold. (centipede hisses) – You’re gonna be sorry. – Not today I won’t. – Well, good luck. – You’re not coming? – No, there’s something big out there. – Ugh! – Watch out for Big Foot. – I’m not scared of Big Foot. I’m not scared of anything, I’m tough! (Ethan screams) (gun bangs) – Why are you screaming? – There’s a fat, huge,
like snake bug over there. – What? – Go get your weapon, he’s right there! (Cole screams) – Where’d it go? – I’m not sure, but I think
it’s in the kitchen, let’s go. (Mom screams) What is it? – There’s a giant centipede
over by that bed, good luck! (centipede hisses) – There! (guns bang) Where’d it go? (dramatic music) Where is it? – There! (centipede hisses) Get it! (guns bang) It’s going into the living room. – Don’t let it get away! Where’d it go? Look on the back porch, the door’s open. – Go. (centipede hisses) Do you see it? (centipede hisses) Ugh! Whoa! It just jumped over the edge. – It’s gone. – Good, now I can go get my gold. Now I’m gonna go get my
gold, with or without you. – Without me. – Fine, be that way. I told everyone I’d get my gold back. I wonder what Cole was so
scared about in these woods. (animal barks) Huh? (bear roars) (Ethan screams) – Hi guys, today’s comment of the week comes from Brian Payne. Hey guys, your videos rock,
I think a creepy clown video. How old are you, it’s hard to tell. I’m eight. – And I’m five. – And we’ve seen a lot of other YouTubers doing creepy clowns. Do you think we should do it? Let us know in the comments. – Give us a thumbs up. – Check out our Facebook page. – And our Instagram page. – Click on our faces to subscribe and look outside, a big fat crow. Oh well, he’s gone, I heard him though. Okay, bye guys, thanks for watching.

Insect Repellents : Permethrin Insect Repellents

If you don’t want to by the Buzz Off pretreated
clothing, you can actually buy permethrin at your local outfitting store, including
Bill Jackson’s. You can treat this, your clothing that you all ready have at home. It?s very
easy to treat. Basically it comes in a couple of different formats. It comes in a soak in,
which you actually soak your clothes in. You hang them up to dry. Once they dry, your clothes
are treated. It also comes in a spray format. It comes in the tick formula and also the
permethrin formula. All though, these formulas are both the same. The tick formula was the
original that was developed by the chemist. And I forget his name, but he developed this
for ticks. It also applies to mosquitoes. A tip that you can take from this, that you
do not see on the label, is once the clothing is dry, you can actually do it, iron the clothes.
And the permetherin will bond to the fibers a little bit better. When you treat it yourself,
you get about six to eight washings. As opposed to the twenty six washings you get from the
factory. But it?s much less expensive to do it yourself. So this is basically bullet proof
protection for your clothes. And it will insure that you do not get bit.

The 3 Coolest Things Built By Bugs

long before there were skyscrapers and
strip malls and combination pizza at Taco Bell’s nature had its own architects all
kinds of creatures create all kinds of structures for living raising kids or maybe just the
occasional hookup but centimeter per centimeter some of the mightiest and
most delightfully complex structures ever built have been erected by insects
for example let us consider the geometry of bees you have seen the wondrous creation that
is the honeycomb where bees store their honey and you’ve probably noticed it’s
perfect symmetry each cell having six edges all less than 1 millimeter thick
meeting and exactly an angle of a hundred and twenty degrees but do you
know why they chose the hexagon for this structure your math teacher does it’s all about
maximizing efficiency for each gram of wax that a bee produces to build a
honeycomb it needs to consume at least six grams of honey so bees need the
perfect shape that can be repeated endlessly over a flat area and there are
only three shapes that can fit together without leaving gaps squares equilateral
triangles and hexagons and it turns out hexagons have a smaller total perimeter
than either triangles or squares which means that you can fit a lot more of
them in a given area ancient Greek scientists predicted this
more than 2,000 years ago but it wasn’t until nineteen ninety nine when
university of michigan mathematician Thomas Hales wrote a 19-page proof that
the hexagon is more compact that we knew for sure you may also be familiar with termites
probably in a negative connotation but it’s hard not to respect these insects
for the mounds that they sometimes build there are more than a thousand species
of termites and several species in Africa and Australia have constructed mounds
that surpassed nine meters in height if humans were to build a skyscraper on
that scale it will be more than one and a half kilometers high but as impressive
as this is the real genius of termite architecture is that the mounds
feature of ventilation systems so efficient that humans are actually
copying it termites require the inside of their homes to maintain a constant
temperature of 30.5 degrees Celsius why because termites are also fungus
farmers they grow it as one of their major food sources because outside
temperatures in both Africa and Australia can vary between 2 and 40
degrees Celsius the termites construct a system in and around the
mound so the internal temperature always stays
the same using vents and channels that can be regulated throughout the day air
comes in at the base of the structure and has sucked down into tunnels with
muddy walls as the air moves through the tunnels of wet mud the air temperature
is lowered through evaporative cooling meanwhile warmer air inside the mound is
drawn up by convection currents and escapes through the opening or flue at
the very top if the temperature gets too hot or cold
the termites can easily dig new vents or plug up old ones in order to regulate
their climate in Zimbabwe the country’s largest shopping and office complexes
models on this design with no conventional air conditioning or heating
system the east gate center was built with thick concrete walls that have high
heat capacity the building draws in outside air through fans in the first
floor and is warmed or cold depending on which is hotter the concrete or the air
at night the warm air is vented out through chimneys just like in the
termite mound finally we could spend entire episodes talking about spider
structures and the science of silk but I have to tell you how in 2007 a 180
meter long spiderweb came to be at Lake Tawakoni State Park in East Texas
spiders tend to be pretty territorial sometimes even cannibalisticly
territorial when it comes to building webs for catching food but something
interesting happened in 2007 a particularly wet summer that resulted in
a major surplus of mosquitoes crickets and caterpillar larva instead of
fighting over the abundance of food millions of spiders from at least a
dozen species cooperated by creating a sheet web catch food collectively while
not unprecedented this cooperative web building is extremely rare and also as
you can see you really creepy that web in some places was thick enough to block
out the Sun hopefully that’s not too creepy and thank you for watching this
episode of scishow if you have any questions or comments for us you can
find us on Facebook and Twitter and of course down in the comments below and if
you wanted to continue getting smarter with us you can go to youtube.com slash
sideshow and subscribe