Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Bee Over There (Music Video)

There’s a bee over there
A bee over there and I think he’s coming to sting me
There’s a bee over there A bee over there
and I think he’s coming to sting me I could put on a bullet proof vest
I could put on a cool suit of armor I could put on some really cool knee pads
but I don’t think it would work There’s a bee over there
A bee over there

What if my dog gets stung by a bee?

– If your dog is stung by a bee, there are
some important steps to take. More often than not, bee stings are not an
emergency. Just like people, some dogs have severe allergies
to bees, but more often than not bee stings are just a nuisance and a minimally painful
experience. Things that you can do if your pet has been
stung by a bee are to try to find the location of the sting and if you can remove the stinger
with some tweezers. And if you’re unable to locate the stinger,
that’s okay. What you do wanna watch for is you’re gonna
wanna watch your pet very closely. Signs that they could be having an allergic
reaction to bee sting includes facial swelling. They might develop hives on their skin or
on their back. They might start scratching a lot. Signs of a very severe allergic reaction include
collapse or fatigue. So you might notice that your dog becomes
pale or unable to walk and becomes really tired. If your dog begins vomiting after a bee sting
you should seek immediate veterinary care.

바선생이 나타났을때 고양이 반응 🙀

바선생이 나타났을때 고양이 반응 🙀

Bulter2 making something hard Butler1 : Do you know how to make it? Butler2 : I’m just doing what I feel (too much confidence)
Butler2 : I’m the original What do you make as you feel? I don’t know what the results will be I’m looking forward to it Butler1 : Isn’t it just a frog? Butler2 : Quiet! Butler1 : I think I’ve seen this somewhere. Butler2 : Folding paper is a feeling! Butler1 : This is a frog.. What is Bulter2 trying to make? Bulter2 is more focused than ever This is…?! Who are you? cockro-teacher(=cockroach), Appeared!! Butler2 : It’s so disgusting I can’t catch it ♥ Butler2 : What should I do? Yori : Catch it! Butler2 : I’ll catch that! iyaaaab!!!! Butler2 : cockroac.. Oh no, cockro-teacher!!! Yori : I feel so frustrated Yori : Hurry and catch it! Butler2 : What do I do? I’m so scared I can’t catch it Butler2 : What should I do? Kuku Butler2 : Please, Catch it Butler2 : Please.. Butler2 : I don’t know what to do because my arm is short Yori : Do something! Yori : Catch it! (At this point)
I think Butler2 needs to rename ‘What should I do’ ! Butler2 : That looks so disgusting Butler1 : Yori, Catch it! Butler2 : What should I do? Butler2 : Because my arm is short.. Butler2 : I can’t reach it! Butler2 : Yori, What should I do? Yori : Catch it! Butler2 : Yeah.. I’m so scared I can’t catch it Yori : Catch it! Butler2 : Do you want me to catch it? Yori: Fast! Butler2 : fall off! Because the tape is stuck hard, it is not easy. Scared of what she made a hidden hunter

Bee and PuppyCat on Cartoon Hangover

I got fired today. I’d jaywalk but I can’t
afford getting a ticket. Nooooooooooooooo. Change you stupid light. Augh! A cat? Or . . . maybe a dog . . . Huh… Guhhhhh!
Guhhhh! GUHHHH!
I’m such a loser. Oof!
My gutsss . . . my gutsss . . .
(knocking) Coming! Hey Hey, Deckard. I heard you lost your job. Oh… uh, yeah.
Too bad I can’t make a career out of getting fired, right? I’d be . . . like, a CEO or
a manager? Which one’s more impressive? President? Are you going to be OK? . . . Gahhhh! Oh My God! Oh, oh my God! Ah, wait! Uh, oh, I have uh, stuff for your stuff.
. . I got you ice for your for your crotch! I’m
shoving the crotch ice under the door! Oh. You’re awake. Wanna split a cassarole? Oh, hello. Well, well . . . What . . .? Ah! . . . . WAIT! Where are you guys going? Why does this make me feel so sad? AAAAAHHHH BAD DREAM! AAAHHHHH YOU WERE THERE! AAAAHHH LASAGNA’S GONE. Mmmm? AAAAHHHH I’M LATE! Nooooo . . . no no noooooo . . .
I wanna go hooooooome . . . You have no documentable skills. You didn’t
manage to finish schooling past High School. Your work history is spotty at best. This
is a temp agency not a charity. We don’t . . . Hello? Bla bla boring phone talk
Yes. All right. Great. Goodbye. You took too long. Now your candy’s gone.
That’s what happens. BKOWWWWW! Hello, peon. Bow to me. Ummm . . . no . . . thank you. Why not? Hey, dude . . . I got you pre —-se—-nnnntsss!
The pet store I used to work at is going out of business. Haha! ewww . . . . Lucky us. So . . . lemme see . . . I got you a bone . . . and wrapped a toy mouse
around it . . . A blanket . . . Eggplant pillow . . . dog food . . . cat food? . . . Shampoo
. . . a leash . . . and rain boots! Heh heh, yeah . . . Yeah . . . Crap! I ran out of food money! Relax, man. I’m not gonna eat YOUR food. Aaaaaaah . . . AAAaaahhh . . . AAAAAAHHHHHH Stop. No hitting. There better not be anything scary cryptic
written in here . . . I will scream SO. LOUD . . .And then totally lose my marbles . . . Pretty
stationary though. Dear Puppycat . . . Is that you? Please report to fishbowl space for temp.
work. Sign below. Oh, lemme get you a pen . . . Uhhhh? . . . Hello? Anybody here? I’ve been left behind . . . I’m all alone . . . Am i not good enough? Hahahahaha EWWWWW! AHHHHH
Whaaaaaaat- Theeeeeeeeeeeee- Incoming. Why – yeeeee! Welcome, Puppycat. You look different. And
hello, unrecognized intruder. Unfortunately, due to increased security measures, you must
now be incinerated. She looks awed, the fire glows in her eyes. Whoah . . . Hey, you talk! . . . kind . . . of . . . Oh! Like a trainee-shadow? Welcome! Initiating
uniform assignment! Peeeeewwwww! Uhhh . . . No. . . No, no, no, no, NO! I DON’T LIKE THIS
OUTFIT! Please proceed to fishbowl space. Aaaaaaah Aaaahhhh Bleeauuuuugh Let me know when you’re done! Um . . . What are we doing? Hi, Wallace. Hi, Wallaaace. What’s wrong? I miss my mama . . . She’s been gone FOREVER. Awwwww . . . Do you want something to drink? No, thank you. You want a snack? No. You wanna nap? No. He’s so sad . . . Don’t cry, Wallace. Can I have a story? And then what? That’s it. That’s your ending? That’s awful! And very- -interesting. Wahhhh! I knew it was you! Pretending it’s just a
fairy tale- Ahhh! Whuh? -lying to children, making them look up to
a hero; who, in really, – Uhh . . .? -is just an awful monster. Awwww, SIIIIICK! Puppycat!! Let him GO!! Bee! I’m gonna kill you! Don’t tell me what to dooooo! Ok . . . Why, what’s that gonna do . . . WHATEVER. Gwaauuugh! Whoah . . . Geeze . . . Hey . . . was that story you told that fish
true? Did you forget how to talk again? Aaaaaaahhhh! Waauugh! Woof. Oh, my God; I’m so glad there wasn’t anything
sharp on my couch! Whooo . . . Bleh! Wow! Hey! Caaaaashh! Whoah! Thank you! And thanks for not letting temp bot burn me
up. I think I’m gonna use my money to get Deckard a casserole since he bought me a casserole
. . . Whatcha’ usin’ your money for? Ignoring me again? Fine. I liked your fairy tale, Puppycat. If you want, I can help you figure out a nice
ending . . .

Minority Report (4/9) Movie CLIP – Spider Robots (2002) HD

We lost one. Roger that.
Maybe it was a cat jumping
through a window or something. That’s an awful big cat. Fletcher. I’ll go check it out. They’re crying
their eyes out.
You terrified them! If you don’t want
your kids to know terror,
keep ’em away from me. Wait a minute.
The big cat’s back. What do you guys think,
a drunk maybe
who can’t wake up? Or some guy who doesn’t
wanna get read.
[ woman shouting ]Folks, please be quiet.
Close your doors.
Go back inside. [ scanner beeping ] Be quiet and close the door. [ groaning ] We got an I.D.
It’s not him. – Standing down.
– Let’s eat. [ crow on tape ]
anderton, wait!

Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) in cats

Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) in cats

if your cat has runny eyes and is
sneezing it’s not actually a cold it’s what we call an upper respiratory
infection or a URI. Now, URIs are typically from viruses like herpes virus
or calicivirus virus don’t worry it’s not contagious to you, but it is really
contagious to other cats. Now, the important thing to keep in mind with
these viruses is they hide in the body just like if you’ve ever had a cold sore
when you get really stressed that culture comes back. Same thing with your
eyes and cats. If your cat was adopted from a shelter 15 years ago all of the
sudden gets really stressed, that virus will come back out and they may sneeze
they may have some runny eyes remember it’s a viral infection so it doesn’t
normally need antibiotics unless your cat stops eating, spikes with a really
high fever or that discharge becomes really green or yellow. The good thing is
most cats respond really well with the URI to just warm moist food, nursing care,
and maybe some fluids under the skin so when in doubt check with your
veterinarian but remember it’s not actually a human cold it’s an upper
respiratory infection and your cat will do just fine