How Spider-Man Homecoming Should Have Ended

Looks like we’re done. You sure we got all
the alien tech? Yeah that’s probably the last of it. here’s a bright idea. why don’t you make sure it’s the last of it before you accidentally lose a truckload
of alien technology to a potential supervillain just because you were too
lazy to safely run this department of damage control extraterrestrial salvage
operation. *GASP* Ugh Fine! Oh look! There is a truck unaccounted for! You don’t understand! I have a daughter! That makes it okay for me to
break the law! I’m not a bad person! Can I be your guy in the chair? No! Come on let me be your guy in the chair. I’m the guy in the chair! Holy Crap!
What is that!? It’s a giant purple monster man! There can only be one! Hey Big Bird! That doesn’t belong to you! What? Suit Lady, what was that?! You said to select the idea web-shooter configuration for this scenario. so i activated instakill. Why is that even a feature!? I’m fifteen! Oh no no no! Karen what’s going on up there? t he Chitauri core has detonated and it’s caused structural damage to the elevator. my friends aren’t there! don’t worry ma-am! I got this I’m just gonna climb up the side and hope there’s a way in at the top. Or you could just go in the
entrance then catch them from the bottom oh yeah sure that’d be way easier you’re
really smart you sound just like Peter Parker who
went missing earlier. What! Who’s Peter? I don’t know who that is!
thanks for the advice I’ll see you later Hey! AAAAAAAGH! Oh nevermind. We’re fine. how we doing Karen? Great job Peter you are 98% successful. Oh ok. You are now 100% successful. Woohoo! Wow! Great job kid! Spider-Man Yeah! Don’t mess with me kid. I’ll kill you and everybody you love. I love Liz. Does that mean that you’re gonna kill your daughter? You win this round Spider-Man. I’ll kill you and everybody you…
Grab your arm! What the! Hey! Hey do you have super strength? Because I do! And it appears that you don’t. I mean that’s too bad That must be really embarrassing for you. I said let g…
Throat Punch! Help! This man has a gun and is threatening my life! Don’t mess with me kid. Why? Because I’m Batman! Whaaaaaat?! Okay we got all this super valuable avengers gear packed up and ready to fly! Now lets just hit the auto pilot mode and trust that it’s gonna make it too the new base without any problems. Here’s a bright idea… Why don’t you make sure someone keeps an eye on all that gear… instead of assuming nobody would want to high-jack and steal everything on this ridiculously expensive cargo plane. Ugh! Okay Fine! Oh! Well hiya fellas! Blaaaraaaghaarraahahaha! I was wrong about you. I think with a little more mentoring… You’ll be a real asset to the team. To the… to the team? Yeah to the team. So when you’re ready, why don’t you try that on? And I’ll introduce the world to the newest official member of the Avengers… Spider..
Heck Yeah Man!!!!! This is what I’ve always wanted! I’m freakin Spider-Man! Lets go! So now I’m an Avenger! Can you believe it!? It’s so awesome! Isn’t it awesome? Tony, this kid hasn’t even graduated. Is he dropping out of school to fight crime? I mean he can’t just live with the Avengers… Can he? Sure he can! I gave him a suit and said he’s part of the team So he’s part of the team. Yeah I am! You gave a teenager a weaponized super suit. Am I the only one that thinks this is weird? You didn’t even like talk to Aunt May about it. Peter is a minor. This feels like kidnapping. I’m gonna have to take you in, Tony. Ironman V Superman. Now that’s a billion dollar idea. But I wouldn’t want to publicly destroy you… so I politely decline. You… ha… you can’t….. you couldn’t destroy me. Do you think I don’t have kryptonite missiles up my sleeve? Do you? Friday, put kryptonite missiles on my to do list please. Yes sir. Guys listen. He deserves this. He’s coming HOME. This is his HOME. And I’m a great father figure for him. You are luring a minor the Avengers… and making a replacement Iron Man. Yeah he’s got the iron suit and everything. No one is replacing anyone. Oh really!? Then how come you put a parachute in the new kids suit… but not my suit that’s actually meant to fly huh? What’s up with that?! That was a design flaw. It didn’t occur to me until spider-man Do you have a parachute in your suit? Uh…. You’re replacing me aren’t you? Again! Oh! Mr. Stark, I don’t want to replace anyone, you know? That would just suck. Yeah. It does suck. Being replaced sucks a whole lot! Now you know how I feel! Guys I’m really sorry. I guess I just feel so lucky you know? There’s been all these reboots and do-overs. but I made it! I’m finally home now! And now I know they’ll never replace me! Yeah don’t be too sure about that! What are you doing here? You’re not a super hero. I like to sketch people in crisis. Heh…. It’s you. what the… Oops not that one. This one. hehe. You’re so mean. What the f…
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VENOM vs Spider-man Part 2 – The Death of Spider-man

VENOM vs Spider-man Part 2 – The Death of Spider-man

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What If You Were Stung By The Most Painful Bee?

Have you ever come upon a small bee or wasp
and it scared you out of your mind?! It might feel silly to be afraid of such a
small insect, however your instincts are right on track… Sometimes the smallest little bugs are some
of the most dangerous! And that can include the bees and wasps that
are in your backyard right now! When you hear buzzing coming from a nearby
tree, you might immediately take notice. We really love honey, but nobody likes a bee
sting. While a simple bee sting from a honeybee is
unlikely to cause much harm, some people are allergic to a specific chemical in the bee
venom. They can have severe reactions to bee venom
causing them to go into anaphylactic shock that causes swelling and difficulty breathing. Luckily a quick dose of epinephrine through
an EpiPen can quickly counteract the bee venom… But if the person can’t get that dose they
could possibly die. But there are bees and wasps that are dangerous
even to those without a bee venom allergy. First off there’s the hybrid honey bee called
the Africanized honey bee. These bees are an invasive species that take
over local honey bee hives. These bees are more aggressive than your average
honey bee. If they perceive a threat to their home, like
a human accidentally disturbing the hive, the bees go into hyper defensive mode. They can swarm a person in cloud up to 60
thousand bees strong, stinging the victim thousands of times. The stings from these thousands of bees can
cause tissues and body functions to breakdown almost immediately. People have been known to suffer cardiac arrest
and die almost instantly from these bee swarms! If you see a hive, stay clear, and notify
animal control to take care of it. But even those bees are no match for the Giant
Asian Hornet. These guys are up to 2 inches in length and
eat bees for breakfast, literally. They are carnivorous species of hornet and
contain a neurotoxin that shuts down their prey’s nervous system. They are also prone to hyper defensiveness. If a person gets stung by even one of these
Hornets, they can go into anaphylactic shock and die. The deadliest of all though, is the Vespa
luctuosa, a species of wasp found only in the Philippines. It has the most toxic venom of any bee or
wasp and only a couple insects in the whole world are known to be more toxic. A single bite from this little wasp is extremely
painful and can lead to convulsions, your skin turning blue, and even death. Luckily for us they rarely build their hives
around humans so unless you’re walking through the Filipino wilderness you’re not likely
to meet one. Whether you’re allergic to bees or not though,
be careful. Some of them might be more dangerous than
you think so it’s always best to keep your distance and not take any chances. Even if you get a honey craving and see a
hive – under no circumstances should you disturb them. Leave it to the pros and both you and the
bees will be much happier. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to
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The Genius Animation Behind Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse | Analysis

In this video we are going to be taking a close examination of the trailer for spider-man into the spider verse when this came onto my radar I was really impressed with how good this animation looked I Decided to do some deeper research into this and I found that what we have here is actually some seriously well-crafted animation that we can learn from Sony have made a fresh revival of the classic story we all know it combines new innovations with callbacks to classic comic book style it’s originated from I’m going to approach this analysis of the trailer material from four angles the medium the animation the design and the directing So here’s our fact number one the CGI animation for the film was combined with line work and painting and dots of all sorts of comic book techniques to make it look like it was created by hand they remade their production pipeline from the ground up to create a style which is really unique they’ve also approached the production process slightly differently for the different characters which kind of come from different styles like with this character it’s got a Style to it so they’ve you know taken out the color these characters from Japan so they’ve given it more of an anime style When we slow down the footage we can see that the animators have effectively put the 3d animation on Tues it makes it look a lot more like 2d animation as 2d animation is often done on twos Through the rig’s usually automatically create in-betweens to smooth out the movement unless you set it to stepped keyframes like they’ve done here the great thing about having this reduced frame rate is that it makes the movements at least to my eyes look a lot more snappy and interesting and the poses become more pronounced and it’s giving it a more graphic handmade style they didn’t just put all of the animation on twos indiscriminately either in this shot of miles jumping off the crane we can see that the whole thing is kept on ones because the smooth feeling of Wands is appropriate for that kind of graceful movement in 2d frame-by-frame animation one way that animators compensate for working on twos or threes is by adding motion blurs this smooths out the movement and makes it look less choppy and it also creates an aesthetic that I personally love this was just really cool to see slowed down actually in traditional animation you have multiples where Donnie’s moving fast you draw at multiple times on the same frame they’re actually doing that here and they’re actually hands drawing over the top of this animation with this white white pen these really nice multiples on each frame and when it’s sped up it just looks just looks brilliant you you don’t really notice it that well but but I think it adds a lot when the cymbals crash having these Illustrated lines brilliant Fact number two during the initial development the directors worked with a single animator to Establish the look of the film it took around a year for the production team to create ten seconds of footage that they were happy with and then animation work on the film developed from there the number had reached 142 animators by August 2018 when it was getting closer to their deadline and that’s the largest animation crew that Sony Pictures Imageworks had ever used for a film just in the trailer alone there is so much cool stuff going on in the animation for us to admire I Had to analyze this scene because it’s just a great example of Visual comedy and it’s just really well directed this so let me just play for you what it is and then we’ll analyze it Okay let’s play it one more time This is completely in the visuals that they’ve made this joker he obviously is alerted to this car and what happens everyone stays in place he’s toasting like this you know it’s funny already in the first frame mary-jane seized the car and just sort of just moves back just a little bit not still freaked out she just, oh Okay, great really funny and he knows it’s coming so he puts down the champagne glass he puts it down and just in a single move He puts his foot out like it’s so routine to him by this point He in the single movement and then he brings his fist up the car smashes through now this part is really interesting because they bend the rules of realistic animation in this scene to increase the humor it’s deliberate so then in a single punch He just punches the car roof and the car flies back out the window exactly the same way it came enters and exits straight away afterwards in a single punch the fact that it does just go straight back out the way it came is so hilarious I think that’s just that’s genius that’s really well-made comedy delivered in a second to maybe two seconds These never actually occurred to me but you know when you’re hanging on one point of contact one from one chord you’re not very good at it then your your body would naturally maybe swing around so that’s what they’ve done here and you know having his arms and legs outstretched and seeing that as he’s going along It’s just a really an inventive way to animate it and one I hadn’t thought of before is this this is great So so now we’ve got this new character which is gwen stacy how can we just show the different personality just in the animation just in the way it moves That is the challenge and they’ve knocked it out of the park once again did you see that I started look at that again let’s just have a look Obviously the pose is brilliant with the feet the precision – very very neat He was clumsily sort of bounces to the ground where she has no? Bounce you know it’s all taken out it’s just perfectly controlled down and again more personality on this take off very neat Almost symmetrical and then into a little neat little front flip so for each of these spider-man characters in the film they each sort of do their take off from their acrobatics in a slightly different way which is kind of characteristic of that character with this one I’m sure I’ve seen this kind of animation before in like BASE jumping so I think that’s where they’ve got their inspiration from by some cool as well so he’s making this is spider-man hand signal and it looks kind of laid-back which is his character you know he’s experienced he’s used to doing this within his character and also This really appealing movement of so the first knee comes up and round the leg follows up around and then the next knee and this one it just looks just looks great and he maintains eye contact with us for a period of time so a Peter porker is perhaps the most traditionally animated looking character it looks like he’s traditionally animated I mean you even have him doing a sort of 90 degree profile view walk cycle just like you’d see in a traditional animation Look at how he greets them okay have a look at what he does with his hand? You usually start with the core of the body and then it kind of ripples outwards towards The the ends of the limbs and that looks very natural and it has a certain elegance to it it’s really Interesting to see him lead with the hands the hand comes forward first and then and then the body follows So look See then it kind of it arcs so it goes down and then up like that and and the body follows that movement just makes it very very unique very quirky and and funny as well as got a lot of humor to it and then with his other hand he rests that Hand comes to rest on his hip he’s just, so Confident he’s a little pig and he’s he’s so confident in it that’s funny it’s really humorous just shown in the animation it’s now on to the design they’ve consistently used a visual effect known as chromatic aberration essentially this displaces the RGB colors around the edges of an image to give it this cool neon distortion it really makes things pop out and look so vibrant the effect of this is that they’ve enabled them to work in these little neon outlines into everything this kind of fun visual Aesthetic is different from what. I’ve seen in almost every other animated movie I haven’t seen anyone else try this I Think this shot is extremely well designed we want to really quickly show Spider-man fighting loads of crime and him getting bored of it so how can we do that extremely fast for the trailer well I can’t think of a way they could have done it as better than this so they’ve got this comic strip it’s a spider’s web right and with each segment of this spider’s web is a comic strip panel an Animated comic strip panel so they start with this one and then they fill them in one by one so we’ve got a little bit Of action here we’ve gotten him kicking a bad guy in the face we’ve got one in him doing this in an alleyway You know and it goes through them we got a different little piece of action on each one this is a great creative well-designed way to montage something it’s in the theme of spider-man because it’s a web and it’s like a comic book’s theme as well and it shows the story by the end of it he’s kind of not having a good time he’s getting squashed and everything and then we have the last shot with him looking kind of yeah tired of this stuff happening so we’ve gone through and that took let me play it for you to just show you how fast this was And then we had an additional bit of voiceover as well but that’s how fast it was very quick well-designed entertaining storytelling brilliant I think it’s brilliant we can see that they’ve worked these classic comic book dark textures and line textures Even into the faces and the highlights on the face even contained these textures in them I don’t even know how they were able to do that it’s really impressive and it’s No, wonder that they spent so long on pre-production to really perfect this style that they have invented? exaggeration and shapes before we even look at the characters just have a look at the city itself it’s an exaggerated version of a New York style metropolis as if the city itself is a caricature it’s big vibrant hectic like a jungle made out of glass and neon the look of this bad guy character the shape of this guy is so exaggerated they take away the shading on his form for the black suit that he wears they also do this for some of the other characters as well this reduces them into simple 2d shapes that work really well as silhouettes and again it makes it look a lot more graphic I like the design of miles wearing the classic Jordans with the spider-man outfit I think it actually goes really well and distinguishes him as a teenager it’s believable and gives the design more care and it gives that urban style to this new spider-man Facts number three before the directing duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller directed spider-man into the spider verse they also made Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs the lego movie and they directed 21 Jump Street Let’s have a look at a shot-by-shot breakdown of the trailer to appreciate how well this thing is directed and how beautiful these compositions are now we open on this shot and I love this opening shot because like I said it in the design aspect of this this city is like a caricature it’s multi-layered there are these lights that kind of separate out the different layers of buildings flashes of advertisements here and there and it’s all in those kind of neon colors we’ve got the chromatic Aberration in the background you can see there we’ve got sort of cyan colors coming off an establishing shot establishing setting the location of the whole thing and we continue with that we prolong that we have more shots of buildings these high-rise skyscrapers this one’s from a really interesting angle now we’ve got like a Dutch tilt going on here some really nice glows in those glows we let all those nice saturated colors come out and then one more here which gives us a little bit more detail now about the art style and it looks very New York to me you know because it’s got the rain on the floor that’s reflecting the lights yeah it feels very New York now we’ve got the first shot of the character now this this shot is brilliant I think this is amazing first of all we’ve got this train and it’s coming towards us I mean what a great way to engage us is to actually have a train coming towards us and narrowly going past we’ve got depth here now but cameras positioned in a way where the Train is coming out at us and creates a lot of depth a lot of three dimensionality to it on top of that the way this is positioned it creates this really really pleasing ratio with the composition and I don’t know about you but that to me feels very pleasing this nice ratio here and here so composition wise it’s excellent really nice they’ve put these streaks in manually because in 3d you wouldn’t naturally get them so even now we’re starting to see that kind of 2d graphic look that this film is gone for even even like he’s positioning in the frame it’s like that same golden perfect ratio with the amount of headspace and everything more importantly you know we are shown this main character here which we know nothing about He’s on a profile view so he’s looking this way We’ve not revealed the identity yet but it’s creating that intrigue because we can’t see his face We can’t see his identity Now we’ve got a low shot we know it’s the same character because we can see that the clothes are the same in a graveyard now I think this graveyard has got P PE I don’t read into it too much but I feel like this was you know for people who are really Clued in who are really sharp you know that could be like Peter Parker or something so now so basically here We concealed the identity because it wasn’t a good shot to reveal who it was Because the character is far away we’ve got this whole thing with the train going on it’s a better way to just introduce the character gently right and then we’ve got the him turned around and we’re looking more of the graveyard where he is but this shot this shot is perfect for introducing the character because when he turns around You see how right there in our face there’s no mistaking it face shot So they did that perfectly you know they gave us the curiosity at first and they satisfied that with an answer and you know these eyes are pretty unmistakable Even though it’s like a renewed design it’s still unmistakably the spider-man outfit I really like this Introduction to the character then here I just absolutely adore this composition here so we’re utilizing the the landscape these vertical lines of the buildings to create a really strong composition here where we’ve got this organic shape and it’s silhouetted they’ve used the lights as well of the city to backlight him to give him this strong silhouette and It’s a really pleasing shape as well really pleasing pose it’s great to have that against all these you know straight lines it feels very Well designed to me and we’ve got our good old friend the Dutch tilt So you know just taking that image things that would be straight and then just putting them on their side Instead so that they’re like that especially when He’s leaning over like this in this angle it creates that feeling of vertigo that. I love to to experience in One watching spider-man just more really strong compositions you know we’ve got like the reflection in the eyes of what he’s looking at which is really cool this shot is like in slow-mo It’s a really nice detail to have feels great and oh this is this is one of my favorite shots and it just looks amazing Doesn’t it with the with the lights here at the core So the earth is like it feels like the earth is really small feel really high up because the earth is so small they utilize this sort of wide-angle lens for this shot so it makes all of these vertical lines kind of fan outwards in this sort of explosion of lines and shapes really dynamic I often say that wide-angle lenses are great for capturing action but I’ll get into that in a different video So yeah this shot is really cool as well we’ve got the proximity tension of being really close to this building so we can feel it rush past this shot is so cool as well it kind of slows down here it’s like a slow-motion shot and for a moment we can feel what it’s like to be upside down These shots really make you feel like you’re there with him you know you’re experiencing the same things with him by flipping it upside down just creates this new landscape that looks different from the force it’s interesting as well because you know that this that it creates the negative space you know it’s just a different way of looking at things which is very interesting there’s loads of detail in these windows and everything and when we have flipped this upside down and we’ve contained him in This negative space now you have just a blank gradient to contain this shape so he really stands out amongst that that blank sky you noticed there’s no, stars in the sky or anything because He’s contained within this space he’s separated from the rest of the detail so he’s also Right in the center of the frame so it’s impossible to miss him but just those things don’t happen by accident none of this happens by accident it’s all been thought of I think this is a really strong composition this this shot So anyway I just I wanted to go through that there’s more to it there are more shots in there but those are the ones that I really felt were we’re noteworthy and worth talking about To conclude all of this it is clear that this has been made with a lot of heart and a lot of artistic integrity the innovations in the art style is worthy of praise moreover you can feel that they had fun making this it doesn’t feel like your standard mass-produced Hollywood film that they’re just churning out with all the others sort of plagiarized from themselves There were people behind this who were really inspired and energized to make something fresh and I think that totally comes across in the footage So for all of these reasons this film has got my thumbs up and I will be watching it this week Hey guys thanks for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it check out what arrived in the mail Yeah so the animator guild hoodie arrived in the mail my one is has got this special guild on the left arm that’s not on most of them because I just wanted something extra for myself I got this in extra-large size there’s just something about having a big hoodie That is just really comforting and really nice especially when you animate sitting down to work you can buy one on my Gumroad page They’re still available linked in the description so it’s a really comfortable hoodie it looks so cool designed it myself So if you’re new to the channel my name is Howard Wimshurst I’m a professional freelance animator artist director this channel is all about learning the art of animation So we deconstruct animations but we also cover different topics regarding animation but also just art and storytelling all the different things that Animation is linked to if that appeals to you if you’re a creative person if you like to create stories or you like to create Animations artwork may be comic strips of your own then consider subscribing to the channel so that you can watch when new videos like this are released Thank you so much to the people who are supporting me on patreon because of them I was able to spend more time researching it and everything thank you to the people who Have bought hoodies so yeah that does it for this video guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one good bye You

Bee Movie Knockoffs | Quinton Reviews

Bee Movie Knockoffs | Quinton Reviews

Quintin: So I hate re-uploads, but this is one of them. While intended for November, this video was originally uploaded on December 1st, 2017, and immediately it became one of my most popular uploads. But before even clicking the publish button I realized that I had a copyright claim. Now what I should have done was taken the video down and changed the segment immediately, and I really decided that even if I wasn’t going to be able to make money off of it that I wanted to release the video as soon as possible. Despite this fact, I countered the claim and that came around to bite me in the ass, because the company officially filed a take down notice as of today. So I decided to just take down the video, change the segment, and then re-upload it. The positive is that, in this case, I now officially own this video, and this is honestly just what I should have done from day one. Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy. Jerry Seinfeld: Hello, and welcome once again to Bee Movie TV Juniors. In this episode, we discover counterfeits. Bootlegs. KNOCK-OFFS. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Until you come home and find out; you’ve just spent twenty dollars for this! Roll it! Quinton: Hello, everyone and welcome to a special occasion that I like to call Knock-Off November. For those of you who have found my channel more recently, Knock-Off November is a special tradition that I started last year, where I dedicated the whole month of November (and occasionally some of December) to reviewing knock-off merchandise and movies. Things like this! See, it looks like a Transformers toy but it says something else. I’ve been holding on to this thing for months just to do this bit. And while we’re certainly crunched for time, I thought it would be fun to sit down and look at at least one knock-off product bee-fore we move on to December. And what better place to start than the biggest oddity to modern animation?
Yes, Bee Movie© The 2007 cult… *reconsiders life decisions* THING Bee Movie has always been one of those things that everyone knows about, but no one wants to talk about; like the slave labor that makes our clothing or the fact that we let Meghan Trainor have musical career. I never clearly remember a time during my childhood where I chose to watch Bee Movie, but I recall several instances where I would BEE spending time with my friends and it would just BEE playing in the background. No one knew who put it on- no one would even admit that they owned a copy of Bee Movie, and yet, there it was. I’m not sure anyone really cared about Bee Movie when it first came out, but it was so heavily advertised and promoted that it quickly BEE-came impossible for anyone to forget it either, so it sits in this weird part in the subconscious of our subculture where it’s known, but almost entirely for the perplexing circumstances of its own existence Bee Movie: “A movie about a bee that falls in love with a human, the same movie were that bee and that human decide to work together to sue humanity for selling honey, the same movie that has a finale where the bee and the human have to land a plane with the assistance of a hive of bees so that they can pollinate the planet” -IMD-BEE That. Bee. MOVIE. I’ve been informed that, while most adults are simply BEE-mused By the existence of the Jerry Seinfeld comedy vehicle, a lot of children are very into Bee Movie. Kids love finding odd things to be infatuated with, so in that way it makes total sense that they would find the universe of the film exciting and very unique. What might disappoint them is how little output there is with Bee Movie; no sequels, no spin-offs, nothing but one movie. Oh, and a game version, and a couple novelizations, and a ton of merchandise, which includes honey. There is Bee Movie honey. Bee Movie released their own honey. God is sitting in a recliner chair laughing at us every single day. In short, there’s really only ever been one Bee Movie story ever told, even if it’s been told several times over. And when you have plenty of little children wanting to see more of that world, you’re bound to get the very thing that we’ve come to talk about today- Knock-offs. Jerry Seinfeld’s Beesona/Barry B. Benson: This is stealing! A lot of stealing! Quinton: So in the past on this channel, we’ve discussed the infamous company “Video Brinquedo” who have made themselves a staple of the knock-off market nearly as large as Asylum themselves. Even if you’ve never seen one of their films, you’ve most likely seen one pop up in a search where it didn’t BEE-long. And that very thing is how they have built their entire legacy. Now, my first video in the Knock-Off November series was about a Video Brinquedo film, and it notoriously led to me receiving a copyright strike, which was very hard to get rid of. There’s obviously something quite ironic about a company whose main financial motivation is copying the intellectual property of other companies filing a takedown against a copyright creator using their clips within Fair Use. And out of protest for this, I have decided to never get the language of their native country correct. Some Spanish people busting in my house and tell me I can’t own my own video. I ain’t gonna respect their name. or- or the actual language that they speak. But it was still quite shocking to see that Video Brinquedo had not only made a knock-off of Bee Movie, but that it had landed on Amazon Prime. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, if you have Amazon Prime, you’re given free access to streaming this one movie, for free. So start your free trial now and you’ll get full access to this masterpiece. Or you can watch Curb Your Enthusiasm (recommended) it’s your choice… (Watch Little Bee- don’t listen to Quinton) (Creepy Bee Humming) She-Bee: Ugh, Bee-Nard Beh- BEE-NARD?! BEE-NARD! BEE NARD *Existential Crisis begins* I’m way over my fucking head… She-Bee: You shouldn’t be buzzing around in the flowers. You’re supposed to be a soldier someday. Quinton (Depressed Man): So this is our main character… Bee-nard (ew) Who is in trouble because he’s collecting pollen from flowers when he’s actually supposed to be training to be a soldier. You see, in the universe of “A Little Bee”, bee society is split into the following branches: the queen bee who bosses everyone around, Princesses- who train to be the new queen, and the Cooks- who gather nectar and then use it to cook honey. Now in reality, the actual social structure of the average bee hive is very different to this. Other than the queen, most fully functioning bees serve as workers with no unique categories. All worker bees are considered female in nature and the only male bees serve only to impregnate the queen. They’re often very crippled and actually die during the mating process and I’ve lost you, haven’t I? The point is that BEE-nard doesn’t want to BEE a soldier BEE-cause he wants to cook honey instead. His classmates ridicule him for this, as many of them are jealous at his position as a solider She-Bee 2: That’s absolutely right, Bee-auty. *Existential Crisis: Stage Two* Quinton (Depressed Man): Our leading lady is indeed named BEE-auty. And her motivation is that she wants to BEE a soldier, but is designated to always work in honey. BEE-cause of this she flies down to the military target range after regular training to give her own go at the course- in a scene animated so awkwardly that you probably wouldn’t believe that I haven’t edited it. *BEE-auty creepily giggles while faint music plays.* BEE-uaty: HeiiigHaAaAh This whole bit is so awkwardly put together and pasted that it starts to feel like I’m watching someone else play a Telltale game. Bee-auty: You don’t want to get me into any trouble. Misfits like us need to stick together. Quinton(Singing): BUM PDADADA BUMP BDA We’re a couple of- So Bee-nard blackmails Bee-auty- *coughing fit brought on by sheer levels of awfulness* *dies* So BEE-nard blackmails BEE-auty into helping him get into the hive’s kitchen so that he can make his own honey. The only obstacle in their way is the chef, who everyone seems to hate. The chef’s main crime is that he’s really bad at making honey, but seems to think that he’s really good at it- so everyone hates him. Basically he’s an allegory for the people that made this movie. But BEE-auty puts up with dealing with the cook so that she and Bee-nard can make their own honey, pushing aside the futures that have been selected for them by the hive to make their own choices. Bee-nard (Singing-in the loosest term possible-): It’s all up to me, what I want to BEE Quinton (Visibly Upset): Don’t sing! Bee-Auty (Singing): I’m a queen!! Others: So pretty! *Indistinguishable sounds implied to be singing* *slow, sad clapping* Quinton: But as Bee-nard and Bee-auty are finishing up their latest batch of honey, the hive is attacked by a human seeking to wipe it out. Two of the soldier bees find an opening in his bee suit, but This only causes the human to momentarily flee. In response to this, the queen declares war on humanity, and the pair have to split up to face certain death. *miserable attempt at a coherent song* Quinton: Well, that’s enough of that While eavesdropping on the humans, the princess discovers that their jobs are to collect honey, and that they’re planning to destroy this hive because the honey has been turning out so horrible. She confides this in the two main characters, and Bee-nard again plans to break ranks so that he can help make a good batch of honey. Bee Chef (doing a weird mix of Idubbbz and an abominable french accent): aNd mah honey has put the hive in jeopardy zHaT eeS tErRiBlE!!1!!11 There is only one thing I can, do to right this wrong. Jerry Seinfeld’s Beesona/Barry B. Benson: How about a suicide pact? Quinton: The humans approach the hive with a special gas that makes bees faint, which quickly makes mincemeat of the hives well-trained militia. But the main characters are ready to release the honey and save the day Bee-nard: We need to pour the honey now. Princess(?): It’s up to you, you’re the only one who can fly fast enough to open the valve and make the honey flow out. Quinton: Is he tho? Is BEE-ing fast one of his character traits? BEE-cause he didn’t mention that before. Oh, shit! I take it all back, BEE-nard’s the fUCKING FLASH. n i g h t y n i g h t Johnny Cash (Singing): And you could have it all my empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt Quinton: That’s not honey. Human: This stuff is delicious! No,way we’re getting rid of this hive! Quinton: And so Bee-nard saves the day- but that isn’t the final act in our story for Bee-nard is arrested and taken to- noOOOOO Queen Bee: I hope that you are aware SON of the severity of the charges that have been brought against you. Your deposition is required. Quinton (Transformed into Jerry Sienfeld): What is with movies about bees and scenes of bees and courtrooms?! No one cares! After a 10 to 15 minute court scene, Bee-nard is acquitted and is declared the first bee soldier/chef causing much mayhem in the hive over what this will mean for the future. Random Bee #1 (Never seen them before): Do you think I could be a princess one day?! Random Bee #2 (Who is this?): Lol no. Random Bee #1: A princess who’s a soldier too? Random Bee #2: Bitch no Random Bee #1: What about a Super Chef Princess Soldier?! Random Bee #2: That’s a no from me Quinton: Look, even the characters in the movie know that this standard hasn’t suddenly shifted, the rules aren’t different, the society hasn’t been uplifted. All that’s happened is that one kid gets to pull a Mulan and break all the rules even though everyone else has to stick to them- and you know if you want to call that a change in society- good- go ahead and do it. But I don’t- I don’t really care. Princess (?): Look at that, I think we’re being watched. Quinton: Oh, that’s unsettling… Bee-auty: Your right! Gosh, who is it? Quinton: Hey, my name is Quinton- I get paid to watch bad movies, you’re in one of them. Bee-nard: Hey, I got it! tHiS is someone who’s following their heart wherever it takes them :)) Quinton: Follow m- YOU’RE the person who’s been making all these horrible choices! *attacks self* YOU STUPID SON-OF-A-BITCH! Next Movie. “Plan BEE” is the next animated feature in the discography of Bee Movie knock-offs. Notable for actually being released the same year as the original. You might then suspect that it’s a tiny bit rushed… *The voice of SATAN* HeYyY *unintelligible mess* *SCREAMS OF AGONY* *TORTURED BREATHING* It is no exaggeration to say that “Plan Bee” is the ugliest movie that I have ever seen. *a mangled mess of gross, weird slurping/burping? noises* *a sigh of relief as this “bee’s” soul relinquishes his body* H o N E y When you compare it to something like Rapsittie Street Kids, which had this equal level of incompetence, Rapsittie Street Kids was nowhere near as hard to look at. One of the most horrifying design choices made Is that in order to collect pollen these huge red straws just eject from their throats. They use this, not just to collect pollen, but they also vomit the pollen back up to make honey. I don’t know if this is more or less accurate than any other Bee movie’s interpretation of what this is like, but it’s definitely harder to watch. There is a “plot” to “Plan Bee”, but do you really need to know what it is? Would your life truly be negatively affected by not being told what happens in this “movie”? BEE-cause when I uploaded this video the first time I didn’t tell you what happened in the movie everyone threw a hissy fit! The “bees” in the movie are having a dilemma where they haven’t been able to grab as much pollen as they need to. Which apparently upsets the queen, who comes in screaming like a banshee Satan: “WOT’S THIIIIIIIIIIIIS” Monstrosity: “It’s, uh, Honey.” Satan: “I CAN SEE THAT!” Monstrosity: *weird gulp* Satan: “But theresss sooo little!!!” This queen, apparently has replaced a former queen off-screen, who we’ve not met yet, and she says that her first decree is that bees will no longer gather pollen by, slowly, going from one plant to the next, and that instead they will do it “her way”. Satan: “Stahp it! From now on…” “D r I l L & d R A i N” Bitch w h a t Quinton: Wait, is this like an environmental film? Monstrosity: “Ever hear of ‘Drill and Drain’?” Atrocity: “Yeah, it sounds like some nutty technique humans invented.” Quinton: Okay! This is an environmental film now! GOOD! Oh! Never mind, it’s a political movie. There’s this whole thing about how the old queen got replaced, and they’re trying to figure out why. Sure. The new “Queen” insists on having more and more honey and orders that the size of their hive be doubled in size to make more room. This leads to the main characters being informed that sleep privileges have been revoked and that the bees will now have to work 24/7. This entire time, a bee from another hive is trying to convince the main character to leave his hive to come to her’s instead. The “film” is set in Washington D.C., potentially because these backgrounds are very cheap. And the characters are constantly stopping to discuss the human history of America entirely to draw parallels to the politics being shown in the plot of the actual “movie”. Atrocity: So you come here- to the Lincoln Memorial- A monument dedicated to Abraham Lincoln the president who ended slavery. Desperate for nectar after they managed to destroy many of the plants in the DC area, the bees go to the only place that they haven’t checked yet. The studio where this film was made! *obnoxious laugh track, probably from a Seinfeld episode* Eventually, the main character “B” is banished, after failing to produce enough honey and finally meets his former queen. It’s here that he realizes the appointment of the new queen was actually a massive conspiracy. Which leads him to appeal to his original hives elders. The elders banished the original queen because they were served poisoned royal jelly, but the main character deduces that it was, in fact, the new queen who poisoned the elders and blamed it on the older queen so that she could become queen. The new Queen then declares martial law, and the other bees have to fight her guards in the worst fight scene I have ever seen. I think each character has like four frames of animation And it’s dubbed like a p o r n o. *the groans and moans of horribly animated bees* *N U T* The guards are defeated and the fake queen is chased off by a horrifying horrifying horrifying horrifying toad. *demon* The old queen is restored and she declares that flowers will no longer be drilled and that they will all be allowed to sleep. Cool. Next movie. So this final one’s a bit of a cheat but it’s become very well known as a knock-off and it’s honestly very interesting so I think it’s best to touch upon it- that being the peculiar existence of Maya The Bee. Now, you might have heard about those little franchise due to a controversy that took place earlier this year when it was discovered that someone had hidden phallic images in the middle of one of the episodes. It was quickly pulled from the digital shelves and apologies were given to all. Some Simpsons Character: Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that ponder. Quinton: But, BEE-lieve it or not, easter eggs phallic images are not the darkest place that this little bee has traveled. Maya the Bee originally appeared as a german character who appeared in a novel released in 1912. It is quite easy to see that this makes it very unlikely to be a knock-off- given that the character predates the birth of Jerry Seinfeld by 42 years. The original “Maya the Bee”
book has become controversial in recent years- due to Maya’s insistence within the book to go on numerous racially motivated rants about how bees are superior to all other races. I’m not making that up. but her first on-screen appearance occurred in 1924- when she and her friends were portrayed by real insects in what can only be described as the original Bee Movie. That’s good stuff. Maya fell into relative obscurity after this due to *cough* various reasons but she regained a market significance somewhere around the mid 1970s- when she was the star of her own anime in Japan. Weird right? I mean how would the Japanese and the German people have any sort of connection to begin with? The most recent product to propel Maya into the spotlight has been the animated feature “Maya the Bee Movie” or as it should probably be said- “Maya the BEE” …..”Movie” it’s hard to imagine that the specific designing of the title to only be one or two additional words away from the Jerry Seinfeld classic was done for any reason other than to grab the attention of people interested in Bee Movie however if one does decide to see Maya the Bee Movie as a knock-off, it’s certainly one of the prettiest that i have ever seen. The difference between Bee Movie and “Maya the Bee Movie” is that Bee Movie is very transfixed on the nitty gritty details of the human world. and while Maya the Bee Movie even barely suggests that the existence of humanity and instead just explores a meadow through the eyes of a small bee. Because of this, Maya the Bee Movie comes across as very innocent and Bee Movie comes across as heavily cynical. When you sit down and compare the different worlds created to represent the hives in each of these films the version in Maya’s also simply comes across as more intelligently crafted. The Bee Movie hive filled with cars, miniature versions of human inventions, and overall a human aesthetic just feels rather lazy. The kind of environment where they could just put in a McDonald’s without it feeling out of place. But the hive in Maya the Bee Movie simply feels so open and unique- the kind of place that you would love to explore as much as Maya seems to. I’m not sure that I have a lot to say about this movie critically. First of all, it’s clearly a movie meant for someone who’s very, very young and it simply seeks to teach children a few good lessons about understanding. But more importantly, unlike many of the other products that I tend to look at during Knock-Off November, “Maya The Bee Movie” was not created with any malicious purpose or to spin a product off of something bigger. It was just meant to be kind of cute and innocent and something you could put on for your toddler’s without worrying about if it would scar them by accident. Really I found watching this film just to be a relaxing experience- the kind of thing that I just needed to find peace at the end of my stressful week. Pretty good for a bee that used to be a n a z i if you ask me. And with that I’ve been Quinton Reviews- And that’s all you’d Bee- *instant regret* that’s all you need! I- I don’t- That’s just- that’s all you need. Have a good day. I don’t know where the hell that came from- Jesus Christ…

Spidey & The Wasp Ruin Rhino’s Rampage! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Stomp and Listen | SHORT

Oh, hi. Excuse me, sir. I know you have important
pigeon things to do, but I’m trying to
practice a new move. Could you possibly
scoot over, please? Thank you. It’s important to speak up and
be clear about what you want. It’s a lesson I learned
when the wasp and I tried to save the city
from the evil Rhino. (crashing) Rhino got loose
from the lab and is on another one
of his Rhino rampages. You get the big guy. I’ll clear people
out of harm’s way. Hey, you Rhino,
remember me? What are you doing?
Anything interesting? (grunt) (thud) So this is where I say
something funny, you get mad, I web you up,
and then I win. Oh, maybe he
didn’t hear me. Guess we’ll have to
try another plan. That man is in Rhino’s path. Hey! This way!
Hurry! I might not be able to
get him to slow down, but this dump truck might. (growl) Hee-ya! (crash) I really thought
that would do it. We need another
way to stop Rhino. But now we need
to find him first. I’ve got a lock on him. He’s still running, but the
street in front of him is completely empty. So I’m clear to grab Rhino. Wait! It was completely empty. Now there’s a bus in the way
and people who could get hurt! This time, I’ll get
the people to safety. You slow down Rhino. (grunt) Hey! You! Hold it right there. (clanging) (grunt) That got his attention. I hope that was enough
time for Spidey to get the people
to safety. Hey, everybody. You need to leave before
Rhino gets here. Quick! Are you some street performer
dressed up like Spider-Man? No, I’m the actual Spider-man! You have to get out of the way! (click) Spidey! Get their
attention and warn them. I’m trying but
nobody listens to me. Ladies and gentlemen! If I can have your
attention, please. A rampaging rhino
villain has gotten loose and is about to come
down this street. So everyone needs to clear the
area until Spider-Man and I can recapture him. Thank you, everyone. Wow. You got them to listen. Since I’m tiny, people
don’t always hear me. Whenever I’m being ignored, I speak up and I’m clear
about what I want. You just gave me an idea. You were clear and the
people did what you said. We’ll do the same
thing to Rhino. Only this time,
we’ll be clear. So we can lead him
into a trap. Let’s do it! Stop! Rhino! I need you
to listen to me. You have to surrender
and stop your rampage. Did you hear what
Spidey said? He said you need to
give yourself up and go back into custody. (angry growl) Yep, I think
he heard us! (angry growl) Wet cement! That
should do it. I think you’re right. C’mon Rhino, this way! (angry growl) (cheering) I was so sure I knew the
best way to stop Rhino. But I didn’t, and
he almost got away. Thankfully, Wasp showed me that
the best way to get someone to listen is to be clear
about what you want. That gave me the idea
to save those tourists by tricking Rhino. A big adventure with
my best small friend. Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

Masha and The Bear – Call me please! (Episode 9)

We’re broadcasting live from one of our nation’s major soccer arenas where the final game of the season, the World Cup game, is officially underway. Both teams have already entered the field, and the referee has placed the ball… And the game is on! Everybody’s attention is on the field now! The host team is again in control of the ball and is now approaching the penalty box of the visiting team. The ball passes from one player to another one, who tries to score! The ball bounces off the defense player, but the visiting team goalie reaches the ball first, then jumps and covers it. Good afternoon, dear viewers! This is our weekly health program. Today, we’ll be talking about different methods to relieve stress. Stress? We can recommend a few relaxation techniques that can relieve and reduce stress in just 10 minutes. The simplest one is to sit down in a recliner or a comfortable chair, relax and breathe normally. Or you can savor a warm cup of coffee or tea. Try to avoid having any serious thoughts while you’re enjoying it. Or you can take a warm bath and do some breathing exercises in it like taking a deep breath through your nose with your mouth closed and then submerging the lower half of your face into the water and slowly breathing out through your nose. Just remember, you shouldn’t try to find solutions to your problems as soon as they arise. Never mind that! Fatigue and exhaustion can make your life very difficult but try to keep in mind that you will find a solution to your problems in due time. Oh, a cell phone! Give me! Give me! Give me! Give me! To go walk in the forest? What about the wolves? Checking the connection. OK, I’ll walk with the cell phone. OK, OK. Dialing the number… Oh, wow! The second half of the game is about to begin. If you remember, at the end of the first half, the referee has disqualified one of the guest players for misconduct. The players are on the field once again. Don’t panic! Dialing the number. The extra time that was added by the referee is running out… Dialing the number… He passes the ball across the field… Dialing the number! The forward of the host team dodges the defense… Dialing the number! …and suddenly kicks the ball towards the goal! And now… we run! It bounces off the bar! Another kick! And another one! Score! I got through to you!

Oggy and the Cockroaches Special Compilation # 57 cartoon for kids огги и тараканы новые серии 2016

Oggy and the Cockroaches Special Compilation # 57 cartoon for kids огги и тараканы новые серии 2016 Oggy and the Cockroaches Special Compilation # 57 cartoon for kids огги и тараканы новые серии 2016 Oggy and the Cockroaches Special Compilation # 57 cartoon for kids огги и тараканы новые серии 2016