Swamp Dwellers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Swamp Dwellers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Hi, everyone. I am Samantha Bee. Welcome to Full Frontal. Now, as you may
recall, Donald Trump ran for president
on two platforms– one, his human platform,
Chris Christie, and two, a promise to #DrainTheSwamp. We are going to drain
the swamp of corruption in Washington, D.C. I’m not going to let Wall
Street get away with murder. The Wall Street
investors who have rigged the regulations
against the middle class. Goldman Sachs. They have total control
over Hillary Clinton. When you cast that ballot, just
picture a Wall Street board room, filled with the
special interests who have been bleeding your country,
and your city, and every place else– I’ll admit it was
nice to see Donald Trump concerned about bleeding
that wasn’t Megyn Kelly’s. Draining the swamp
appeals to everyone, except biodiversity nerds,
who’d like to remind us that swamps are a wonderful and
valuable part of our ecosystem. #NotAllSwamps. Well, good news,
gator-huggers — Trump was lying! Today, the
Trump administration announced its 5th
straight high-profile hire from Goldman Sachs. As the saying goes,
keep your friends close, and your friends that
you called your enemies when you were saying any fucking
thing to get elected, closer. The Joey Fatone of
Trump’s Goldman boy band is hedge fund manager and
John Oliver’s evil twin, Steve Mnuchin, whose
Senate confirmation hearing is tomorrow. You may never have
heard the name Mnuchin before other than
in a diner at 2AM, where a drunk sophomore is
trying to order more nachos, but this mystery
nerd is going to be our next Treasury Secretary. A fact he’s so sure of, he’s
already updated his job title in the Yale Alumni directory. That is real. Aww, Steve read The
Secret and made the Yale directory his vision board. Way to manifest. Where were we? Oh, right, draining the swamp. Treasurer of the United
States is an important job, unlike the treasurer of any
club in junior high school, which is made up to give the
unpopular kids something to do. So what the heck? Let’s learn a little about
his post-Goldman career. Mnuchin made a
fortune on Wall Street, then headed to Hollywood to
bankroll blockbuster films. Smash hit movies, in some
cases, like Suicide Squad. For those not familiar,
Suicide Squad is the world’s
first feature that was made by just pouring a
can of Monster Energy drink onto a reel of film. It’s also my nickname
for working class people who voted for Trump. They are so screwed. Of course, they were already
screwed by the Great Recession of 2008, or as
Mnuchin remembers it, the Great Recession of 2008! When Steve Mnuchin
took a financial crash and turned it into
a crash-ortunity. Steve Mnuchin
left Goldman Sachs, bought a bank called IndyMac,
changed the name of that bank, and foreclosed on 36,000 people. That’s how Mnuchin earned
the nickname “Foreclosure King,” not to be confused
with the cheapest bed at the Mattress Warehouse. King Steve’s gross new
company specialized in reverse mortgages, a
financial product targeted at people old enough
to have masterbated to The Rockford Files. Hi, this is James Garner
for Financial Freedom. Rawr, where do I sign? If you’re 62 or older
and own your own home, I’d like to talk to you about
something you should know. Yes, what you should know
is that Financial Freedom is a subsidiary of
OneWest, whose goal was to foreclose on IndyMac’s
reverse mortgages as fast as possible. His bank was responsible
for more than one third of all reverse
mortgage foreclosures. Just 10 days
after Monroe died, she got a letter from the bank. It was foreclosing on the home. She had 60 days to leave. Why would you
foreclose on my house? I’ve lived here since 1963. The person who
bought the reverse mortgage could stay in his or her
house until they died. But after death, everyone
else living in the house would have to go unless
they paid back the loan. The practice even has a
name: “widow foreclosures.” Jesus, what do the other
inmates do to you in jail when they find out you’re
a widow forecloser? Oh, right, nothing, because
you don’t go to jail. You sell the company, take
a $380 million profit, and get promoted to Treasury
Secretary before this happens: HUD is currently
investigating Financial Freedom for this practice of
widow foreclosures. Well, at least
vulnerable old ladies will now be protected, as long
as there’s an alert watchdog on the job at HUD. What do you think he
took away from today? Oh, my luggage. Um, hold on. OK. Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Meemaw, change the locks and
load the shotgun, hurry! When they weren’t
snatching grandma houses, OneWest was reportedly
tricking their other customers into defaulting. They were told by banks that
you had to be late on payments so that you could qualify
for a loan modification. And then once you went
late on a payment, they then foreclosed on you. They foreclosed on us. That same year,
Florida resident Ossie Lofton, who had taken a reverse
mortgage, the company foreclosed on the
90-year-old Lofton after a 27-cent payment error. Okay, but to be fair, when that
90-year-old lady was born, 27 cents would buy
you 3 chickens and a hand-cranked vibrator. Mnuchin might pine for the
glory days of high-risk lending that crashed the world economy,
but fortunately, the man who’s getting evicted
from his home this Friday put in place some pretty
good protections to make sure that doesn’t happen again. So don’t worry. We’re safe. We want to strip back
parts of Dodd-Frank that prevent banks from lending. What about the Volcker Rule and
the Consumer Protection Bureau? Well, you know, I would
just say we’re going to look at all these things. Look at them how? Oh god! There were so
many widows in there! Let’s hope and pray
that the next 4 years will be like Steve’s
film, Suicide Squad, where the
group of bad guys end up actually saving the day. But it’ll probably be like
Steve’s film, Entourage. Most people didn’t want it,
it disappointed those who did, and it only helped those who
were directly involved in it. We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “Swamp Dwellers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS”

  1. What a joke…how are we allowing this to happen? I'm waiting to hear those that defend Prez Trump, defend this selection as being good for the middle class…and how this cabinet choice will make America great again?

  2. Trump totally drained the swamp. No one had ever heard of any of these people before and they were clearly running a lot behind closed doors. His cabinet picks are literally the 1% the occupy wall street protesters were addressing in their fight. Trump brought them up and now it's up to those same people and the rest of the citizens to hold them accountable, or take them down!

  3. It's the red states that will be destroyed. The people that voted for him. They voted there own destruction. Not all our bad . Some were really coned by orange man. He n his crooked possy

  4. Hey snowflakes Trump won get over it. We put up with obama for 8 years. How many riots occurred when obama won? Liberals are just a bunch of whiney babies.. you don't get your way just go out and burn and destroy.

  5. Wow every comedian and I use the term lightly, is selling out to become a propagandist for the left. It would be tolerable if they were at least funny, but when the whole show is about politics it stops being funny and just becomes a sorry waste of time.

  6. It also bears mentioning that the surviving members of the Suicide Squad all went back to the black site they were pulled out of.

  7. Fill in the blank: Trump told the American people he would "drain the swamp" in DC.. Instead, he appointed 5 Goldman-Sachs employees to his Cabinet, and then 5 sharp-shooters ___________.Β Β Later, Trump was trying very hard to remember what else he might have lied about.

  8. It should also be noted, that the threat to civilisation as we know it in 'Suicide Squad', fought by the Suicide Squad, is actually a member of the Suicide Squad.
    Don't worry though, at the end of the movie the Suicide Squad get rewarded for their efforts.

  9. It is amusing people use the term 'drain the swamp…' If you think about what that literally means: destroying an entire natural ecology to make way for absolute control by someone for the sake of profit…

  10. Samantha Bee thanks for this video, this will help us understand more of the criminals that run this country.

  11. Sticking with the identity politics then Samantha?

    Great decision……blaming and alienating people is a sure fire way to get Clinton in in 4 years!

  12. He's just draining the swamp into an adjacent swamp, and then moving us into the aforementioned adjacent swamp.

  13. I read a great piece that said "Swamps are wonderful colorful vibrant places full of life and when you drain the swamp" you get a mud pit. couldn't have said it better myself

  14. Do you even know who he is talking about ???? The leaders of new world order . Stop watching MSNBC they have been sold to the lefts the democrats who want this new world order . The first rule 90 o/o if people must die .

  15. This 4th July we need to read the declaration of Independence at the white House. Everyone is invited. Then the whole Constitution. Executives like Trump don't really read long documents.

  16. For sale, United States of America, only high bids will be considered.

    There is our first bid from Russia, anybody else, going once, going twice…..sold!

  17. πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©

  18. Widow foreclosure/Reverse foreclosure is happening to my sister right now!!! Her husband died and 10days later someone showed up at her house to Appraise it. She said I never ordered an Appraisal and they said "oh, the Bank did as part of your Foreclosure. That is how she found out that she was to be in Foreclosure and had never missed a payment. Sickening!!! She is trying to fight it. It is a horrid thing!!!

  19. Men are heartless. Most of them are. Single women give more to charity than any other group. We are better than churches.

  20. Trump is going to wage war so he can be reelected!
    dangerously dumb, he is.
    I already feel sorry for the comming millions of dead koreans. Just because the americans don't like Trump enough.

  21. Oh No Samantha we got him wrong – he really meant it. What he meant by draining the the swamp was, Lets use the White House as a pumping station, we get them into the WH as members of the cabinet, then as quickly get them out again by outing their corruption – i.e. Bannon, Mike Flyn etc.

  22. Now if Americans would only read about the people they vote for, that means more than a yard sign, and not just Fox news, we might have hope. until we stop treating voting for President, Senator, Governor, with less scrutiny than we use when grocery shopping we will remain f*cked up. No one would want there's people having direct control of the govt. They need to go back to the shadows, controlling their candidate with contributions, like it was in the good old days.


  24. If you're proud of yourself for not pumping money into Mnuchin's coffers by not seeing Suicide Squad, remember that he was also an executive producer for The Lego Batman Movie and Wonder Woman.

  25. 5:53 * doesn't say a word. Reaches through computer screen, grabs Mnuchin by the neck, and starts slowly, excruciatingly, choking him to death *

  26. Drain the SWAMP my a#! !!! Add more " VAMPIRES " and more " ALLIGATORS " to the swamp… CONGRATULATIONS MR TRUMP AND HIS BAD HOMBRES !!!! HURRY UP MID TERMS !!! PPLLEEAASSEE.!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Kamala Harris didn't prosecute Mnuchin when he headed One West which had around 1,000 instance of "wrongdoing." He illegally foreclosed on people and Kamala let him go with a tiny bribe, I mean, campaign contribution. You can buy her off pretty cheap if you are rich! Like MOST of Congress


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