SUPER Toxic Ant Venom!

SUPER Toxic Ant Venom!

– You know what I love
about laying in the snow? There aren’t any ants,
which is good news for me considering what I had
to endure in Arizona. But stay tuned ’cause today
we’re talking about ant venom. (dramatic, fast-paced music) (growl) Welcome back, coyote pack. Man, it’s just not getting
any warmer here in Ohio, and to keep my fingers warm, I’m gonna mentally
project myself back to the scorching
hot deserts of Arizona. Oh, wait. Last time I was there, I was bitten by a Gila monster, attacked by cactus, and
swarmed by harvester ants. Ah! Ugh! I guess there really
is no place like home even if it is freezing cold. Okay, so we had
several great questions about the harvester ant episode. Now, many of you wanted to
know if the harvester ants could only sting once or if
they could sting repeatedly. The simple answer is yes. They can sting many times, and, unlike a honey bee, they
don’t lose their stinger. In fact, once an ant has
latched on with its mandibles, they swing their abdomen
underneath their body, where they will hold
themselves in position and inflict a sting
over and over again without letting go all the while pumping
more and more venom into their victim. This happened to me
in several areas. Where it wasn’t a sting and
go, it was a sting and stay, and these sting zones
were the worst by far. (exhales) Still one in my pants. Ah! This is truly the meaning
of ants in your pants. Honey bees are actually
one of the only animals that lose their stingers,
and it’s not for the better. These stingers are barbed, so when they sting, it
gets stuck in the victim and then gets pulled from
the body when they fly away, resulting in an
abdominal rupture, and sadly the bee ends
up dying in the end. Now, another question we had,
asked by Christine two, was “If a harvester ant’s sting “is 20 times more
potent than a honey bee, “what makes it bad? “Is it the venom or is it
how deep the stinger goes?” Oh, that burns. Ah, they’re all over my
hands now, look at that. Well, Christine, when
we’re talking about venom, it’s all about the
potency and the yield. The potency is how
toxic the venom is, and the yield is the
amount that’s injected. Now, it is true that
harvester ant venom is 20 times more potent
than a honey bee. However, their
yield is rather low, especially from a single sting. This is how my body was able
to take so many stings at once. Ah! Ah! Now, if I had been stung
60 times by honey bees, which have a much
higher venom yield, I might have been in
some serious trouble. All venomous animals, whether it be a Gila
monster, a scorpion, or a harvester ant, are all ranked on
the LD50 scale, which means lethal dose of
venom required to kill 50% or half the members of
a tested population. It’s a controversial test as it’s often
performed on lab rats. However, it does allow
scientists to rank venom toxicity in
the animal kingdom. So while the harvester
ant is considered one of the most toxic insects, it has a rather low venom yield, making it less
dangerous to humans. Hence why I was able to
be stung so many times. Make sense? Ah. – [Voiceover] I know it hurts. (exhales) Whoo! Aw, man. Arms, legs, neck, armpit
all on fire right now. Now, I know this could all
be just a bit confusing, so let’s just
remember one thing. As long as you stay
a safe distance from animals in the wild,
there’s a good chance that you won’t end up
in the strike zone, pretty much guaranteeing
that you won’t ever be bitten or stung. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you next week. If you want to see me get
swarmed by harvester ants, make sure to check out
the Ants Attack episode, and don’t forget. Subscribe to join
me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (bear growls)
(rumbling) (birds chirping)

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  1. Have you ever been stung by a hornet Coyote? Since you were stung 60 times, be careful enough as you might land yourself in a different realm altogether and regret. Stay wild 🐯🦁

  2. Heck I got tore up by fire ants in the freezing cold. I was carrying fire wood in during the winter. At first I thought I had grass or something all over my arms, until they all bit at once I had 40 something bites all up my arms.

  3. You say stay a safe distance but I go to a wasp nest, attack it and run away. That is what I do every summer. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Speaking of ants, I just wanted to say, one time I was waiting for the school bus and my friend found a ant mound and decided to destroy it by jumping on it, and then the FIRE ants started to crawl up her legs(and I didn’t know at the time they bit) so I was confused when she started to run around screaming.

  5. Quick tip,next time wrap i long skarf on your arm or legs,and put baby powder on it, this will prevent ants from crawling into your shorts or shirt

  6. Bees have a chance of survival when stinging, if you leave them to try to wiggle their stinger out it would come out sometimes

  7. I recall last year where I was working at a farmers market and a yellow jacket got stuck in my hair and made its way down my shirt. My coworker patted my back because I couldn't hear over the crowd and she was informing me of something when I yelped. I thought her nails had driven into my back. I was finishing things up with the customer as she helped and I gave another yelp and arched my head back in pain. I told her what happened and she looked down and informed me of the predicament.
    I'd never been stung before. I stay well away from venomous things or pain in general. When she said it was a yellow jacket I was ready to faint. She managed to coax it out from my shirt and I was immediately rushed back to a medical kit because I am ever so slightly allergic it seems. But I also happen to be allergic to benadril and the like, so there was literally nothing that could be done past painkillers. I was monitored for roughly 10 minutes with a cool pack. It administered two stings into the mid base of the back of my neck. Within three or so minutes it was like a furnace on my nape. Within six minutes it was increasing still in swelling. At ten, they sent me to Urgent Care (First time there too. Track record ruined.)
    In the end, I was able to get a relatively ineffective medication to relieve the pain and burn. The swelling, burning and pain lasted almost two weeks and I stayed home for four days because I was unable to turn my neck. Now that time of season rolls around again and I am tempted to cut my hair despite growing it out for donation.
    Then I click back to check out Coyote and he is doing all this and it just goes to show how brave and inspirational he can be.

  8. I think he is a pretty good youtuber. Not the best, but he puts work into his videos. I love the ones where he explores the far lands.

  9. This is embarrassing but……
    read more if u wanna know

    Bugs are my worst fear…..
    If a fly gets near my I scream and run
    My mom doesn’t like it when I do that ;-:

  10. Who managed to find this video by searching up "AntVenom" the Minecraft youtuber and just end up here

  11. Sad story:a colony ant can be wiped out and extinct with a small quantity of aerosol…bring it on ants,bring bigger ants more n more and i shall show them no mercy..

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