‘Straight Pride Parade’ a go, unkillable cockroaches and Florida targets iguanas : Daily News Weekly

‘Straight Pride Parade’ a go, unkillable cockroaches and Florida targets iguanas : Daily News Weekly

(bright music) – Welcome to Daily News Weekly where we bring you the stories from the past week you might have missed. I am your host, Michael
Sheridan, and once again I’m in my backyard because it is July 4th. It is the holiday. That’s why I’m not gonna
wear a tie for this episode. Yes, that’s how I’m gonna
celebrate the holiday. But we have got a lot of stuff goin’ on. So let’s get to it. In this story, the first of three that we’ll be revisiting today, we’re goin’ to Alabama
where a pregnant woman, had been charged with manslaughter in the death of her unborn baby. Marshae Jones, who was five
months pregnant at the time, was shot in the stomach by Ebony Jemison back in December during a fight. As a result Marshae’s
unborn child was killed. The two had apparently been arguing about the child’s father. Now as we discussed last week, Ebony Jemison had originally been charged for the shooting death,
however, as authorities investigated and discovered
that Marshae Jones was really responsible for the attack and initiated the fight, they decided then instead of charging Ebony
for the shooting death of the unborn child, they
then charged Marshae. Prosecutors however, have now decided that they are no longer
going to press charges. District Attorney Lynneice
Washington said in a statement, “An unborn child was tragically lost, “and families on both sides
of this matter have suffered. “Nothing we do today or in the future “will change that reality.” Now part of what seemed
to remain unclear before was why Ebony didn’t face any charges. It’s still not particularly clear, but it does seem that
the authorities there are operating under the idea that Ebony acted in self-defense. So she won’t be prosecuted
for the shooting. And it seems now at this point, no one’s going to be prosecuted. What do you think? Did the authorities make the
right decision this time, or should somebody pay for
the death of that baby? (paper blowing) Cockroaches are evolving, and soon they’re going
to be impossible to kill. A Purdue University study
found that a commonly found German species of roach is
being born with an immunity to toxins which they haven’t
yet been in contact with. This incredibly accelerated
rate of immunity means that roaches will
probably be nearly impossible to kill with pesticides in the future. You know what that means, we’re all just gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way. Shoes. (shoe banging) Now in the second of our three followups we’re going to Florida, where a woman had been charged with armed burglary after (stuttering) burglary, after taking her estranged husband guns and turning them in to police. Now just to quickly recap,
this is Courtney Irby. She is the middle of an ugly divorce, which included an
incident where her husband allegedly hit her
vehicle with his own car, and drove her off the road. Fearing for her safety and
the safety of her children, she filed for a temporary injunction for protection against him and won, which meant he needed
to turn over his guns. Fearing he wouldn’t, she did it instead. Then police arrested her and charged her with armed burglary. Now in the past week, more
details about their relationship have come out and things have gotten a little more muddied, so it isn’t quite as cut and dry as it was originally. As it seems, the husband allegedly emptied the couple’s checking account. She went to his house and
then grabbed some watches, and a GoPro camera that
she was gonna pawn, and then she saw the guns
and she decided to take those and turn them in to authorities. She feared that he wasn’t gonna do it and after the incident with the car, she seemed to legitimately
fear for her life. So she was afraid he wouldn’t turn the guns in himself, so she did it. Now authorities have decided
to drop the felony charges. She now only faces a misdemeanor
charge of trespassing. Meanwhile the husband Joseph is facing a felony aggravated battery charge, which I believe is in relation to the incident with the car. So what do you guys think? Does Courtney still
deserve to face charges for taking the guns and turning
them over to the police? A woman in Kansas apparently wanted to eat her cake and have it too. Police in Wichita Falls say a woman went shopping at Walmart, grabbed a cake and while she walked around the mega-store, she ate half of it. Then according to authorities, when she got to the cashier, she insisted that she shouldn’t have to pay for the full cake and only for the half of the cake that remained. Now apparently Walmart didn’t want to press charges against the woman, however, she has been permanently banned from that particular Walmart. And for our third updated
story of this week, we’re going to Boston, where the straight pride
parade is ready to go. Apparently, this
collection of knuckleheads who call themselves
Super Happy Fun America, got permission to do
their march in August. According to the group,
the parade will start at Copley Square and
end at Boston City Hall. Right-wing troll, Milo Yiannopoulos, is apparently serving
as the Grand Marshal. Now the group which did recently get sent some mysterious envelopes that actually turned out to be just full of glitter, insists they are not an anti-gay movement. John Hugo, President of
Super Happy Fun America, said “We’re not anti-gay,
we’re pro-straight. “We’re a sexual orientation advocacy group “and we’re a young civil rights movement.” That’s cute, but let’s look at that. I don’t recall anybody making any attempts to restrict the civil
rights of straight people. I don’t see anything that indicates that straight people are
targeted for beatings or murder or any of those sorts of things. I don’t really know what
exactly they’re advocating or what exactly it is
that they are fighting in terms of a civil rights movement. It just seems to me that the only reason for this is because it’s a lot of guys who are a little insecure about themselves and they feel the need
to create this parade which does nothing but
dehumanize and humiliate and poke fun at the very
people they claim not to hate. The State of Florida is
going to war with iguanas. The population of the
green reptiles has exploded according to the State’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. So they want residents to kill them. The FWC encourages homeowners
to kill green iguanas on their own property whenever possible. Labeling these creatures as invasive, authorities also noted
that people are allowed to kill green iguanas if they see them in as many as 22 different
public locations. Now before you start
goin’ crazy and thinking this is a really extreme reaction, they’re not exactly that harmless. Apparently they cause a lot of problems with our agriculture, they
cause problems on the roads. They can actually impact
the power in the area, and in fact, transformers. Not really quite sure
how any of that works, but I suppose maybe they eat the wiring. Officials also say that iguanas
can transmit salmonella, and apparently are an FAA safety hazard. One of the reasons they seem to think that there’s an explosion
in the iguana population is because normally
cold weather would keep the population low, but
because the weather there has been so warm for the past year or so, the population of iguanas has
apparently been on the rise. So good hunting Floridians
and stay safe out there. (paper crinkling) That’s this week’s episode. Thank you for watching. And if you enjoyed it, please hit that like button down below, and please share this
episode with your friends, your family, your coworkers, and even that guy down the street that you really can’t stand but you end up talking to him anyway, because he’s always standing outside of his house, and every time you walk by he has to start a conversation. You know that guy. You all live near that guy. (bright music)

24 thoughts on “‘Straight Pride Parade’ a go, unkillable cockroaches and Florida targets iguanas : Daily News Weekly”

  1. I think something is very strange and for me unexplainable. Why is wrong right now and right is wrong now?

  2. 1 murder every 24 minutes in this country. Some people commented that the women who ate the cake should be shot in the head. What? Where is humanity's mind ? Where is balance ? Even the environment is unbalanced. Humans did it !

  3. Can you eat iguanas ? Perhaps a new food source ? P.S. they sell those lizards in pet stores in Arizona. Very expensive.

  4. I do not believe that woman they are Psycho. We all know this through a red pill and Migtow!!!!!

  5. Rate of #naturalMarriage (marriage among heterosexual folks) needs to increase in America. Birthrate per couple needs to increase to 3+ . And divorce needs to decrease.
    Avoiding "paraphilias" like the '#pornCulture' is important. Emphasizing the research on The '#complementarityOfTheSexes' might help.
    Better than #GoodCharlotte's 'Boys and Girls'.

  6. Can someone tell me how gay people are still oppressed when literally anybody who comes out as gay these days gets thrown freaking a field parade?

  7. The attack on the nuclear family has been in the works since the 1970’s. Everything a straight male does is “toxic”. I’d say they have a reason for a straight pride parade. Statistically men are more likely to die; wether it be self-inflicting, at a job site, or just for being in the streets.

    This white guy wants to tell me these aren’t facts? I’d like to see him come to where I live and see if he doesn’t get tested just by walking down to the liquor store.

  8. We are a 503C… You have no Moral Authority. Get off YouTube .. Stop mispronouncing Copley
    The Parade starts at Dartmouth/Boylston… Would you like the "Gold Star Mothers" about your stupid thoughts…. Useful idiot

  9. @3:45 She knew he had GUNS and she was afraid for her life, so she went to his house and stole some stuff…
    Yep, seems legit!

  10. The tolerant left exposing their hipocracy once again 🤡🤣 Its ok to be gay and be proud and celebrate with a parade, but it's not ok to be straight and proud and have a parade? 🤦‍♀️The left has lost their collective minds. Toxic masculinity propaganda is pathetic

  11. "I don't recall anybody trying to restrict the civil rights of any straight people" Were have you been their have been several business shut down because they did not support gay marriage. The CEO of Mozilla had to step down because he gave money to a republican, Kevin hart had to turn down the Oscars, hundreds or thousands have been banned from facebook, twitter and youtube for "antigay" speech and you will lose your job at any company in America if you say you don't support gay marriage . I think Dave Chappelle said it best you don't piss off the gays they will come for you. sounds like a shadow government to me but yea victims lol

  12. Its a fact that straight and conservative people are becoming marginalized more and more. Before you act like you know everything you should do your homework bud.

  13. They're advocating the fact that the lgbtq a z community is getting way out of control with their demands their special privileges they are everybody needs to bow down or there will be consequences. That's what the advocate in.

  14. Amazing…all of the name calling and dismissiveness. You just proved the theory that society is competing in a "Victim Olympics". Where if you're not enough of a victim in today's society you should shut your mouth and go away. Sad

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