Spidey, Ant-Man & Wasp Face Cat-a-clysm! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Evil Mittens  | SHORT

Spidey, Ant-Man & Wasp Face Cat-a-clysm! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Evil Mittens | SHORT

♪♪ [kids laughing] [ratchet sound] Ahhh! Gotcha, you
wayward wheel-eo! Let’s try again, but this
time, relax and be patient. It’s a beautiful
day for boarding. It’s not working! Stay calm and
take your time. That’s something
I learned on one of my super
hero adventures with my pals
Ant-Man and Wasp. Meow! Poor Mittens! Got
yourself stuck. Meow! OK, kitty, let’s
head for the trunk and we’ll have you
down in a jiffy. Meow! Uh, Mittens, you
missed your exit. Let’s try coaxing
the kitten. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Wait. If I stick a Blue
Shrink Disc to the tree, it will shrink it down
and Mittens can just step off the branch
onto the ground. No, Ant-Man, you got
the Red Grow Disc! That makes things
get … bigger. Meow! Whoa! That’s a tall tail. Wasp: Mittens thinks
we’re cat toys! If one of those
claws hits us, we’re gonna be
squeaky-toys! [grunts] Hey! Who let the
cat out of the bag? Run under my web and Mittens
will get caught in it! Thanks, Spidey. Meow! Or not. Catch that cat! [crashing] Look out, Spidey! Thanks for
the save! It’s my fault. I
gotta fix this. [grunt] No, I got it! [shouts] Ah, boy did I get it!
Sorry, I was in your way. It was me; I was rushing. Let’s all relax and we’ll
figure out how to get him. I can fix this
with a grow disc. The car got through OK. Come on Mittens is at
the traffic tunnel. Now, let’s take a
minute and think while Mittens is
busy with the tunnel. I got this! [clanging] [whoosh] [yowl] [sigh] We need to slow down
and think before we act. I think this is
getting frustrating! I know, Spidey. Mittens is a big problem,
but we’ll figure it out. Sorry, Wasp. I
didn’t think. You know, Mittens
may be big, but he’s still
just a kitten. That’s it! If we keep
him busy playing, you can shrink
him back to normal with one of your discs. I’ve got an idea. Wasp. Do you think you could
turn down the power on your stinger so it
works as a laser pointer? No problem, Spidey. Ready for you, Wasp. Be patient… patient…
patient. Now! Bulls-eye! Meow! Or maybe, “cats-eye”!
Huh? Huh? Anything? Ah! Nothing like having
to catch a giant kitty to teach you that staying
calm and taking your time helps get the job done! Ahh. Like that! [laughter] Woo, thanks Spider-Man. You’re welcome. Spidey out!

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  1. The 2 dislikes were from Ladybug and Cat Noir.

    And the other 5 dislikes since this comment was made were from Tikki, Plagg, Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee.

  2. Now we have that web swinging menace trying to teach our kids moral lessons! It's indoctrination i tell you! #threateningmenace

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